Sowelstace Financial Review: Jimmy Reese Scam Exposed!

Below you will find that our Sowelstace Financial review has destroyed this fake auto trader scam software. It will drain your account balance and give you the nightmare of your life. Do NOT invest with Sowelstace Financial unless you enjoy losing money!

If you are reading this after already losing money, please contact us. We are collecting user reviews as well as advising people how to reclaim their money.

Most of you probably received an email stating something along the lines of… “Read HERE to see how people just like you are making money from home!” Do not open these emails. You have somehow managed to end up on a scam artist’s email list. You will get more and more and more emails exactly like this one with future binary options scams inside. These include dangerous links that can mess up your computer! If you have received any emails from the Lexington Code please do not invest with that either!

Let’s take a look below and see what our investigation discovered.

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Sowelstace Financial Review

Sowelstace Financial Review

Sowelstace Financial is a binary options auto trading software. This means that when you register your account and personal details, the software will trade automatically for you. You will have no control over the trades once they are in motion. If you wish you have them turned off, you will need to contact the broker and pray to God they stop the trading for you before you lose your entire account balance.

The creator of Sowelstace Financial scam (Jimmy Reese) attempts to convince us that his software is “risk-free” and cannot lose a trade. He also tells us that if you sign up, you are guaranteed to make around $50,000 each month. This is a gross exaggeration. Nobody makes 50k a month from a $250 investment. This is ludicrous.

But how does it work?

The claim is that Sowelstace Financial works because it is a “multi-level binary options trader.” What does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours. This doesn’t mean a single thing. It is nothing but a fancy way of trying to confuse the new day traders into thinking it is special. It’s not.

When you open your account, you will be required to invest $250 to activate the software. After you do so, you are now linked to a broker, who will protect your money and allow the Sowelstace Financial software to work. This broker is one of many unregulated and scam brokers who are not being policed by anyone at all! This is a very scary place to give your money to. They have so many tiny print rules and regulations, which even if you managed to make money, they’d prevent you from even withdrawing it!

Lesson: Binary options is a high-risk trading platform that can result in huge losses. No trade is guaranteed, and anyone who tells you so is lying to you.

Who is Jimmy Reese? 

Jimmy Reese claims to have had 20 years of “industry experience.” This is a lie. The name “Jimmy Reese” is nowhere to be found in anything related to binary options. If he were so very successful (as he claims), we’d be able to verify this pretty easily. Nobody in the binary options industry has ever heard of him. This is the first of many lies that come out of “Jimmy Reese’s” mouth.

Jimmy Reese Scam

The truth is evident. Take a look at the man in the picture above. This man is an actor that works for a private acting agency. He was hired by the real creators of this scam, who have been linked to other binary options scams as well. These professional binary options scam artists will do and say anything to convince you to sign up with their unregulated broker.

It is no wonder then that Jimmy Reese (dressed in a Santa suit) tells you that the average user of Sowelstace Financial is now making between $780,000 – $1.5 million dollars each year. Take note that nowhere does he prove this assertion. He only assumes that YOU will believe whatever crazy crap flies out of his mouth.

In fact, we have never met a single person in all our experience that has made $780,000 trading binary options in one year. Maybe there is someone out there, but we’ve never met them, and it is certainly not possible to do with an auto trader!

At one point in the video, Jimmy Reese (actor) pretends to bump into Karen (another actor), and he offers her the chance to make $45,000 in her first month. (See the conclusion of her story below.) Please understand, this is all a sham. Both of these people are actors reading out memorized lines. We see this scam over and over again. To be honest, these are pretty horrible actors. You can clearly see “Jimmy” reading his lines from a prompter several times during the production.

Lesson: All the people in this video are ACTORS. Jimmy Reese is a FAKE!

What Makes Sowelstace Financial a Special (Scam)?

Sowelstace Financial Scam

At this point in the scam video, we are introduced to Ryan Moore, the software designer. Ryan Moore (actor) tells us that he and “Jimmy Reese” invented Sowelstace Financial trading software together after being lifetime friends. But the REAL crazy part is what he says next. Follow the dialogue below:

“So Ryan, what makes Sowelstace Financial special? Why is it so successful?”

Ryan: Well, first of all, it’s totally risk-free! You are guaranteed not to lose any money!”

–This is logically and objectively impossible. Binary options are HIGH-Risk trading where most people lose more than they win.

“What else?”

Ryan: Secondly, your money keeps making money even when you aren’t placing trades!

“How is that possible, Ryan?”

Ryan: Well, you see, when your money sits in your account it takes small “risk-free” trades and wins them all! So, you keep making money even when you aren’t trading!

“But didn’t you just say that my money is taking “risk-free” trades? If so, then how is it making money while I’m not trading?

Ryan: Ummm… err… Nevermind.

Ryan Moore and Jimmy Reese have no idea what they are talking about and neither do the idiots who wrote this scam! Your money can’t “make money” while you are not trading. And if your money is taking “risk-free” trades, then it IS, by definition, trading! Everything out of their mouth is a walking contradiction.

The real proof of the scam here is that the unregulated and scam broker has allowed them to use a doctored (fake) video of their account growing without taking any trades. This video is a falsification and is NOT real. How do we know? No broker will allow your account to grow without taking trades. And NO broker will place trades on your account without you first authorizing them.

Lesson: Making money by not trading is NOT possible. The scam broker is a willing participant in this scam by allowing them to use a doctored demo account video showing fake balances!

User Reviews and Real Results

Towards the end of the video we are brought back to Karen, the woman he met on the street. She claims to have purchased a brand new car with her account earnings. It’s almost too good to be true and seems convincing. But remember…

Karen is an actor. None of this is real.

So what is real? “Jimmy”, tells us that he is only offering his software to 30 more people before he starts selling it. He says that the 1st round of beta testers all became millionaires. The reason he wants to have more beta testers is so that he can “prove to the public” that Sowelstace Financial works before he sells it. The problem with this claim is that he hasn’t given any real proof that the software worked for the first round of beta testers.

If he can’t prove to YOU that his first beta testers made money, how does he expect to use YOU to prove to the public that he made money? Remember, YOU are part of that “public” he’s trying to prove himself too. But he DID NOT prove anything to you at all.

Take a look at the photos on his website. Several other prominent binary options review sites have already proven that these people are not real users. All of their photos have been taken off of the internet from various other websites.

None of these people are real beta testers, and therefore he has not proven that his software makes money.

BUT … it get’s worse!

Since this binary options auto trader has been sent to millions of email addresses, many people (MORE than 30) have signed up. We have been monitoring the real user reviews and they are not good. Our website has received numerous complaints and questions regarding Sowelstace Financial. The biggest one is that their customer support simply does not respond to their questions or concerns.

ALL of the people we have spoken with have lost their balance of $250. There is not a penny left to withdraw. So much for that $45,000 we saw Karen make on her first month. Real users have not had any success. This software is a gigantic flop.

Lesson: User reviews report an overwhelming loss with Sowelstace Financial. NO earnings!

Trading and Earning Safely Online

Despite a lot of trading scams going viral right now, it is possible to earn while trading. However, you need to realize the risks before trading. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose safely. Everyone will lose money while trading, it’s impossible not to. That’s why we recommend following experienced traders with full transparency on Social Trading with Tradeo!

However, if trading is not for you, we have a better option. Check out My Paying Crypto Ads for information on how to make a passive side income!

Is Sowelstace Financial a Scam?

Let’s go over what we uncovered.

1. Jimmy Reese and Ryan Moore are actors. They are NOT real people and have no history nor experience in binary options trading.

2. There is no proof of any beta tester group. All the users are stock photo images and “Karen” is nothing but an actress.

3. Sowelstace Financial works directly with an unregulated broker that doctors videos and lies to increase investments. 

4. Users report a 100% loss of account balance.

It is pretty clear that Sowelstace Financial is a SCAM!

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message! In the meantime, thank you for reading our Sowelstace Financial Review and Happy Earning!

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