Review: Financial Freedom or HYIP Scam?

Welcome to our review and HYIP watch! We make it our business to research and investigate the investment plans that you are interested in joining! In this scam review, we are going to thoroughly explain what is and how it works. We are going to shed some light on exactly who is behind this company as well as explain to you how much money you can make!

The year of 2016 has been ripe with scams and HYIP (high yield investment programs). Unfortunately, 99.9% of them are scams. Most of them have actually been shut down, but that hasn’t stopped the same scam artists from opening up new ones and trying to scam all over again. Research has shown time and again that people who have been scammed once are more likely to get scammed again. That is why it is so important to avoid scams and stay safe!

If you are reading this review after losing money with, please send us a message as we can help you reclaim your money. We have already helped numerous people. Let’s take a chunk out of their profits for once! Emails us as soon as you can, the longer you wait the less likely our efforts are to work. Take a look at this similar HYIP scam,

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What is Our Review! is a high yield investment program that claims to be earning funds from bitcoin mining. As an investor, you are told that you can invest money into their bitcoin mining program, that then gives you a certain percent of earnings. They call themselves a team of bitcoin miners that specialize in harvesting large amounts of bitcoin with high-tech bitcoin miners. They then share these profits with you depending on which investment plan you join.

Bitcoin mining is probably the fastest growing new internet fad to hit the financial markets. Remember, bitcoin mining is completely different than just trading some of your local currency for bitcoin and storing it in an e-wallet. These are two very different things! What is offering you is the chance to invest in their personal bitcoin MINING endeavor.

Bitcoin mining is incredibly complicated. Most people do not succeed because it requires a great deal of machinery and a high output of electricity to run the machines. Being offering the chance to simply invest in a successful bitcoin mining operation sounds like a really good deal! But is it?

Who Runs and Operates

Before joining any investment program, we always expect to verify valid information regarding the owners and team who will be doing the mining. Our investigation led us to the conclusion that the owner and team at has chosen to remain anonymous.

This is a HUGE no no! Do NOT trust anyone who does not reveal their identity. This is a huge red flag!

They claim to have a UK registered business, but that means absolutely nothing. Registering a business in the UK is super easy, anyone can do it. When you register a new business in the UK you are not required to provide any information regarding whether your business works or not.

What Investment Plans Does offer?

There is a total of 4 investment plans offered in The only currency that is accepted to use as an investment is bitcoin. This means you must have a bitcoin e-wallet to open an account. All of your profits are also paid directly into your bitcoin account. But will there actually be any profits? Scam

If you take a long look at the investment options below, you will see that they are offering very high daily returns. As a general rule, investment plans that offer ROI (return on investment) greater than 1 or 2% are not to be trusted. That is because returns as high as you see here just aren’t practical. But this isn’t the real issue we have with trusting this business.

HYIPs are notorious for scamming. We have exposed several scams such as these recently, like Miningvault scam.

Is Paying?

We sent out some emails to several of our contacts in the business to find out if this HYIP was paying withdrawals. We got some conflicting messages. Several people reported that they have paid out several initial withdrawals but that they have been flagged and are under investigation by the federal trade commission for illegal activities. This makes us very wary of joining them, and we do NOT recommend it.

We were first alerted to by a reader of ours that needed help getting their money back. We are still trying to help this person and have been met with nothing but lies and terrible customer support. This experience has been truly awful. We have heard quite a few horror stories about nasty scam artists working for these investment corporations, and this one was no different. We just don’t have anything good to say about them.

Choosing a Legitimate, Regulated, Online Earning?

Despite the sheer number of scams online, we do recommend a select few to our readers. To see the one we like the best, please take a look at our review of Social Trading with Tradeo. Another great option is My Paying Ads.

If you have already been scammed, please do your homework about any system you are interested in. You can always ask us for help in doing that because this is what we enjoy doing!

If you are interested  bitcoin investing I’de recommend MyCryptoPayingAds instead.

Is a Scam?

Yes. We can say with 100% certainty that withing a few months time, will be shut down and your money will be gone with it. There is nothing credible about this. Take note: There are no regulations regarding HYIPs. When you chose to work with one, you are taking all the risks upon yourself. We have never recommended a HYIP. We find that over all they are just too risky.

1. The owner and CEO of is not known. Although the company itself is registered with the UK, they are not regulated and have no proof that any of their bitcoin mining actually works.

2. Bitcoin mining is very complicated and often does not work. Investing in an anonymous bitcoin miner is not recommended.

3. We have documented accounts of several people who have been denied their withdrawal.

Invest at your own risk, but we advise strongly against trusting this scam company! Thank you for reading our Review
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