Review – Is It a Ponzi Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Before you get hooked into another fraud on the internet, please read our full and complete Review. We have been monitoring this site for the last six months and we have enough evidence to prove that they are a viral and dangerous Ponzi scheme operating under the guise of forex trading.

If you or anyone you know has already been scammed by successful-traders Ponzi, please send us a message and tell us your experience. We might be able to help you, depending on the details of your situation. In the meantime, please share this post on social media to spread the word and help us shut this site DOWN!

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Official Website: Review Review is HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 2.5% Daily and 975% after 24 days. In all, they offer six plans, all with unique percentages of earnings and differing expiration times. Let’s take a long look at how these profits are managed. After this, we’ll determine whether or not these ROI’s are sustainable and feasible.

A HYIP is categorized as a scam in most all walks of life. Why? Most HYIP’s offer and ROI that is much too high to maintain long term. The majority of HYIP plans offer something that is just “too good to be true”. In the case of scam this is seen clearly.

We have never seen a website that was able to successfully deliver a 975% profit after 24 days. This is so outrageous that we question who wrote the site and whether this is a typo or not. Let’s repeat that. We have NEVER seen a site that was able to pay a 975% profit.

Please don’t get caught up in the hype and false promises. The people that are operating the Successful-traders scam don’t care about you. They just want to lure you in and steal your money. If you don’t believe us, keep reading and we’ll show you how we know.

Trading or Ponzi Scam? is clearly a Ponzi scam. How do we know? Firstly, they don’t show any trading proof, despite claiming to have TEN years of forex experience. In all those TEN years, they don’t have one single shred of proof to deliver to you. That is a sure fire sign that you are being lied to.

Secondly, with high returns that are literally too high to maintain, we find it very suspect that they are guaranteeing you an ROI. No forex trading is guaranteed. Anyone that tells you that is already lying to you. NEVER fall for the promise of a high return. The best we can do as forex traders are to show you what is possible and then work towards attaining that goal.

In reality, there is NO forex trading taking place in the successful-traders scam. It is a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scam is when money is shuffled around from one investor to the next so that the website can make small withdrawals. When people stop investing new money into the site, they will run out of money and take their site offline.

In the meantime, they are collecting a large pile of money for themselves, typically 50% of all deposits. When they feel that they can’t get squeeze any more money out of their audience, they will close the site and start a new one full of more lies.

The Dirty Scam scam has combined ALL of the red flags that make us mark a site as a scam. They haven’t even attempted to appear legitimate. Here are the top THREE reasons why successful-traders is a scam.

1. Fake address!

Once again, we have yet another HYIP scam that lists an address on their site that is currently an empty office building for rent in the UK. Their address is literally an empty office that is for rent. With the staggering prices of rent in the UK, it’s highly dubious that this foreign scam has the ability to pay the rent.

2. Anonymous owner.

The owner of this site and the guy who claims to be heading a team of the best forex traders ever is apparently too scared to tell us his name. He has gone to great lengths to ensure that nobody will find out who he is without tracing his actual bank accounts, which we don’t have the authority to do. Anyone that wants to take your money in exchange for something should respect you enough to tell you his real name.

3. Dubious history. HYIP scam tells us clearly that they started in 2010. Yet their domain registration only took place six months ago in 2017. So which is it? They have deliberately lied to you about the age of their company. It appears that successful-traders scam believes that if you think they have been around for 10 years, you’ll be more likely to deposit into their shady website. Don’t be fooled! They are only six months old!

Is Paying?

This viral scam is NOT paying. We have an over abundance of emails proving that successful-traders is not paying and it is our prediction that they will not last more than 3-6 more months before closing up.

If you have invested and our waiting for a withdrawal, it will NEVER come. We have not found a single person that was given a high dollar amount. All accounts will show a lot of earnings but all withdrawals remain pending forever and never come. This is the nasty and evil side of the HYIP industry.

We spoke to one person who had invested over $10,000 and never received a single penny. The owner of the Ponzi scam is making a large stockpile of cash out of this website. Don’t be his next victim!

NO Regulations!

The worst part of the scam is that they are NOT regulated. This means that no financial authority is watching over them to make sure they pay their investors. Whenever you encounter and unregulated earning site, you should click away as fast as possible.

All of the best investment sites in the world are regulated and only the sites that are scams are not. A scam artist will never turn his site over to be policed. This is such a great and simple way of protecting yourself from future scams! Check the regulations on each site before investing. And REMEMBER… a “certificate of incorporation” or “business registration” is NOT a regulation. They very very different things.

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Is a Scam?

The facts speak for themselves. is a scam and it needs to end TODAY. Don’t wait and don’t hesitate. Share this post on social media and let’s take it viral. The more people that find out about this scam, the faster it will shut down.

If you need any help investing online, please send us a message and we’ll be more than glad to help you! And remember, you can always install a virus protection on your computer that will warn you off scam sites. When we clicked on the site we were immediately warned that carries a high threat warning on it for stealing financial information.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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