Sapphire7 Review – CopyCat HYIP Scam Strikes Again!

Before you join another fraudulent HYIP scam, please read our official Sapphire7 Review. We have conclusive evidence that links this viral HYIP to another scam that was shut down over a year ago! You will NOT want to miss this information. The admin behind this scam defrauded thousands of people out of their earnings and he wants to do it all over again!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you want to be scammed or not, but we want you to be safe! Please carefully examine the evidence we show in our review and decide if the admin of the scam is worth your hard earned money! We say NO!

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Sapphire7 Review

Sapphire7 Review is an HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 110%-154% depending on which term of investment you chose to deposit with. The predicted timeline for receiving this ROI is between 7-22 days. scam was just started a few days ago, and at the publication of this review, it is currently going viral. We have seen referral links for this scam all over social media as well as being sent by spam messages into our inboxes.

Before you even consider joining, you deserve to know the facts. You should always research any HYIP site before you join. Over the last year we have busted hundreds of viral HYIP scams and out of all of them, we have NEVER seen a person successfully get their money back after the site has closed. We believe firmly that you truly can make money from some HYIPs but the key is to understanding when to join as well as knowing the risks that come with each HYIP.

Below we will take you through the claims of this site and show you why we have determined NOT to join Sapphire7 HYIP scam! If you disagree with any of the facts we present, please comment in the comments section or send us a message.

Sapphire7 Scam Facts

The scam starts by explaining to us that they are a research and development business that buys, sell, and trades artificial (fake) sapphires to medical firms and tech firms that use them. Let’s admit something. We are NOT sapphire experts by any stretch of the imagination, so we won’t waste your time trying to explain the technical details about sapphire development here.

However, we can easily fact check these claims by looking for any evidence of Sapphire7 business registration on the trading markets and conclude that it doesn’t exist. They want you to believe that they are a highly successful business that deals internationally but nobody has ever heard of them. Does this sound feasible? Not to us.

Another REALLY strange fact is that they seem to have an unhealthy and creepy obsession with the number 7. They even go so far as to claim that by incorporating the number 7 into their business, they have magnified the profits. Huh? This sounds a little like witchcraft, however at the same time as something a kid would come up with.

This isn’t science fiction here. This isn’t a movie! This is real money and Sapphire7 HYIP scam wants YOUR money by claiming the power of the number 7 is helping them grow your investment. This is one of the most bizarre HYIP scams we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot. Scam Linked to a Previous Scam!

As we continued investigating the origins and claims of Sapphire7 scam, we realized that it sounded almost identical to another scam we busted last year going by the name of HYIP. We connected the dots and discovered that they are created and managed by the same people. The language used on the site was almost identical. Zinc7 scam also claimed that the power of the number 7 was making their business more profitable.

So where is Zinc7 now? They shut down about a year ago and stole thousands of dollars from their investors, never paying any of them back. This is NOT a good sign.

The admin of the old scam never paid anyone back and now he’s opening another creepy scam and trying to steal all over again. This fact alone should be all the proof you need that you should NOT invest!

More Red Flags!

The following are just a few more reasons why we believe Sapphire7 is a scam!

1. The owner and admin are anonymous.

Nobody really knows the name or identity of the owner of HYIP scam. This is another reason why the investors were not able to get their money back. We recommend never joining a site that does not give you the name of the owner. This will never end well.

2. We can find no proof that this company exists.

As we mentioned above, this company is fake. Nobody has ever heard of them and there is no credible information that they are involved in sapphire development. So what are they doing?

Sapphire7 is a Ponzi scam just like Zinc7.

Is Sapphire7 Paying?

Like any HYIP Ponzi scam, the owner will always pay his first investors. He pays them with the money deposited by later investors. If you want to earn anything at all, you should be sure to invest within the first few weeks of this scam. However, that time has already passed, and we don’t recommend joining now.

Sapphire7 is paying, but will only remain paying for about 2-4 months before shutting down and disappearing.

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Is a Scam?

After discovering the proof of fraud, we have no choice but to declare that is a scam. It remains your choice on whether you want to invest or not, but we do NOT recommend it.

Please send us a message if you need any investment advice or if you’d like our opinion about a site you are thinking of using! We will always tell you the truth!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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