Swarm Intelligence Review, Scam or Cash machine?

UPDATE! ! ! 12 / 9/2016 Swarm Intelligence IS A Scam!! Please Avoid it immediately

We’ve been overwhelmed with messages regarding this new auto trading software. We decided to make a review for this auto trader called Swarm Intelligence Software.

The review is drastically different than other reviews you have read!  Our review is based on personal experience with the software.

Before we begin our Swarm Intelligence Review, we have an important warning for anyone considering investing! Never risk more money than you can afford to safely lose! As with everything online, there are always risks included.

If you have traded with this software, we NEED to hear from you! We value your opinion! All comments are approved here, which usually doesn’t happen on the other blogs.

Swarm Intelligence Review

In a nutshell, this is what we are going to talk about.

  • What is Swarm Intelligence Application?
  • The algorithm of Swarm Intelligence Software
  • The Developer of the software
  • The accuracy
  • How it works
  • Scam Or Not
  • Our Results

What is Swarm Intelligence Application?

Swarm Intelligence Review

It’s an auto trading software which uses the concept and algorithm of the ” Swarm Intelligence” such as is seen with the ant colony algorithms or birds who work together in groups to prepare for the future.

The idea is based on working together as a group like the ants, bees, and fish to generate a high-value trading signals. But instead of ants, they are using large super computers to predict and generate an accurate signal.

They have attempted to transfer the natural behavior of ” Swarm Intelligence ” into a real trading software that can be used in gambling and stock market.
The Algorithm of Swarm Intelligence Software

The algorithm is simply made of 1 large computer acting as “Leader” and a massive number of regular computers acting as “Votes”. Each of them is programmed with a certain strategy and fills the gap of the other. They all work by analyzing the market and then they take a vote on which pair of currencies is going up or down. The currency that get’s the highest votes by both the super and regular computers is elected as the “Highest Value Signal”. The software then allows you to execute that particular trade.

The Developer Of the Software

The alleged creator of Swarm Intelligence is a man named Dr. Steven Francis. We attempted to verify his identity but were unable to dig up any real information on him. We do not believe he actually exists, which would make this the first big lie told by this scam.

We honestly don’t know if that is even possible. What matters to us is the accuracy and the results of the software, regardless of their story.

Everything makes perfect sense and sounds very reasonable. Dr. Steven Francis, gave us a proof of how this system actually works, by showing us what happend in the Kentucky Derby. This technology was able to determine who was going to win the race and turned $20 into $11,000.
How Does The Software Work?


The software is designed to give signals based on Swarm Intelligence research votes by the swarm computers, so make sure you always take the trades that is  higher than 95% swarm potential.

The other thing that we needed to mention is that, this app is NOT fully automated, but its Semi-automated, so that you can have full control over your account and take trades which you think is best.

How Accurate is the Software?

Swarm Intelligence Application is being advertised with a win rate of up to 83%. We don’t really believe that there is such a software that has a win rate of up to 83%!! This is what most of the scam softwares claim.

In our experience, the Swarm Intelligence app generated a very bad signal rate of 45% ITM. This meant that our account was crushed after just the 3rd day of trading.

Is It Free As Advertised Or Fake?

Well, that depends on what you consider free. We believe that there’s nothing for free in the market. You will need to deposit between $200 to $300 in order to get the software.

That money is yours to trade with. We know for a fact that Swarm Intelligence company is making money of off the deposits that you make when you use the software.

Is Swarm Intelligence A Scam?

After monitoring this app for the last few weeks, we are marking it as a scam!  It’s a scam like gemini 2 or the Cash Loophole and we are officially blacklisting it.

The Swarm theory just can’t be accurately transferred to trading software.

We also don’t know who Dr. Steven Francis is. We couldn’t find any record of him anywhere.




The Final Conclusion

Each one of you must decide where to put your money and how to best invest it to make it grow. You have many options in today’s market. We believe that no option is 100% safe, so it is best to make an informed and educated decision.

Swarm Intelligence is a SCAM!






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  • Daniel J

    Swarm Intelligence is a scam. It worked fine in the past week. Today I lost all of my account. A person sent me an email asking me to join this system. I wish I never opened that email. Can you help me get my money back please?

    • Hello Dan. You are right. We are updating our review shortly. Swarm intelligence is a scam.

      The only way we can get your money back is if you didn’t trade at all. For those who have made a deposit, please email us and we will try to help you get your money back from this scam. Please share your results with us here.

  • Bruno rocha

    Hi, is this really scam?
    Many were praising him others said that he is the best today he does not accept new members
    Explain what is happening
    Congratulations on your site, your website and the tradeo is still good
    what do you think?

    • It’s actually a scam. Since the beginning. They were working with some un-regulated brokers and they eventually stopped accepting members when they got exposed.

  • Ronnie

    I signed up with Swarm Intelligence and was giving CT Options as a broker. I have never got the software to even work, it just says trade invalid every time I choose a buy or sale. The broker did make 4 trades for me without my approval and cost me 100. I still have 400 in my account can I get that out?

    • Yes, take a withdrawal immediately. If you couldn’t get the money out, report the transaction as a ” Credit card fraud ” to your bank or the service you used to fund your account with.