Real Profits scam review

Real Profits scam review.

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Real Profit just launched today. It is the newest binary options trading software scam from the same person that brought us The Aussie Method Scam. Real Profit software is a fully auto trading software developed by someone with the fake name of “Anthony DiFranco”. This is the same person that developed The Aussie Method, however he was using the fake name of Jake Pertu back then.

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Anthony DiFranco claims to have spent months developing this software with the top traders in the industry. He spends the majority of the video telling you about all the beautiful things you can buy for yourself when you become rich. Real Profits claims that they will take a small percentage of your winning trades as a payment for their software. Nowhere do they list what percentage this is! Never fear, they won’t take any, because you won’t be making any.

There is a running tab on the top of the website that shows you how much profit his traders have generated. This amount continues growing by leaps and bounds even when the markets are all closed. How is that possible? It’s not possible. This is just one proof that Real Profits is a scam. If you don’t believe me, let the webpage sit for awhile and then take note of the amount. Reload your page and see that the profit will go back down to the original amount. This is a complete scam.

Real Profits also has a cute little fake Facebook comment page and a fake Twitter comment page. Both of these are fake. When you click on it, it takes you to a webpage unrelated to Facebook or Twitter. They were so lazy they even duplicated some of the comments as seen below in this screenshot we took.

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The offer is straight forward. Sign up with their broker, deposit $250, began making profits of $14,000 a day! Except that it’s all lies. Real Profit is making money off of affiliation sales with the broker you will sign up with. For each of you they get to sign up, they make a minimum of $250 from the broker off of you!

The screen shots are fake, the reviews from Facebook and Twitter are fake, and Real Profits was created by the same person who has put out at least one other well known binary options scam.

Just like The Aussie Method, the creators of Real Profits will make you lose your money. Give them a few months and they’ll be back with a new surefire way to steal your money!