Samaritans System Scam Review

Samaritans System Scam Review:
Samaritan System is an auto trading software scam. It just launched a few days ago so we took a look at it and examined their claims and evidence. The creator is a man named Robin Castile. He was a young man when his father died and left him a vast fortune of money as well as the keys to his binary options trading software.

Robin Castile tells us that his father had always tried to teach him the binary options business but he had never taken it seriously. After spending large sums of his inheritance, he began to feel like something was missing from his life. The money wasn’t making him happy and his friendships were all fake. He decided that the best way to remedy this problem was by using his father’s binary options trading software and donating some of his earnings to the poor. Sounds great, right?

Let’s slow down with our happy feelings. Samaritan System is full of lies right from the start. The man claiming to be Robin Castile is using the stock photo of a random man on See our images below. Clearly Robin Castile is a liar right from the start as he won’t even use his real face while trying to get us to use his software.

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The two video testimonials in the video are both recorded by Fiverr actors that make $5 video testimonials. None of the faces or testimonials used in this video or on the website are real. The Facebook comments are photoshopped as well with generic Facebook names that you can’t actually find on Facebook.

Samaritan System software tells us that while the software is free, they will automatically deduct 2% of your earnings and donate them to charity. This is really sweet until you realize that nowhere on the site do they tell you which charity they will donate the money too. If the software earns you anything at all, and we believe it won’t, I’m sure you will find that the “charity” they are donating too is their own pockets. You are better off taking your $250 deposit and donating it to charity yourself, as Samaritan System software will cause you to lose this entire investment.

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There are no good samaritans here guys. The entire gig is a scam. Samaritan System software is making their money off of affiliation sales with the brokers that you sign up with using their link. It’s plain and simple. For each of you they bring to the broker, they get a minimum of $250. There are hundreds of these scams out there all working for the commission. Please don’t fall prey to one! They have no shame in lying and tugging at your heart strings to make their living. You, on the other hand, will lose your money!