Robinhood.Global Review – Illegal HYIP Scam Exposed

If you want to invest online, you absolutely need to read our complete Robinhood.Global Review before joining! Our team investigated this pathetic HYIP scam and what we found out will shock you. They are nothing but a group of liars and thieves and you will regret ever signing up!

Many of you are most likely reading this after already losing your money. If so, please let us know so we can keep track of the victims of this malicious fraud. Robinhood Global HYIP scam is going viral and there will be more victims until we work as a team to shut them down.

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Robinhood.Global Review

Robinhood.Global Review

Robinhood Global scam is a basic high yield investment program that promises 17.5% ROI for a term of 9 weeks on every deposit. They claim to have a team of highly skilled professionals who manage the money by investing in various altcoin programs and then sharing the profits with you.

This all sounds like an amazing offer until you realize that they don’t offer any proof to back these claims. The internet is flooded with attractive investment offers. You can find hundreds of sites that look just like Robinhood Global HYIP just by knowing where to look. In order to gain your trust, any investment website should offer plenty of verifiable proof that there offer is legitimate.

Such proof can and should include an active Facebook group showing payment proofs, and review blogs that show real comments from users. Robinhood.Global scam lacks both of these things.

Worse yet, they have the audacity to pretend that their scam website it connected to a real and legitimate investment site called Robinhood. Please note: this is a fabrication and a lie. The two sites are not connected at all. One is a successful site for large investors and the other is a scam that will fall within six months.

The Facts

– Robinhood Global HYIP is a legal business registered in the UK. However, don’t let their legal status confuse you. They do not carry any regulations nor do they have insurance. This means that nobody polices them or checks on them to make sure they follow any rules. They are completely on their own and do not have anyone watching them for accuracy.

– The owner of Robinhood.Global Scam is anonymous. Whoever he is, he made sure you and I can’t track him down. Why? He clearly does not want any bad press when his business falls and scams hundreds of investors.

– The description of the website function is very vague and sounds identical to hundreds of scam sites. They claim that they have a highly skilled team that manages the funds. Why don’t they reveal the names of these people so we can verify their identity? This is not a good sign!

User Reviews

The most up to date review sites all say that Robinhood.Global is NOT paying. This information lines up with our own readers. We have had an overwhelming response from our readers that were either denied their withdrawal or told they had to put more money into their account in order to take a withdrawal.

Because there is no way of knowing who owns this site, we cannot contact him. This seems to be the reason he chose to hide his name. Only scam artists are afraid of the public finding out who they really are.

Legitimate Earning

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Is Robinhood.Global a Scam?

We do not support this website and we believe that Robinhood.Global is a scam. If you choose to invest with them, please do so at your own risk! Never invest more than you can afford to lose and never share your financial information over the phone with an unregulated site.

Stay safe online and as always…

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