Review: Trading By TeamViewer Scam Exposed

If you are thinking of becoming a binary options trader, you need to read our Review before joining! This fraudulent system is guaranteed to make you lose all of your money and you’ll be shocked at how fast it disappears!

You probably heard about Stupid Club after receiving an email invitation or seeing an advertisement on social media. Count yourself extremely lucky if you are reading our review before signing up

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Stupid Club is a binary options trading system that has two main functions. Firstly, you can subscribe to signals via Skype and secondly you can allow a team member to trade for you via Team Viewer.

The owner doesn’t reveal his name but if you add him on Skype you will see he goes by the name of Alex. You can rest assured this is a fake name. The real guy will not tell you who he is for fear of payback when you lose your money.

“Alex” claims to make over $100,000 trading each week on his personal account. He wants you to believe that you can make this much money as well if only you sign up for his signals. Furthermore, he tells us that he will pay you $200 out of his personal money if you don’t succeed.

Below, we will examine the evidence and explain why we have discovered that Stupid Club is a scam.

Trusting Team Viewer?

In all our years of investigating binary options scams, we have never seen one so brazen as to offer a team viewer trading session. This is quite possibly the very definition of “stupid.”

First of all, it is completely illegal to allow someone else to trade for you via team viewer. Due to the terms and conditions on regulated broker accounts, you are not permitted to share access to anyone at all. This includes trading experts. If the broker discovers that you have allowed someone else to trade on your account via team viewer, they will close your account immediately and take all of your money.

Before you go any further, please note: Do NOT allow anyone to trade on your account via team viewer. Not only is this illegal it is very unwise to trust a stranger with access to your account. They can easily add a spyware to your computer and come back later and steal your personal financial information.

Secondly, in the last several months that has been operating, they have not shown a single proof that their trading works. Not one verifiable piece of evidence exists to prove that anyone makes money with “Alex”. A legitimate trading system will have no trouble showing you proof!

Customer Reports

About three weeks ago we started receiving messages from our readers that lost money. One person was a victim to the tune of $2000. This money is not recoverable and has been lost forever.

The scam artist behind this site is luring people in by lying to them. He then collects the referral bonuses given by the brokers he uses. This is a dangerous trap designed to profit Alex and nobody else.

Everyone wants to make millions of dollars trading binary options. Most people believe that they do not have the tools necessary to become an expert trader so they trust someone like “Alex” to make their trades for them. The only problem is that people like “Alex” don’t care about your success. They only care about their lining their own pockets.

We have seen this time and time again, but our readers have spoken. is not working. They have not succeeded in making money for a single customer. They will keep collecting your money until people stop signing up with them.

Legitimate Earning?

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Is a Scam?

The real owner of this site has decided to conceal his identity. Why? He knows that after you lose your money, you will come after him and he doesn’t want this drama following him to his personal life. Therefore, he goes by a fake name. doesn’t give any proof that their trading system works. They offer illegal trading via team viewer that has the potential of getting your broker account shut down due to a breach of contract. Considering all of these things, we have no choice but to declare that is a scam.

Don’t get caught in their trap! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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