Richmond Berks Review: Real Estate Ponzi Scam Stops Paying

If you are looking for a safe and trusted investment opportunity, do NOT waste your money on this useless piece of garbage. Our full and comprehensive Richmond Berks review exposes a dangerous and malicious scam designed to steal your money. is a scam website with nothing but layers upon layers of lies.

Worse yet, we have had reports from several of our readers that had their financial information hacked shortly after joining this website. We can’t say for sure if Richmond Berks is a fraud company that is out for your personal financial information, but it wouldn’t be the first time a Ponzi scheme has done so!

If you are one of the unlucky victims of this real estate scam, please contact us immediately. Because they are a fraudulent and dishonest company, we can advise you on steps you can take to get your money back!  We can also help you if you have been working with Nuvo Finance! Don’t be another one of their victims!

Fight back!

Let’s be honest. Nothing about Richmond Berks scam is real. Below, we will go step by step and destroy ALL of their lies.

Let’s get started!

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Richmond Berks Review

Richmond Berks Review

Before we expose the lies of Richmond Berks, we need to talk first about how they define their company.

Richmond Berks pretends to be a real estate investment corporation that buys properties at auction and then sells them for a massive profit. They also claim to be co-owned by two men: John Richmond and Klint Berks.

What do they offer?

Because they are making such “huge profits” they offer you, the small investor, the chance to make 1.4% daily ROI forever (or as long as the company lasts).

Before you get too excited, we need to stress that Richmond Berks is NOT paying. They are a scam website! How do we know?

Let’s look at the facts.

1. Richmond Berks claims to have two co-owners, John Richmond and Klint Berks. Neither of these men can be found online as owning anything. The site is registered anonymously using a fake address. It is a brand new site and has only been online for six months.

– The truth is that neither of these men is real. This entire story is nothing but a fake cover up to trick you into thinking they are a legitimate company. This entire business is less than a year old!

2. They claim to be making millions of dollars buying low-cost properties at auctions and then reselling them at a higher cost to make a profit. When you invest your money, you are “helping” them to buy these properties. They claim to employ a team of people who know how to find good deals in real estate and then somehow flip these properties for a higher value.

– The estimated value on the website is in the millions. How is a website that is less than a year old able to generate millions of dollars?

They aren’t.

Exposing the Truth is a ponzi scam. They do NOT invest in real estate? How are we so sure?

Richmond Berks is not registered as a licensed real estate developer. They do have a business registration from the UK. Most investment scams also have a registration in the UK. Why? Because registering a new business is as easy as 123. You fill out some papers and give your business a name. Done.

Lesson: Having a real business license does NOT mean your company is legitimate or successful. The UK does not monitor businesses. These registrations are done for tax purposes only.

The profits they offer are not coming from the sale of real estate. The money they pay on withdrawals is taken from the earlier investments of clients that invest after you. This is a typical Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. The top pays the bottom.

So what happens when the top runs out of money? When new clients stops joining the site, the owners will close the site down and run away with the remaining funds. This happens daily. In fact, we are positive that the owners of this scam are also managing several other HYIPs and Ponzi scams.

Proof of Scam

The real proof that Richmond Berks is lying is their “recently purchased objects” photos. In this section, they claim to show real properties of real estate that they have bought at auction and sold for a higher price. They even list the pretend profits.

Richmond Berks Scam

The first photo in the picture above is the CMA CGM office building. This is a world famous piece of architecture that is home to an international shipping company. They have NOT listed this property for sale at auction and they have not purchased it from Richmond Berks. This is a total lie.

The third photo is an abandoned factor that is a popular destination for bloggers and vloggers that enjoy exploring old dilapidated buildings that do not operate anymore. It has never been owned or managed by Richmond Berks.

Furthermore, ALL of the videos showing people giving raving reviews are actors from You can quickly locate all of their acting profiles if you do a quick search, as we did.

This is a simple scam guys! How is it done? Follow the below steps to make a financial scam of your own. (Warning: We will bust you!)

1. Invent a story… example: You are a highly successful car investor.

2. Create a website.

3. Tell people that if they invest a certain amount, you will give them an ROI (return on investment) that is tempting enough to lure them in.

4. Pay them the first withdrawal they request in hopes that you will gain their trust. This will make them deposit a larger sum.

5. Steal all future deposits and shut down their account if they complain.

The above template for creating your own scam is exactly what Richmond Berks has done.

User Reviews

We previously established that all of the videos from users are actors. So is anyone making real money with Richmond Berks?

Yes and No.

As we said above, they are paying the first withdrawals as long as they are small amounts. Most people want to try out the website to make sure their money is safe before investing a large sum. Richmond Berks understands this and will most likely approve the first withdrawal in order to gain your trust.

We have not heard that anyone is making large withdrawals. Most people we talked to our still waiting for their big amounts and have opened disputes in their various payment processors.

If you want to invest in Richmond Berks, please do so at your own risk. However, we DO NOT recommend it. They have lied about the nature of their business as well as shown photos of properties that they do NOT own. This is not the sign of a long term trustworthy company.

Safe Investing?

Our blog deals with financial scams each and every day. We aren’t professionals but we have been around this business a long time and have learned valuable lessons.

If you want to earn online, you need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But it’s not all up to chance. You can avoid being scammed entirely if you follow our simple steps to protect your money.

1. Always use a bank or payment processor that will protect your money if you lose it to a scam.

2. Do not invest with any website that does not have real user reviews online. Actors in youtube videos don’t qualify. You need to read real comments!

3. Look for a transparent Facebook group or blog that will tell the truth without using an affiliation link!

4. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

5. If you are scammed, call your bank and report the transaction as fraud. Demand that they open a dispute for you!

If you have read all of these and still want to invest, please take a look at our TOP 3 programs below! We fully support these sites as they meet all of our checks.

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Is Richmond Berks a Scam?

After reading this review you should agree that is a scam.

Thousand of Ponzi schemes come online each year. If you find one, let us know! We make it our personal business to bust scams! Join us in the fight!

If you have any questions or need help, please send us a message. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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