Tanaka Cargill Group Online Scam Exposed

Tanaka Cargill Group Review

Tanaka Cargill Group Scam Review. Two weeks ago we were informed that a malicious and devious new scam was being mass marketed to a large audience of new traders. The email was forwarded to us at least a dozen times by some of our faithful readers who wanted to give us a head start to blacklisting this obvious scam. When we first viewed the promotional video we quickly pushed this scam to the back of our list, as we had just undertaken 4 other binary options scam to expose. We are sorry to say, we didn’t actually take the Tanaka Cargill Group scam seriously. It seemed so completely ludicrous that we didn’t think anyone would take it seriously. Unfortunately, we were wrong and now is the time to pull all the stops in exposing the slime and dirt that encases this auto trading scam. If you are reading this and you have already lost your money, please email us for tips on how to recover your losses. We’ll be more than glad to help you get your money back!

Official Website: http://tanakacargillgroup.online/

Is Tanaka Cargill Group a Scam?

The Tanaka Cargill Group binary options trading software is part of a recently exposed broker conspiracy to scam as many new traders as possible. As amazing as it would be to eliminate this ring of scammers, it is just quite impossible to do so. We don’t have the ability to freeze bank accounts and issue arrest warrants. Until then, we’ll just keep writing the findings of our many investigations into this conspiracy in the hopes that one day it can be used by someone with the authority to actually do something about it. However, there is something that YOU can do about! Make sure you always check with us before signing up with any new trading signals system or auto trader that you find. We’ll be more than happy to check it out for you and point you in the right direction. There is no need to lose your money to scam systems. Take back the power over your own financial decisions and make sure that any step you take is a step forward in the right direction! Lucrosa Software  is also out to rip you off!

The synopsis behind the Tanaka Cargill Group scam is pretty simplistic. So simplistic in fact, that it took us less than an hour to completely unearth all their ridiculous lies. The promotional video claims that a billionaire by the name of Russel Cargill teamed up with a professional trader named James Tanaka to create the world’s best auto trading software, that will surely make all of us rich before the new year. Below you will discover the truth behind this fable and our suggestion of where you should be trading instead!

Who are James Tanaka and Russel Cargill?


Russel Cargill, a supposed billionaire, felt like helping “the little guy” by offering his profound and amazing software completely free of charge to the average everyday traders. The website claims that this software is usually sold to hedge fund corporations on Wall St. for $50,000 dollars, which makes Cargill’s release of this software free of charge quite an amazing deal! Cargill was initially approached by a professional trader, James Tanaka, in the hopes that he would help fund his dream of a creating the world’s best binary options auto trading system. After taking Tanaka’s trading genius and using it to form the software, it was immensely successful and spread like wildfire through Wall St, selling for upwards of $50,000. This all sounds rather far-fetched but the real issue here is not the silly story, but about the real identities of these two men.


James Tanaka and Russel Cargill are not real people. They do not exist. Perhaps there are people that share their same name, but they are not billionaires, corporation owners, or trading geniuses. In fact, the Tanaka Cargill Group itself is not a licensed business. The software is not patented, which makes it literally impossible that it was being sold for $50,000. No legitimate hedge fund group would spend 50k on a software that didn’t even have a licence. This is not how financial groups operate. The fact that the Tanaka Cargill Group is fake, doesn’t even begin to compare to the fact that both of these men are invented personas as well. James Tanaka is really just the picture of a stock photo model, which you can see HERE. Likewise, Russel Cargill is also a stock photo image, that you can see HERE.

If you take the time to click on those links you’ll see that the pictures of the two men in the video, were both taken from the same stock photo imagery site. This is a clear sign of the scam behind the “binary pot of gold”.

How much money as the Tanaka Cargill Group software generated? Is there any proof of winning trades?

We were surprised to see that the scam artists behind this auto trader scam have completely failed to elaborate on how much money they have made for their traders. Not only that, they don’t even have any evidence of traders actually using this and profiting with it. Does it even work? If so, why have they failed to account for any of the success they claim to have had. There is not one shred of evidence to support anything shown in the video offer. Each claim that is made by the man in the video is completely unverifiable. Worse yet, as we discussed above, this software does not exist anywhere on Wall Street nor does it have a legitimate software lisence. These are a few of the reasons we were surprised that this offer was being taken seriously by so many people. Zero Loss Formula has gone completely viral!

What we didn’t realize is that a large group of new traders have been receiving phone calls from a few account managers urging them to sign up with this fake software. This fact alone had been responsible for many people losing their money because people place a lot of their trust in account managers. It is of great importance that you always research every single offer before investing. Never trust an account manager who works for an unregulated broker. They do not have your best interest at heart, and will seize any opportunity to get their hands in your wallet. They receive large bonuses each time the successfully entrap a new trader into depositing more money. This is how the business operates. They will do and say anything in order to get you to make a larger deposit because their own paycheck depends on it. The Millionaire in PJs should be avoided as well.

What is the best-regulated trading authority you can invest with?

Despite the ever growing list of binary options scam offers, there are a few that actually do work, but finding them is the hard part. Thankfully, we have made it our business to investigate, test, and reveal the best systems available. One trading broker tops our list month after month for outstanding customer support and social trading interaction. This broker is not only the best in the field, they are regulated and have a long history of dealing fairly and ethically with everyone who registers with their services. You can read about this system, Tradeo, at our Social Trading with Tradeo review. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about them. The other offer we tell people about is My Paying Ads, which has made it possible for us to make several thousand dollars a month by simply clicking a few ads. If you want to discuss any of our offers,

In Summary

The Tanaka Cargill Group software has the full package of manipulative lies designed specifically to target you into investing your money. The creators behind this scam obviously don’t think very highly of the people they target. Their tactics and lies fall flat. They offer not one shred of support to back up any of their claims. They don’t explain how their software works. They don’t have an ounce of proof to show winning trades. Frankly, we’re not sure how anyone can fall for this ruse. Stay clear and stay tuned for a new expose tomorrow! Please give us a like on our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel. please send us a message. If you have been scammed, contact us immediately. Happy Trading!