Satellite Trader Scam Exposed With A Complete Evidence

Hi! You are reading our scam review of Sattelite Trader. This scam is NOT new and is linked to another scam, GPS Trader! Richard Heffner (alias) has been featured in several scams, all with the same premise. None of them work and we have exposed all of them as scams!

Ever since the first binary options were traded in 2008, the industry has grown immensely, but the growth has also attracted unethical activities. The major evil bedeviling the industry is scam software. Barely a week passes before a scam hits the wires, some so obvious, others so devious. Satellite Trader is the latest in the market and falls in the former category. So poor, and repetitive, are the scammers that it is almost difficult to imagine who will fall for their fraud. But you can never leave anything to chance, that is why we do this Satellite Trader review to expose the tricks, lies, and outright fictitious claims. We’ve just finished reviewing a dangerous binary options scam called Plentitude Formula that you may need to take a look at.

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Satellite Trader Scam

About Satellite Trader

Created by Richard Heffner, Satellite Trader is an auto trading software that claims to use the Global Satellite Positioning technology to execute accurate trades using incredible speeds and quality of information. Satellite Trader uses the GPS technology to execute trades at speeds that are 94/100ths of a second faster than any other trading software in the world. This allows you, the trader, to make an average of $850 per hour, and a minimum of $20,000 per day. The software has a 100% success rate, which is made possible by the RCT (Rapid Counter Trade) algorithm that makes it impossible to lose even a single cent of your trading capital. But what happens when you do not realize the promised minimum of $20000 a day?

The Satellite Trader team has a back-end management system that will ‘balance’ your account and top up the ‘deficit’ so you are always guaranteed a minimum of $20,000 a day. Sometimes you wonder how far these scammers are ready to go fraud investors. I mean, it has got to their heads, and they now consider themselves script writers of fictitious movies. They can say and claim anything their evil minds imagine. A 100% accurate software, RCT imaginations, and the lowest of them all, a system that tops up any shortfall of their promised $20,000 per day? Of course, like all other scams, the software is free of charge, only if you make a deposit with their ‘recommended’ broker.

Who is Richard Heffner?


In this scam, Richard Heffner is a former Systems Analyst, experienced in Satellite Communications systems. Richard found his ‘aha’ moment when he partnered with his high life binary options trading brother, Josh, and the two set to develop a system that will legally exploit speed and quality of information to gain an edge in the markets.

In reality, though, Richard Heffner is an imagined personality and someone who does not exist. He is an actor paid to project any image conceived by scammers. Our research found that ‘Richard Heffner’ is the face behind no less than 3 past binary options software scams. The previous scams use the same model, a video and a claim of making guaranteed millions off the market. In all the videos ‘Richard Heffner’ appears, he obviously uses different names and narrates different stories, but with the same theme- he will make you millions if you sign up with them and make a deposit with their ‘recommended’ brokers.

Is there any proof that Sattelite Trader Works?

Richard claims to have made 27 random people millionaires, and 10 further people who signed up with him recently are already making $20,000 per day. There are no live testimonials, but in the middle of the marketing video, Richard reads out the names of the people who are now making a minimum of $20000 per day. As he reads out the names, there are interruptions of live updates of the number of ‘spots’ remaining on his program. We checked out the video numerous times and the same thing kept on repeating itself, suggesting there is no limit to the number of victims they can accept. All the testimonials are fake and used as a marketing gimmick to lure unsuspecting binary options traders and investors.

Customer Support

It is even embarrassing to suggest these scammers can call you their customer, and thus offer support. You are just a victim to them. Like all the other scammers, the Satellite Trader team is only willing to engage with you after you become their member. In simple terms, support is offered after you have been scammed, of course, with the sole reason to determine if they can rip you off further.

Sattelite Trader Conclusion

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Satellite Trader is a pure scam, and a product of experienced and persistent scammers in the binary options industry. They have been behind several other scams, evidenced by the use of a familiar face, common scam rhetoric, identical claims and even well-known lies. Like every other scam, they want to trick binary options traders and investors into depositing money to a fake or unethical broker and then disappear with your money. For these reasons, we advise our readers, for their own safety, to avoid Satellite Trader by all means. They are just an absolute scam, and will not make you any single dollar profit.

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