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Welcome to our big reveal of the SCAM TRIFECTA!

As you know, a trifecta is 3 wins in a row, a grand event. Today is not so grand, but it is the scam trifecta.

This review will completely expose and obliterate THREE scams created and operated by the same scam artists.

These three scams go by three different names but make no mistake, they are one and the same.

For those of you that have already fallen victim to one or more of these scams, please contact us immediately so we can advise you on how to reclaim your lost money.

Nobody. NOBODY has made a single cent off of any of the auto trading software in this scam trifecta.

This scam conglomerate represents the dirtiest of the dirty and the lowest of the low that this industry stoops to.

Is Terabit Trader a Scam?

You bet it is.

Terabit Trader is an auto trading software that proclaims to make you 8k a day.

Despite the fact that this claim is completely impossible to achieve from a $250 deposit, this software does not work.

If you browse through the Terabit Trader website, it will become clear that there is no substantial proof given to support any of the claims made.

There are no real trading results and no proof of withdrawal. We are simply supposed to trust the word of a proven scammer and liar.

The creators of this scam are counting on the fact that most people will not know that they are currently operating two other revealed scams.

The Terabit Trader is simply the last of three scams that involve binary options trading software.

In fact, each of these scams has the same story and same actors.

How Does Terabit Trader Software Work?

The fake spokesperson, Optical Data Transmission or ODT.

ODT is a fancy way of saying: “We have a super fast connection which transmits data and light speed.”

Watch the video below to hear this for yourself.

Using ODT, the Terabit Trader claims that they can transmit trading data 10x faster than any other trader, which somehow translates into “winning trades!!”.

Sorry, just because you have a super fast connection, doesn’t mean you will somehow win all your binary options trades.

Only someone with no real trading experience would believe such a farce.

Our Terabit Trader Review Exposes a Scam Trifecta!

The following three scams are all working hand in hand and created and owned by the same scammer.

1. GPS Trader by: Richard Hefner

2. SafeGuard Trader by: David Hefner

3. Terabit Trader by: Richard Hefner

All three men are the same paid actor. We have exposed this scheme in the two previous articles that you can read by clicking on the above scam titles.


Each scam has a slightly different story but they are all one and the same.

They each make the claim to be “the best auto trading software”.

How is it possible that all three are the best? It’s not.

Both of the previous scams have been proven to be dirty. We have had numerous readers emails us to file formal complaints against Richard/David Hefner and the auto traders that have stolen their money.

How Does Terabit Trader Make Money?

The only person making money from the Terabit Trader is the owner, who has not revealed his name.

He owns three scams that we know of, and has probably launched others as well.

The way in which he profits off of these scams is by convincing people to sign up for the auto trader designed to lose trades.

Each time a new trader signs up with one of his auto trader scams, he passes their registration off to an unregulated broker who is also working as part of this scam.

For a payment, he receives a commission sale on each trader he brings that then loses their money.

There is a great deal of money to be stolen by these scam artists, and they work hard every day to steal money from your pocket.

Is Binary Options Trading a Scam?

No.  However, the binary options industry is fraught with unregulated brokers and scam artists trying to market auto trading software that is designed to lose.

You can make money with binary options, but it isn’t easy.

The scam artists play on your lack of trading skills by trying to sell you fake systems that don’t work.

Binary options is essentially like gambling. 

Each time you “place a trade” what you are reading doing is placing a bet.

You are wagering an amount of money on which direction you think a price will go, either up or down, by a certain expiration time.

We believe binary options trading is so risky that for most people it’s just not worth the risks.

Verdict and Conclusion

Stay far away from the scam trifecta! Terabit Trader is a scam!

We recommend skipping the vast majority of binary options trading systems on the market today.

Most of them just don’t work and worse yet are designed to make you lose!

For a regulated and trustworthy alternative, check out Social Trading Authority.

Happy Trading!
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