Social Trading Authority Review

Welcome to our conclusive review of Social Trading Authority.

You are most likely reading this review after doing a google search about various social trading options.

Many people who trade online are not even aware that such a platform exists. We here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor are proud to partner up with this new website and give them our stamp of approval.

We are normally very leery of new trading platforms, but this is one that we have personally worked with.

Below you will find a brief over view of what social trading is and how to take part in it.

We also have a few words we’d like to say about binary options for those of you that have been trading or thinking of starting up.

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What is the Social Trading Authority (aka Tradeo)?

Social Trading Authority is based on the theory that people trade best when they are part of a team.

A team that shares information works together and makes money together.

Imagine Facebook or Instagram but for forex trading and you have just gotten a glimpse of what social trading can offer.

Social Trading Authority is an introduction to join the best-regulated forex broker on the market: Tradeo!

Social Trading Authority has ushered in a new dawn of online trading.

Is Forex Better Than Binary Options?

In their promotional video, Social Trading Authority claims that forex trading is better than binary options.

But what exactly is forex?

Forex is the buying and selling of currency for a profit as the market price action goes up and down.

This is done by purchasing “lots” and then selling those “lots” when you will make a profit.

Can I Copy a Professional Trader with Forex?

Yes! With Tradeo, you can, in fact, follow and copy professional traders in order to learn the market.

You can duplicate their results in your own account or simply follow along from a distance to get your bearings.

Education can be found by talking to other members and developing friendships.

The message boards read a lot like Reddit or a Facebook conversation.

After you join up, you’ll have access to an unlimited network of traders to talk to.

What do we like about Social Trading Authority?

There is plenty to love about Social Trading Authority (Tradeo).

Here are just a few of them:

  1. No experience needed. Tradeo is perfect for newbies!
  2. The option to follow and copy professional traders and let them manage your account for you! for free!. No more bad trades! 
  3. The ability to make friends with other traders in the social platform. Find new friends to share trading tips with!
  4. The stability of forex trading. Forex trading is the gold standard!
  5. Fully regulated broker: Your money is SAFE!
Tradeo is also the preferred forex trading platform by the industry leaders, FXempire, Investoo, and

Our special offer to you!

If you decide you’d like to give Social Trading Authority  a try, we would like to assist you as much as possible.

Once you sign up below, please send us a message and we’ll give you the best settings and a few top notch traders to follow.

Please message us for more details or register an account at the link below and then send us a message.

 Summary and Conclusion

Social Trading Authority ( Tradeo)  is NOT a scam.
But more than that, it is a transparent invitation to become part of something real.
You don’t need to continue signing up with binary options fake software, who spread lies and misinformation using actors and photoshopped nonsense.

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  • Aden Murphy

    I have been using Tradeo for over a year now, since before I found your site. I won’t say how much I made because I don’t like sharing that info online. Let’s just say it’s a good amount and the best ive ever done online. Tradeo is rock solid. Congrats to anyone who signs up!

    • Thank You for your comment Aden. I just wanted to make it clear to people because I know most people don’t even read the entire reviews 😛 Social Trading Authority is Tradeo itself, its nothing but an invitation page to join Tradeo. I thought that might clear some doubts that people have 🙂

      • Kevin Leo

        Hi there Ms Admin;) Apparently I’m one of the few that does my full due diligence and reads all reviews:p…So I recently signed on with “The Orion Code” which connected me to its affiliate trading platform “Sun Rock Global” Have you heard of these companies? I’m a bit skeptical trying to learn more, to believe, to trust and move forward with my investing…
        In advance, Thank you so much for your help
        Kindest Regards,
        Kevin Leo

        • The Orion code software is a big scam. Why did you signup with it if you read the review? We are clearly saying it’s a scam.

          By the way, this post is about social trading, if you want to discuss something about Orion code, please go here

          • kLeo

            I am with “Sun Rock Global” whom I found on your “Trusted Brokers” Graph. So I assumed “The Orion Code” was legitimate for connecting me to “Sun Rock Global.” As well, I didn’t find any of these co.’s on your “Scam List.”

            So what is your take on “SUN ROCK GLOBAL”?

            Thank you so very much for your insight & words of wisdom here.

            Kindest Regards,

            Kevin Leo

          • Hello Kleo. The Orion Code software is a scam. But that doesn’t mean that the brokers are scammers.

            Generally speaking, any auto trader works with any broker. The software is what makes the ” Fake and scam claims ” the broker is nothing but a platform that offers you a way to trade.

            Sun Rock Global is one of the few that accepts the U.S traders, that’s why we put them on the list.

          • kLeo

            Thank you very much for your help.
            I am very interested in finding a company where I feel comfortable putting both feet in. I am researching more. It looks as though I may just want to join you guys. Do you suggest Tradeo or Forex?
            Thank you again

  • Natasha

    Do they accept Germany? And how do I know it’s safe?

    • Hello Natasha. Yes they do accept Germany. They are also regulated so your funds are totally safe and you can withdraw it with your profits any time you want.

  • Aaron

    I got in during the promotion. Please check your messages! Today was my first day and so far I’m impressed! Will see how the week goes.

  • Vivian

    I just opened an account… do you have the trader list as you said? Please send me the best traders!

    • Hello Vivian. We sen’t you an email, please check your inbox! Thanks 🙂

  • Charles

    I signed up last week and I’m up $456! Should I increase my trade size or just keep my settings the same?

    • Hi Charles! That’s awesome! If I were you, I’d keep my settings the same for now. Check back with us in a few weeks and report your progress!

  • Mohammad

    I signed up and started with 250. I would like the traders and settings.

  • Sieanna

    What is the minimum deposit and how long will it take when I make a withdrawal? I am going to sign up on Friday.

    • Hello Sieanna. The minimum deposit is $250 and it takes 24 to 48 hours for the withdrawal to be processed.

      If you would like to have more information. Please go to our Tradeo review here :-

      You will see all the information there 🙂

      Once again. Social Trading Authority is the same thing as Tradeo.

      • Sieanna

        I started about 10 days ago and I’m up 630$!! Pretty awesome results!

  • Luke Myers

    Guys! Check this out lolol! It just keeps getting better and better! I am doing 1 lots size. I also have a bunch of open trades. 7 green and 1 red.

  • christopher

    Hi Luke, this is awesome man so are you trading on your own or a Trader is trading on your behalf? and how about the settings, are they not complicated ?

  • Trey

    Signed up… trying to get the best settings. Should I start with 250? Or is it better to start with more? Give me your email address please so I can send you my experience with quantum code.

  • Sherry Saunders

    Hi Admin,

    Do you feel Quantum Code is a good one to use? Or what do you suggest?
    I want to get in on Friday, so I was wondering what broker account is the best.

    • Hi Sherry! Quantum Code is a scam so please don’t invest with them. I would recommend you to try Snap Cash under our recommended signals page!

  • Ajibola Youngartist

    Hi, am pretty new to forex trading so i will like to know if someone with zero knowledge about it can do it and make money with tradeo? Thanks

    • Hi, Ajibola. The best part in social trading with Tradeo is that you literally don’t have to have any knowledge except to know how to manage the platform it self. Such as copying a trader, set up settings, how to execute a trade, etc. We will help you with all these settings once you get started.

      • Ajibola Youngartist

        Thanks so much, I have already joined through your link and i will fund my account this week.

  • Talha

    Hi Admin,
    I’ve send you an email. Kindly see and reply me. I’ll be Thankful to you.


  • ESlam Elsherbeny

    What about recyclicx?

  • Adriana Ardelean

    I registered but I know how to work anything I need help do not know English well but I got it I want to learn to work on it can you help me?

  • Great! Please send me an email about [email protected] for help!

  • Hi Sidd – Cryp Trade Capital is NOT trusted!