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Hello, and welcome to our investigative report on the Rocketrade signal provider.

Rocketrade signals trader has been operating for just over 5 months now, which is more than enough time to draw some serious conclusions.

We hope you are reading this review before signing up because it could end up saving you quite a bit of money and frustration!

For the past few weeks, we have been talking to several of our readers that were testing this signal service.

The following report is the result of significant testing and research and should be weighed carefully.

If you have already been scammed by Rocketrade, please contact us for information on how to reclaim your money.

Is Rocketrade an Auto Trader?

Rocketrade is NOT an auto trader.

It is a binary options signal provider, which provides you with signals you must manually execute on your own.

This is what is referred to as a “manual signal service.”

The binary options industry is full of auto trading scams but finding a manual signal provider that actually works is also a challenge.

There are many downsides to a signal provider, one of which is that you must sit by your computer 24/7 waiting for signals to arrive.

However, the one benefit of taking your own signals is that you have full control over whether to attempt to save your trade, fence your trade, or skip the trade altogether.

With an auto trader you don’t have any choices.

How Does Rocketrade Work?

Rocketrade works by sending signals to your account. You can then choose whether or not to take that trade or pass on it.

The creators of the Rocketrade signal service claim to be using a top secret algorithm to generate their signals.

We are always leery of any system that claims to use a secret algorithm. Most of the time, this is just a fancy way of saying absolutely nothing.

We have reviewed countless binary options scams that have claimed to use a secret algorithm when in reality they are sending out random currencies and numbers just to make losing trades.

Is Rocketrade Free?

When you first open an account with Rocketrade, they will give you a demo account with a $500 bonus. This money can be used to place trades on demo mode with the signals provided.

This demo account and free signals remain free for 7 days.

After 7 days, you must open an account with a minimum of $250 with a broker they choose for you.

Rocketrade offers 3 different types of accounts. As you can see from the table below, only the first level is free.

After you have achieved a $7000 gain, you will need to spend $150 a month to continue to receive signals.

However, we have not been able to find any trader that has made 7k, and therefore there no proof that anyone has ever reached the “Trader Pro” level.


What Did Our Testers Discover with Rocketrade?

Over the past few months we had several of our readers sign up and deposit money with Rocketrade.

All of the people we emailed with shared one thing in common. They all told us that when their account was on demo mode, they received a very high ITM.

However, when they activated their real account and deposited money, the signals began to lose and their accounts were drained within 2 weeks time.

This seems incredibly suspicious.

We believe that Rocketrade gives good signals for their demo account users and then begins giving losing signals once the earn their trust.

In this way, Rocketrade is helping the brokers make more money by making sure their traders LOSE their money to the broker.

Rocketrade makes a commission sale each time someone opens a real account and deposits money.

Proof of Sucess with Rocketrade?

Towards the bottom of the website, Rocketrade shows off several photos of traders that have made money.

Our research quickly proved that these photos were not real. Each picture was a stock photo or a real picture stolen off the internet and given a fake name.

The photo below is of a man claiming to be: Mickael Tru


This is false. The real person pictured in this photo is actually Roger Bate.

Is Rocketrade a Scam?

We have proven that Rocketrade cannot be trusted for the following reasons:

1. Rocketrade fails to show any credible proof of winning trades.

2. All of their traders pictured are fake.

3. They purposefully give traders winning signals during the demo trial period to earn their trust and then losing trades with the real account.

4. Once the trial is over and the trader opens a real account, they quickly lose their money.

5. Rocketrade claims to have a “secret algorithm” which does not exist.

Verdict and Alternative to Rocketrade

Our conclusion is clear:

Rocketrade is a SCAM!

The good news is that there is a trading system that actually works, Social Trading with Tradeo.

We also recommend checking out My Paying Ads, which is a trusted system.

Please email us with any concerns or questions.

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