Swarm Intelligence Review, Scam or Cash machine?

We’ve been overwhelmed with messages regarding this new auto trading software. We decided to make a neutral review for this auto trader called Swarm Intelligence Software.

The review is drastically different than other reviews you have read!  Our review is based on personal experience with the software.

Before we begin our Swarm Intelligence Review, we have an important warning for anyone considering investing! Never risk more money than you can afford to safely lose! As with everything online, there are always risks included.

If you have traded with this software, we NEED to hear from you! We value your opinion! All comments are approved here, which usually doesn’t happen on the other blogs.

Swarm Intelligence Review

In a nutshell, this is what we are going to talk about.

  • What is Swarm Intelligence Application?
  • The algorithm of Swarm Intelligence Software
  • The Developer of the software
  • The accuracy
  • How it works
  • Scam Or Not
  • Our Results

What is Swarm Intelligence Application?

Swarm Intelligence Review

It’s an auto trading software which uses the concept and algorithm of the ” Swarm Intelligence” such as is seen with the ant colony algorithms or birds who work together in groups to prepare for the future.

The idea is based on working together as a group like the ants, bees, and fish to generate a high-value trading signals. But instead of ants, they are using large super computers to predict and generate an accurate signal.

They have miraculously transferred the natural behavior of ” Swarm Intelligence ” into a real trading software that could be used in gambling and stock market.
The Algorithm of Swarm Intelligence Software

The algorithm is simply made of 1 large computer acting as “Leader” and a massive number of regular computers acting as “Votes”. Each of them is programmed with a certain strategy and fills the gap of the other. They all work by analyzing the market and then they take a vote on which pair of currencies is going up or down. The currency that get’s the highest votes by both the super and regular computers is elected as the “Highest Value Signal”. The software then allows you to execute that particular trade.

The Developer Of the Software

Dr. Steven Francis, who has a phD in animal behavior, (according to his words) was able to create a swarm intelligence app with the help of David Baltaxe and Thomas Porter. They both were able to help Dr. Steven Francis create a highly profitable binary trading software.

We honestly don’t know if that is even possible. What matters to us is the accuracy and the results of the software, regardless of their story.

Everything makes perfect sense and sounds very reasonable. Dr. Steven Francis, gave us a proof of how this system actually works, by showing us what happend in the Kentucky Derby. This technology was able to determine who was going to win the race and turned $20 into $11,000.
How Does The Software Work?

We have personally tested the software, it’s really easy to use. It has a very easy user interface. We recommend to set the Swarm Level to 10 and trade volume to $25.


The software is designed to give signals based on Swarm Intelligence research votes by the swarm computers, so make sure you always take the trades that is  higher than 95% swarm potential.

The other thing that we needed to mention is that, this app is NOT fully automated, but its Semi-automated, so that you can have full control over your account and take trades which you think is best.

How Accurate is the Software?

Swarm Intelligence Application is being advertised with a win rate of up to 83%. We don’t really believe that there is such a software that has a win rate of up to 83%!! This is what most of the scam softwares claim.

However, the software is very picky in which signals it will send. That’s all due to it’s artificial intelligence making it a unique trading software.

Is It Free As Advertised Or Fake?

Well, that depends on what you consider free. We believe that there’s nothing for free in the market. You will need to deposit between $200 to $300 in order to get the software.

That money is yours to trade with. We know for a fact that Swarm Intelligence company is making money of off the deposits that you make when you use the software.

Is Swarm Intelligence A Scam?

That’s the tough part. We really can’t say it’s a scam nor can we say it’s a 100% legit. For example, if we could find enough evidence that it’s a scam like gemini 2 or the Cash Loophole we would have blacklisted it without any doubts.

The reason why we are not thinking it’s a 100% legit is because the concept of swarm intelligence robots can’t be applied into binary trading. ( That’s our thinking)

We also don’t know who Dr. Steven Francis is. We couldn’t find any record of him anywhere.

Our Experience With The Software

Honestly, we are amazed of how the software performed, We have taken 8 trades and all of them won. We know it sound’s scammy but that’s what happened. Take a look at the screenshot below!


That was the only reason why we didn’t blacklist it. Our results were extraordinary and amazing. We are going to make another update next Monday on the software results. We are also going to upload a live trading with the software.

So make sure to bookmark this page and come back on Monday.

The Final Conclusion

Each one of you must decide where to put your money and how to best invest it to make it grow. You have many options in today’s market. We believe that no option is 100% safe, so it is best to make an informed and educated decision.

Swarm Intelligence does not have any of the tell tale signs of a scam but you need to proceed at your own risk! Please send us your own experiences with this software as we will be using it in our update! We look forward to hearing from you!






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