SportArb Review – Investment Hyip Scam Exposed

Welcome to our official SportArb review. We are super excited to finally release our full report on the scam, as we have been following their progress for several months now. We have been patiently watching this HYIP to see what the real deal is.

So many of you have contacted us with questions regarding this company. They have generated quite a bit of excitement as most online investors believe they are a legitimate investment firm. What we found out will surprise you!

Step by step we investigated each of the claims SportArb scam made to determine if they were telling the truth. Unfortunately, we have learned that is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. They lie and twist the facts to manipulate you into joining.

Every single one of our readers that invested with this program ended up losing their money. Don’t be next!

Let’s get started!

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SportArb Review

SportArb Review

First up, let’s take a look at the supposed CEO of Sport Arb…. Ronald Wald. Is he a real person and does he manage the assets of this firm?

Absolutely not.

Ronald Wald is a fake name with a fake picture. In fact, we discovered that Ronald Wald is also named “Lawrence Krylov” and is the CEO of CoinAmazing (another HYIP scam).

The reality is that both of these names are fake and the photo is simply a stock photo taken from the internet.

What does this teach us?

SportArb is lying to you about their owner. If they are so brazen as to lie to you about their owner’s identity, what makes you think they are being honest about anything else?

The Lie

The fact that they have made up a fake name and used a stolen photo is more than enough proof to see that this high yield investment program is bogus. However, they go even further than that. They have created an entire story centered around “Ronald Wald” and his fake team of investors. The claim is that since 2013 they have been actively investing in sports betting.

Since we know that Ronald Wald is a fake, it’s hard to read the rest of these claims with a straight face. The team at claims to place bets based on “sure wins” that play the odds at just the right time and place. These odds mostly make their bet “guaranteed” to win.

This is all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Essentially the site has invented a story of how they win all their sports betting trades and have guaranteed that you will make an ROI of 4.27% each 30 days.

The Offer

SportArb Scam

They accept deposits as low as $25, but they recommend putting in an investment of $1000 which they claim will make you $47 each 30 days.

Is it possible to earn $47 off of a $1000 investment? Maybe and maybe not.

The real question you should be asking is:

Where is the proof that it works?

That’s an interesting question and one we found a rather bizarre answer to. The site claims that they can’t reveal their trading portfolio because it’s “against the law.”

Let’s clear something up. It is NOT against the law to show your trading portfolio to your investors. In fact, it’s expected and required by many legitimate, regulated investment firms.

Why should anyone trust an investment firm that refuses to show their trading proof? Worse yet, they deliberately lie and claim that they aren’t allowed to disclose their trading results. Lies!

The Facts was registered a few months ago and quickly began an overly aggressive email campaign and social media marketing strategy to make their HYIP as famous as possible. They offered a commission for affiliates to convince new members to sign up.

In the last few months, they have paid withdrawals to their top affiliates but have left all others waiting endlessly for their withdrawals.

The facebook group started for Sport Arb is heavily moderated and does not allow any dissenting comments. All negative comments are quickly deleted by the admin. Most people who interact in the group are merely looking to spam the group with their referral link.

A successful earning website needs a transparent and active facebook group. That is why we like MPA!

Earning Online

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If you find a program that we don’t have a review of, please let us know. We’ll be happy to research any site that promises a good earning!

Is SportArb a Scam?

After realizing that all of the facts are either hidden or outright lies, we can’t in good faith support this HYIP scam. Please do not sign up. You will end up losing out!

If you have become the victim of an online investment scam, please send us your story so we can advise you on how to get your money back.

Thank you for reading our SportArb Review, Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • illusion

    I place withdraw on 23 April, Still didn’t got my amount. Also they block live chat option on known IP. Only open live chat for those people who didn’t invest yet.

  • Pahar Jamali

    i have invested 1200$ but couldnt get even one profit,,, they stops paying… how can i take legal action against them

    • You won’t be able to take any legal actions against them. The only way is to open a dispute with the payment processor you used or if you funded with a credit card, tell your bank to reverse the transaction.

      • Florin

        I’ve open a dispute with payeer and they told me they can’t do nothing they are just a payment procesor and it’s my choice what I buy and bla-bla-bla

  • Pahar Jamali

    i have deposited through btc wallet… can i take any legal action aginst them

    • No you can’t. Scammers use BTC transfers so that you don’t know who are they.