Self Made Millionaires Biz Review: Scam Actors Were Deleted!

Our Self Made Millionaires Biz review has proven and exposed that this nasty binary options auto trading scam is one of the worst we’ve encountered. They have lied and omitted critical information about their business. You will see below how they purposefully took down actors from their website after being blacklisted by other review blogs.

You are most likely reading this after receiving an email claiming you “make money easily from home with this one simple trick”. Sadly, the truth is that this is yet another dead end money scam. The only people making money here are the creators who get commission sales from the unregulated brokers they send you to.

If you have already fallen into this scam and need help, please send us a message! We may be able to help you get your money back! The Jane Marshal’s Wealth System has also gone viral, so make sure to avoid that as well!

Before anyone else get’s scammed, let’s BUST this one up!

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Self Made Millionaires Biz Review

Self Made Millionaires Biz Review – What Is It?

Self Made Millionaires Biz is a simple push button binary options auto trading scam that was released a few months ago. After going through some changes, it was taken off the market and then brought back just last week.

When we first heard about this scam we were only told that it was a new way of making money from home and was drawing quite a bit of attention.

After we spent some time digging into the background, we realized that this scam was nothing new. It was just another auto trading scam in a long line!

The claim with this particular “get rich quick” trading scheme is that you can start making $500-$1000 each day after signing up their trading signals. Once you sign up, you are immediately linked to one of several unregulated brokers.

Here is what we got when we opened an account (fake name). Omega Options is one of The. Worst. Brokers. ever. They literally have never paid out a single large withdrawal. Stay far away from this broker and more importantly be wary of any signal service that turns you over to them. One word. NO!

Self Made Millionaires Biz Scam

Nobody really knows who owns this scam. A few months ago, the owner was named as being Jacob Adams. That was proven to be a lie by several well known binary review sites. We did our own research and turned up that the website itself has no name attached to it. This isn’t any real surprise. Most scams are not too excited about sharing their owner’s name and details in case he gets sued.

The Actor Scam Deleted?

When Self Made Millionaires Biz was first launched, it looked quite different! The website featured user reviews and the name and photo of the owner. It didn’t take long before the real results started coming out. Traders had been scammed and they weren’t happy about it!

Several review blogs jumped on this nasty scam and wrote reviews exposing the actors and fake owner (Jacob Adams). Before long, the site went offline and then suddenly reappeared just last week.

So what had changed?

The only thing missing from the new launch of the Self Made Millionaires Biz scam was the fact that all of the actor reviews and the fake owner (Jacob Adam) had been deleted. It soon came out that the website had received so much flack for using actors and a fake owner that they completely removed it from their site.

It was as if they had never existed! But the question is WHY?

The answer to this is pretty obvious but complicated at the same time.

Over 5 actors were featured on the original launch of this scam. They all came from where they have also worked with several other prominent recent scams. After Self Made Millionaires Biz was exposed for using actors instead of real users, they were linked to other binary options scams that had also used these same actors.

For example, take a look at the ACTOR below. This same woman also worked with a scam that was sued last year. As a result, people begin to put two and two together and realize what a lot of us in the industry already know. Many of these binary options scams are created and operated by the SAME people. They use the same actors and write similar scripts.


Long story short, Self Made Millionaires pulled all of the actors off their site. Through some glitch, they are still currently viewable on youtube, as you can see from the video below. This woman WORKS for Fiverr and gives false reviews for a living!

Does Self Made Millionaires Biz Work?

We’ve already established the fact that this software scam has many red flags…

1. The CEO is not known. It is possibly a man named Jacob Adams, but that was never backed up with any real evidence. Currently, the website has not listed who owns it or created the software.

– The strategy for the trading software is not established or explained. It simply claims that a “team of experts” will place winning trades for you.

2. Several months ago this scam featured several actors who were giving false performance reviews. To date – most versions of this scam have removed those actors from the website after being exposed!

3. Self Made Millionaires Biz attempts to link you to scam brokers and will NEVER pay you a penny. One such example is Omega Options who we were personally linked with when we signed up.

The last real question on everyone’s mind is…

Does the signal service and auto signals work?

The short answer is no, they do not. How do we know?

After the first launch of this scam, we received several emails detailing personal experiences ranging from loss of investment to terrible customer support. The second time it launched over a week ago, we sent out emails to our readers who had previously been scammed to let them know to stay far away from this one too!

We have been made aware that since the launch over a week ago, user experience has all reported a total loss. The manual and auto signals have an overall winning rate of 45%, which means that in about 10 trades your entire balance will be GONE.

Even the website itself never offers one shred of proof that anything they claim actually works! No proof of earning. No proof of withdrawal. Nothing.

Earning Money from Home?

Most of you are reading this because you want to make money from home. So did we! There are a few ways you can actually accomplish this. One is by trading with a regulated and transparent broker, such as Social Trading with Tradeo. Another option is by signing up with the most trusted and open rev share, My Paying Ads. For those of you that want to earn with bitcoin, please read My Paying Crypto Ads as well!

If you have any questions about these or any other money making system, we’d love to talk with you about it. We are always looking for new ways to earn online as well, so please send us any website you find! In the meantime, please be safe and don’t invest money with shady brokers or HYIP scams!

Is Self Made Millionaires Biz a Scam?

As you read through this review, I hope it was clear that Self Made Millionaires Biz is a scam. There really isn’t anything left to show. We explained that there is no real owner and no proof of earning. The weirdest part of this scam was that they took down all their actors after being exposed. That’s pretty crazy on its own.

Adding insult to injury is the FACT that they work directly with unregulated and dishonest brokers to scam you! Don’t just walk away from this scam. RUN!

It’s possible to earn online, but not with this piece of garbage. On that note… take care out there and Happy Earning!