Sapphire M Review – Binary Trading System Scam Exposed

If you are thinking of joining a new binary options software, you need to read our Sapphire M Review first! We have gone to great lengths to ensure that this review shows the truth behind this binary options scam.

You most likely heard about this new trading opportunity after receiving an email claiming you could make thousands of dollars before the end of the month. This is all trash. There is a reason this crap belongs in your spam folder!

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Sapphire M Scam

Sapphire M Review

The Sapphire M software is a software that promises incredibly high profits by using an automated signal indicator to trade crude oil on the binary options market. Although it seems to have a professional presentation and savvy website, it falls short in several areas.

We examine user review, proof of trades, and website data to determine whether Sapphire M is legit or a scam? Our conclusive investigation showed us that once again, the binary options market has created yet another fraudulent website that will most likely disappear within a few months.

Save your money and don’t join! There are better ways to trade online so don’t be the next victim of this manipulative freak show scam!

Trading Crude Oil

The Sapphire M trading software does not trade for you. It is not an automated trading bot. What it does do is provide you with signals selected by a robotic trading algorithm. Your job is simply to set your investment amount and click TRADE.

Most people who trade binary options are always on the look out for an easy trading software that will do all the work for them without losing. To the people who have already gone down this path over and over, you will be well aware that none of these “hands-free” software every deliver the promises they offer. This is because 99.9% of them are scams that are created by unregulated and scam brokers in order to make a profit.

Binary options is quickly becoming notorious of the scam artists playground. It is a largely unregulated and risky environment where the promise of making a large amount of money within one hour is too good to pass up. The downside is that most people end up losing all their money and give up.

Trading crude oil is just as risky as any other asset or currency pair in binary options. It is all based on luck and even the best indicator can’t predict a winning trade the majority of the time. Crude oil is a hot asset but that doesn’t mean it will deliver greater profits than any other asset.

Lisa and Jason Stephens Exposed

Sapphire M Review

Meet Lisa and Jason Stephens, the brother and sister team who worked together to create the Sapphire M software. Lisa is crude oil trading genius and Jason is a software developer. They want you to believe that they are just regular people who invented the world’s best way to trade binary options online.

Unfortunately, this is the real world, and this story is completely fake. The photo showing the fabulous brother and sister duo was stolen from a dating website. Hardly a brother and sister, more like a dating couple. We will not put their reals names here because the two people pictured are innocent victims of the Sapphire M scam.

In fact, not only is the photo fake, the very names of Lisa and Jason Stephens are not real. These names are part of the lie created to trick you into believing this nasty binary options scam is just a grassroots creation. Far from it.

The real owner of this scam has not revealed his name. We checked the business records of Sapphire M and found that the listed address is not valid and the name on the account is concealed to protect his identity. Is this legal? No! We are pretty convinced that Sapphire M trader will be gone from the market in the next three months before the authorities have time to prosecute them.

The Demo Account Scam

Let’s talk about the next part in the Sapphire M scam. One of the selling points advertised on the website is the chance to trade in a demo account with $500 of virtual money. This supposedly allows you to experience the amazing ITM (in the money) rate and see for yourself that the system is legit before depositing real money.

Have you ever wondered why your demo account trading results are so much better than your real trading results?

This is what we call the “demo account scam”. Unregulated scam brokers are famous for providing manipulated demo accounts. Think of the fake demo account like special effects in an action movie. What looks like a huge explosion is just CGI. In a demo account, all of the results are manipulated slightly to win all or most of the trades.

This is incredibly deceiving as these demo accounts are not true reflections of the real market or even the real software trading. The real scourge of this is that the brokers are aware of this. In fact, they are the ones who engineer the fake winning trades to convince you to deposit your real money.

User Reviews

This software was released about two weeks ago through private email invitation and now it is available to the general public. Several of our readers took the early plunge and joined before waiting for user reviews to be released. They have all lost their money. If you are one of these people it is possible to get your money back.

Don’t wait too long though, contact us and we will advise you on the steps you need to take to get your money back!

Please take note that the website itself does not provide any proof that their system works. We have no proof of trades, no proof of deposit, and no proof of withdrawals. They seem to be relying on the demo account scam (as explained above) to sell their product.

Trading For Profit

We make no bones about it. We prefer forex trading to binary options for many reasons. There are a few binary options brokers and signals that we like but we have always had more success with forex trading.

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Is Sapphire M a Scam?

The evidence is clear here guys. Sapphire M is a scam. Don’t fall into their trap! It is possible to make money by trading online but you must trust the right broker!

If you have a broker or a binary options system you want us to check out for you, please send it to us via our email. We try to respond to all emails within 12 hours. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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