Tenoprofit Review: New HYIP SCAM Exposed

You are reading the official tenoprofit review. We conducted an exhaustive investigation into the origins and details of this new HYIP scam website. Our findings were clear. Tenoprofit.com is a scam investment site that is tricking people into investing. Let us be VERY clear. They will most likely pay you the first time you attempt to withdraw (a small amount). Eventually, they will NOT pay you. If you try to contact customer support, they will close your account.

This HYIP scam is specifically targeting the following countries and regions… Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and North Africa. If you are from one of these countries you probably heard about tenoprofit from a spam email. This company is sending out mass amounts of spam email that lie and deceive to get as many clicks as possible. Please watch out for the Lexington Code scam as well, it is going viral!

If you are reading this after losing money, please contact us immediately for help in reclaiming your lost money. Please let us know what your experience was so we could help others in your situation. When in doubt, do not invest with any company without researching it first. Feel free always to send us an email for advice first as well!

Let’s take a closer look at tenoprofit.com and crack open their lies and deceit!

Official Website: https://tenoprofit.com/

Tenoprofit Review

Tenoprofit Review

Tenoprofit.com is a “high yield investment program” or HYIP that operates in the same way a Ponzi scheme does. This new investment scam was created at the beginning of the new year, which means it’s only been open for business for a few short weeks! We’ve already received several emails from our readers who lost their money, which means this scam is wasting no time.

So how does it work?

Tenoprofit offers several different investment programs. After you become a member with their website, you then make a deposit and wait for the profits or earnings to come back into your account. Each investment plan offers a different ROI (return on investment). Unfortunately, this description is all just a scheme and a trick.

There are no earnings, and there is no investment. Tenoprofit.com is a fraudulent investment company who plans on collecting as many deposits as possible before closing up their website and withdrawing their profits.

How do we know this fact? Let’s take a look at the details given on their website and compare it to reality.

Tenoprofit claims that they have a highly skilled “team of trading experts” who work in different fields, such as forex, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. This can not be verified because they have offered zero proof that this is true.

When an investment company is a real and working corporation, they have a certain level of transparency with their clients. This means that they should detail and report clearly who they are and what their experience is.

Tenoprofit.com has not done this. They do not reveal any of the names or persons who own or operate this company. Heck, they don’t even show us anything to prove that they are making money at all!

What Investment Plans Do They Offer?

There are four unique investment plans offered by tenoprofit.com. Let’s take a look at them and determine if they are legitimate! Below you will see a photo depicting the four plans.

tenoprofit Scam Investment Plans

If you invest $25 into the second plan, you will earn 200% after 240 hours. This means that in roughly one and a half weeks, you would have doubled your investment from $25 to $50. This is virtually unheard of regarding investing.

Investing the minimum of $4000 into the fourth plan will earn you $16,000 in less than a week! That is a crazy amount of money. Not to mince words here, but how does anyone believe that an anonymous and unregulated investment firm would be able to turn $4000 into $16000 in less than one week? This is impossible.

There are two sure fire ways to determine if something is likely to be the scam or not.

1. Are the investment plans too good to be true?  Absolutely yes. There is a very slim chance that what you see on this website is real. There is a 99.9% chance that these numbers are false promises that will never deliver.

2. Is there any proof that anyone has received the earnings on their investment? Not. The website offers no evidence at all that anyone has withdrawn or earned a single penny.

3. Are the owners transparent and real? No! They do not reveal their identities, and they offer no explanation of their background or recent successes.

Please remember… just because you see something online, that doesn’t mean it is true.

User Reviews: Are They Paying?

It was not easy to find real user reviews for tenoprofit.com. This is a brand new investment website, so not many people have been vocal about their experiences online. However, we have received several emails over the past two weeks that accuse tenoprofit of withholding withdrawals and not paying.

So what is the truth? Is tenoprofit paying or not? 

First of all, there is no open and transparent Facebook group to observe. One of the best signs that a company is paying is an active Facebook group that encourages comments and gives real screenshots showing proof of payment. Tenoprofit.com offers none of this.

Ask yourself… would you trust a complete stranger on the street if he told you he could invest your money for you? Of course not! So why would you trust a stranger online just because he has a website? Anyone can build a legitimate looking website that just collects money and then leaves.

In fact, there is not one shred of proof that they are paying. As we mentioned above, this scam is targeting specific countries that have notoriously bad internet security and lack of options to seek retaliation for being scammed, such as Nigeria, North Africa, Pakistan, and India. Please be aware of this. We have received a huge influx of emails from citizens of these countries reporting being scammed by this HYIP as well and many others!

There is something important that you should know! Many times these scams do pay withdrawals for the first time, in cases of small amounts. They do this to gain the trust of their client in the hopes that he will make a larger deposit. This has happened to us personally as well as many others.

Safe Investing Online?

We are asked on a daily basis what are personal favorite investment choices are. It is our hope that our vast experience can help you in some way. The best trading platform we have experienced is Social Trading with Tradeo. It is a regulated and honest broker that allows you to invest by copying the trades of professional traders automatically.

The best rev share that earns you 120% on all deposits is My Paying Ads and the if you want to earn with cryptocurrencies, MyPayingCryptoAds. You can’t go wrong with either of these choices!

Is Tenoprofit a Scam?

It is clear after examining the facts. Tenoprofit is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

1. They offer no credible proof of withdrawals and have no transparent Facebook group where you can talk with other members.

2. The owner and “team of experts” is anonymous. If they were a real company with success, they would be happy and proud to share this information with you.

3. They are not regulated or governed by any financial authority. They have no proof that they make any investments at all.

4. User reviews report that they are not paying!

If you need further information or want to ask us about another investment option, please send us a message! Be safe and happy earning!

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  • Mark Lyimo

    LIGHT BITCOIN Company:: ( was available through https://lightbitcoin.com). It claimed to be a long term investment Company. Well I joined and invested 1.3 Bitcouins for a period of 20 days. However, After 20 days it is no longer available and I can not redeem my investment nor the return on investment. Does any one know How I recover my investment?

    • Unfortunately Mark. They have scammed you and many others. Since you have used bitcoin to deposit money into their scam, You will not be able to recover that money anymore because bitcoins transactions cannot be traced. They are using private wallets to collect the coins they took illegally from people.

  • Mark Lyimo

    Admin please be informed that the Light bitcoin COMPANY IS OPERATING UNDER DIFFERENT NAME SCAMMING MORE PEOPLE THE EMBLEM IN USE NOW IS with address http://www.lightbitcoin.net.
    Every thing is similar to the last one.
    Would you please warn innocent investors against this scammer?.