Rubix Project Review: Brian Morgan Scam Exposed

Our Rubix Project Review aka Rubix App Review exposes a scam ring connection that includes the creators of the Sowelstace Financial scam. After reading this review, you will have no doubt in your mind that there is something seriously malicious and nasty about both of these hardcore scams. They are working around the clock to trick you and steal from you until they have padded their pockets with your hard earned money.

If you are reading this after already losing your money with Rubix Project, please message us for advice on how to get your money back! As always, please check with us before signing up with any binary options auto trader. We do our best to keep you safe! Most review sites are taking commission sales from shady scams and unregulated brokers, but we do not!

Keep reading to see what our investigation turned up! Let’s get started!

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Rubix Project Review

Rubix Project Review

Brian Morgan is the CEO and creator of the Rubix Project auto trading binary options. He tells us his sad tale of how he was a broke assistant professor until his brother in law helped him build a massively successful trading algorithm. The story goes that Brian Morgan and his brother in law developed the world’s “first no loss trading software.”

First of all, Rubix Project is not the first trading software to claim it never looses. In fact, about 85% of the scams on our list right now have all said the same thing! They all claim never to lose, but the truth is… it’s impossible not to lose when trading! Binary options are all about losing and winning. Anyone who claims that they never lose is an outright liar.

Secondly, before we go any further, we need to point out that Brian Morgan is not a real person. The man in the video is an actor. Don’t believe us?

Please check out the screen shot below! Rubix Profit clearly states in their disclaimer that the people in the video are all actors!


This means that nothing you see or hear within the video is real. It is nothing but a script written to entice you into believing it is possible to make 12k each day with an automated trading software.

Now that we know that Brian Morgan is merely an actor, the real question remains….

Does the Rubix Profit App Work?

There are a lot of lofty claims included in the sales pitch video. And YES, this is a “sales video.” Brian Morgan claims to be giving this software away for free, but the people behind this scam are most certainly making a great deal of money off of it. We’ll explain more on that below.

Let’s go over a few of the claims that are included in this sales video…

1. No losing trades in over 16 months!

-This is not only impossible, but there is also no proof given that this has occurred. Rubix Project assumes that you will believe their claim only because “they said so.” No. To place your money and trust with a trading system that never loses, you should expect real proof!

2. You can make 10K by the end of the day!

-Once again, no actual proof has been given to show that this is possible. In reality, if it were possible to make 10k each day trading with software, we’d be doing it. Nobody wants to pass up free money. This claim is just wrong, and every single person that has taken the chance has lost out.

Fallacies IN the Video!

1. At one point Brian Morgan tells us that he wants to show us “today’s date” to prove that this video is current and was just filmed “today.”

He begins typing away at his keyboard to pull up the New York Times website to show the date. At this point, the video cuts to an edited screen shot of the New York Times website with the date showing on Monday, January 9th, 2017.

This entire sequence was filmed and added long after the first portion of the video. How do we know? The voices are entirely different. The sound in the video is also different. It is a video edit that is simple.

So why would they edit the date? They modify the date to make their video appear to be relevant. In reality, this scam was filmed months ago!

2. The “live trading” video shown by “Brian Morgan” is a total fake!

This is nothing but a demo account video given by the scam broker, Porter Finance. Porter Finance is a scam broker that works directly with binary options auto trading scams to trick people into investing their money!

Lesson: Brian Morgan is an actor. The live trading video is a demo video provided by Porter Finance, who is also a scam broker!

Sowelstace Financial Scam Connection?

In our opening paragraph, we mentioned that we would expose the connection between the Rubix Project scam and the Sowelstace Financial Scam. If you take a look at the photo below, you will notice the man with the glasses. This man goes by the name of William and claims to be part of the Rubix Project team.


However, if you check out the Swelstace Financial scam, you will see that “William” is also going by the name of “Jimmy Reese” and claims to be the head founder of that debunked scam.

The connection is clear. These scams were written and directed by the same production team who hired actors from the same private acting agency. As already stated, all of the people in this video are actors. They have to include this information so that when you sue them later, they can’t be held liable. It’s always your responsibility to read the disclaimer.

Lesson: Actors working in both of these scams are connected by the same production team that directs the scam videos!

So How are the Scammers Making Money?

The software is free. Sure. But you are required to invest a minimum of $250 into your broker account to activate it. This $250 fee goes to the unregulated scam broker they chose for you, which then pays them a commission for getting and grooming for them a new client (you). This broker will then begin to fleece you for every penny they can.

Binary options brokers are some of the pushiest, most obnoxious people you will ever meet. Most individuals who have dealt with their account managers have had to block their phone number. They will NOT stop calling… until all your money is gone, at which point they will stop taking your calls.

Lesson: Do not trust unregulated brokers. They will do and say anything for their broker commission payment.

Locating a Safe Trading Broker?

Most of you are trying to wade through the trading platforms online without losing a large amount of money. The fact of the matter is… binary options are incredibly hard to make money with. For those of you that have been trading for awhile now, you know what we’re talking about! Binary options are very limited in their trade size and expiration times. It is quite easy to lose lots of money very quickly.

That is why we prefer forex trading. Our favorite forex broker is Tradeo. Social Trading with Tradeo offers a safe and regulated way to copy professional traders while learning how to trade!

If trading is NOT for you, please see our review on My Paying Ads, which is making a lot of money for a lot of people!

Is Rubix Project a Scam?

Rubix Project is a scam! There is no nice way of putting it. They continuously offer profits that can’t be proven and link their traders to unregulated and shady brokers.

Let’s recap the most important points!

1. Brian Morgan does not exist. The man pretending to be him is an actor as explained in the disclaimer.

2. One of the actors working with Rubix Project was also featured in the Sowelstace Financial scam. 

3. No real proof is given of winning trades or 10k daily returns. The “live trade” video is a demo account video doctored and edited by Porter Finance.

4. Users have reported a complete loss of investment within three days time. 

If you are looking for advice or help, please contact us or leave a comment below! Make sure to protect yourself and your financial and personal information while online. Do NOT trust anyone that contacts you via spam email concerning Rubix Project.

Alert: Rubix Project is sending mass amounts of email spam to thousands of people. Such emails will claim to “have the secret to making it rich” or “earning thousands of dollars by tomorrow.” Do not open or click on any links in these emails!

Thank you for reading our Rubix Project Review , Take care and be safe!

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    Please, can I invest in Thank you.

    • It looks like a new way of scamming people. I am sure they will pay you 2-3 times and then you won’t see a penny after that.

      I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to take risks.