Safe Guard Trader Scam Review

Safe Guard Trader Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just concluded a review Safeguard Trader, a new binary options scam that is going viral. This scam has been carefully orchestrated to coincide with the previous launch of GPS Trader. Safeguard Trader is a remake and copycat of the GPS Trader scam, even going as far as to use the same actors and story line. Both of these scams need to be avoided at all cost!

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DESCRIPTION: This scam has been carefully orchestrated to coincide with the previous launch of GPS Trader. Safeguard Trader is a remake and copycat of the GPS Trader scam, even going as far as to use the same actors and story line…

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Taking a Closer Look: Is Safe Guard Trader a SCAM?

Safe Guard Trader is an automated trading robot that promises to profit you a total of $33,000 each day of the week. This will be a hard goal to achieve considering the market is closed for trading 2 days each week. We’ll assume they mean 5 days a week. Profiting 33k a day is a very lofty goal, but we’ll touch on that later in our review.

David Hefner is the CEO and founder of Safe Guard Trader, and claims to only accepting 10 people each day to “turn into millionaires”. The system is fully automated and requires no knowledge of the market. The strategy behind Safe Guard Trader is that the global positioning of satellites sends information regarding potential price action movements in the stock market. This triggers the system to take trades based on this information.

 Safe Guard Trader Scam

This strategy and story line is exactly the same as the brother scam, GPS Trader. Both claim to be making outrageously inflated profits. Based on copious amounts of user feedback, all conclusively stating that GPS Trader is a scam, it is safe to say Safeguard Tracker has a lot of hurdles to climb!

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Top 3 Scam Proofs

  •   David Heffner is the CEO and creator of Safeguard Trader, along with his brother Josh Heffner. False! 

This is perhaps the biggest lie of the Safeguard Trader scam, so let’s delve in! Firstly, David Hefner is nothing but a fraud and a liar. He has previously headed up another scam, GPS Trader, which we wrote about HERE. As you can see from the screen shot below, David Hefner has also gone by the name of Richard Heffner.
Safe Guard Trader Scam

Neither man is a real trader, they are both actors. Additionally, the brother, David Hefner, is also not a real person. His picture was swiped off of google, as you can see by clicking on this LINK. This is nothing but a shutter stock image that anyone can use for their website.

Both of these “men” are simply being used as a front for the scammers behind the GPS Trader and the Safeguard Trader and probably several other automated trading softwares. We are keeping an eye out for new scams launched by this same company. We will be logging all such scams here at our website in order to fully shame this company.

  •  Safeguard Trader is free and will profit you 33k each and every day. Not true!

Yes, Safeguard Trader is free, however, it requires a $250 deposit in order to start trading. This deposit has been lost by 100% of the users so far to date. Not one trader has made any money with this system yet. This does not speak well for the 33k claim David Hefner continues to make. Update You also wanna check and stay away from  a big fraud called  Gemini 2 Scam

All of the trading results that the website shows are photoshopped and have no basis in reality. There is nothing legitimate about the 33k claim. Not only is it insanely inflated, it is truly impossible. Never in the history of binary options has any auto trading bot made this much profit a day. GPS Trader failed to do so even after making the same claim. It is highly devious to release the same system under the guise of a different name and claim that it will do what GPS Trader failed to do.

  • We have a 100% strike rate = 100% ITM! Hoax! 

This is nothing but fiction. Under no situation or circumstances does any auto trader or signal provider give a 100% strike rate. It’s truly not possible. Even professional traders who are paid to trade for a living do not have a 100% strike rate. Please go to time stamp 2:06 to hear this claim for yourself.

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