Safe Cash Scam Review

Safe Cash Scam Review. This scam is going viral and on Fiverr actor overload, so please read our review before investing any money in this ridiculous software! Safe Cash System by Richard Carrier is a nasty scam and we will prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt in the following review! Keep reading to see the evidence as well as our recommendations on which trading systems actually can help you make some extra money online. Richard Carrier is a not only a fraud, he’s a made up character with a stolen photo! Don’t believe anything you see on this Fiverr built scam software site!

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DESCRIPTION: Safe Cash System by Richard Carrier is a nasty scam and we will prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt in the following review…

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Safe Cash: Winner of the Most Scam Actors Award!

Safe Cash Scam Review

Safe Cash System by Richard Carrier wins this month’s award for the “most actors used in a scam promotional video”! This is a high honor we selectively bequeath on one scam a month, sometimes less. This may seem like a low honor to some, but we here at binaryscamwatchmonitor like to find a wee bit of humor in everything we do, and this is one of them. Safe Cash scam knocked it out of the park with how many scam actors they used. We counted a total of 5 and that is highly impressive. Not only that, but they chose some of the more famous Fiverr scam faces in the industry! Let’s go through a few of them for the sake of clarity and then unpack the rest of the Safe Cash claims.

1. The opening actor for the Safe Cash scam is none other than the Banjo Man who sells normal and costume related review on Fiverr. You can check out his acting profile HERE.

Safe Cash Scam Review

Safe Cash Scam Review

2. Then we have the “high quality” scam actor, who actually is quite believable, so hats off to him as being truly “high scam quality”. You can check out his acting profile HERE.

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There are three more acting profiles but we feel it is more than a bit redundant to continue to mention them all. You get the idea! For future refrence, you can always check these people out for yourself by going to fiverr and scrolling through the “video and testimonial” page. Here you’ll be able to do a little “self investigation” before you are thinking of joining up with a software. However, let us be clear, there are plenty of scams currently on the market that do not use fiverr actors, but have their own private pool of actors to select from. So just because you don’t find the face you are looking for on this site, that doesn’t mean the software you are examining is safe! There are other things to examine as well!

More Safe Cash Scam Proof!

Now we move on to the real meat of this scam review. Let’s take a look at the claims Safe Cash makes about their own software and see if there is any credibility to them!

1 – 98.6 ITM %. FALSE!! You will never find a system that delivers such a win rate. It’s truly impossible. Even the best traders in the market today can recognize this as a flat out deception because they can’t even achieve this. The highest we’ve ever seen is close to 87% and even that is rarely consistent, and hard to keep long term! If you see someone making this improbable claim, run!

2 – Richard Carrier is the CEO! False! We did an extensive search on the so called Richard Carrier and nobody has every heard of him. He’s a phantom, or rather, a made up name with a stolen photograph. Take a look at the real Richard Carrier, Peru Kozamara, a composer of beautiful music. I’m sure whatever this guy is composing, it’s scores better than the crap that is Safe Cash. It’s a shame that his face is being used to support such a disgusting endeavor!

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3 – 3rd Party Verified. NOPE!! We’ve mentioned this in several previous articles, but just to clear the air yet again, there is NO such thing as a 3rd party verification system for binary options. A 3rd party would have to be a non biased government regulated force, that is not making any money from verifying, in order to be trustworthy. This simply does not exist. It’s no surprise that Safe Cash scam doesn’t offer any proof of this 3rd party verification system, because there is none!

Let’s sum up our findings with the Safe Cash System. All 5 of the video testimonials they use are actors from Fiverr. Their CEO, Richard Carrier, is a fake. They have impossible earnings claims and show no proof of their system actually working. They claim a 3rd party has verified them, but once again offer no proof to back this up. This entire “system” is a fraud and a deception and you should run away as fast as you can!

Conclusion: Safe Cash System is a SCAM!!

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