Razzleton Review – IS razzleton.com Trustworthy Or Scam HYIP

Razzleton Review 

Hi! Below you will find a comprehensive article exposing the truth behind this “medical investment firm.”

It is important for you to read our findings before investing with this malicious hoax.

What appears to be a legitimate pharmaceutical company is actually a huge sham.

While reading the following review, please keep in mind that most scams we bust are all made to appear very authentic to the common eye.

It’s only when digging deep and taking a closer look, do we find the truth of what lies under the facade.

Official Website: https://razzleton.com


What is Razzleton?

The website listed above, claims that they are a pharmaceutical investment company who produces and sells medical grade pharmaceutical drugs.

We have not found a shred of evidence to support this assertion.

A real pharm company as large as Razzleton should be easily found on sites like Wikipedia and other medical journal websites.

Razzleton is completely unheard of in medical circles.

Without any real proof that Razzleton is a true medical pharmaceutical company, we have no reason to believe they are.

Numerous websites online are also calling their story out as being fake.

Investing with Razzleton: Is razzleton.com a HYIP?

Razzleton.com offers 9 different high yield investment plans.


The ROI (Return On Investment) of these plans has a range of 2.1% to 5,000%.

Returns of such a large amounts are the very definition of a HYIP.  They are NOT sustainable long term.

Razzleton is essentially offering to take your money and invest it on an unnamed pharm drug and then give you back some of the profit.

It is very dubious that never at any point does Razzleton reveal any of the names of the drugs they claim to be investing in or producing.

Scrolling through the website, you will find a severe shortage of useful information regarding much of anything.

The entire website has a very generic feel, almost as if the person who created it was inventing a fake company. (which in fact they were)

Is Razzleton Paying?

After speaking to numerous users of this investment platform, and reading other reviews online, we have come to the conclusion that Razzleton is paying on small withdrawals.

To appear legitimate and to trick as many new investors as possible, they always pay on smaller amounts for new customers.

This way, a new client will believe the platform is truly working and then deposit a great sum of money.

Every single person we spoke to told us that Razzleton paid their first small withdrawal and refused the rest.

The typical response when you request a larger withdrawal is to please reinvest your earnings to get an even bigger payout.

Several people we talked to were tricked into reinvesting their earnings without ever actually withdrawing it.

These people were the lucky ones. Others were tricked into investing new money from their own pocket, which was never seen again.

We could not find a single person that has ever received a larger payout from this company, only small amounts under $10 were ever given.

Worse yet, the investors we spoke with claimed that Razzleton scam closed their account and blocked their access from their account after several attempts to get their withdrawal processed and sent to them.

This is extremely troubling! If this has happened to you, please contact us for our advice on how to get your money back.

Is razzleton.com a Scam?

It is our belief and the belief of many others that the Razzleton scam investment firm is 100% fake.

They are collecting money from new investors and conniving them into depositing even more with promises of future withdrawals that never come.

The following facts can be clearly demonstrated that make Razzleton a scam.

1. Razzleton has no connection to any real pharmaceutical company. The Razzleton Health Care Limited is NOT real!

2. Razzleton scam is a HYIP that offer an ROI that is much too high to sustain long term.

3. There is so verified proof that Razzleton has ever paid out anything higher than $10 withdrawals. They have repeatedly denied higher payouts and closed accounts of those that don’t stop asking.

If you chose to invest with Razzleton, please kiss your money goodbye. You will not see it again.

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  • tony

    good read.

  • Dariusz Adamski


    More than 14 days are not paid% do not return deposits!!!

    We encourage you to avoid RazzletOn and do not prompt other persons to invest their money in the company!!!

    Сompany RazzletOn: illegal financial scheme!!!

    • Thank you Dariusz. We are also getting emails about it. How much have you lose if you don’t mind my asking?

      Btw, for those who want’s an alternative. I’de recommend you to check out our social trading if you want something legit that is proven to work.

      • Rasius Briedis

        Please can you help me to get my money back from Razzleton…

    • Tango

      I know they will never pay because the interval they give u to collect your money when u paid into their system is enough for them to gather investors money and run away.

  • Pascari Petru

    Admin hello i just registered on tradeo.com and i want to make sure i did it correct so when i deposit i get the name of your profitable trader, can you help me please? Thank you!

    • Hi! Everything looks good! We sent you and email. 🙂

      • Pascari Petru

        Yes ive received your email and found the traders, thank you very much ill post what results i get

      • Wealthy Oceanic

        Please Admin, could you send me ur email

  • Still paying! We highly recommend it!

  • Yvette

    Hello admin anything on alibabainv.com

    • Hello Yvette. No we don’t have a review for them at the moment. But we will do it today or tomorrow hopefully. Stay tuned and subscribe to our website to receive an email update when we review it.

  • soufiane sahraoui

    Thanks a lot sir.
    But what do you think about the company https://www.merchantshares.co ?

  • Gunawan Prasetio

    I want to invest into some sites: biteminer.com, hasheer.com, hashflare.io and I want to ask, the three sites, which are safe and not safe for me to follow?

    • Hello Gunawan. All of tese sites are well known bitcoin mining Co . They are safe.

      However I would like to inform you that bitcoin mining is a waste of time and with cloud mining its a waste of money as well. If you would like to invest with bitcoin, MyPayingCryptoAds is the way to go. It’s easy,fast, and fun!

  • Peter

    Please I want to ask Is moneyrift still paying?

    • Hello Peter, we are going to write a review for it. But for a quick answer to your question, please do not signup with moneyrift

      • Ramu Rasa

        hello admin, plz send me the genuine paying sites.. thanks.

  • Peter

    Please I really want to find out if hasheer.com is really ok.

    • They are a scam. They will not last for a long time.

      • Peter

        It seems all the sites are fraud. What then is really safe to invest in?

        • Hi Peter – There are a lot of scams out there! I invite you to check out Tradeo. It’s a legitimate way to make money online. I’m putting the link below, let me know if you have any questions!


          • Peter

            What guarantee do I have that tradeo like you call it is not also a scam?

          • Hello Peter. Tradeo is a regulated broker. They have regulations in the UK and Cyprus. They are not scammers.

          • Peter

            Pls I need help how can I get my money back from solidcoins.biz? I have a toatal investment of 0.02btc

          • Send us an email and we will try to help you.

          • Peter

            Pls how do I send the mail, and to which address d I send it to?

          • There are many ways to contact us! There’s a ” Contact Us Page” top right side of the website.

            And Message us at the bottom. And you can reach us on [email protected]
            [email protected]

            Choose what you like and send us your queries. Thanks!

  • Tango

    Why isn’t everyone just using something that actually works… Tradeo has been the only thing that worked for me!

  • Agnieszka Nowak

    Razzleton paing! I recieved my profit every day!
    Please find information about company in other blogs and monitors.

    • Hello, Agnieszka. As we said, these HYIPs are only paying small amounts. Yesterday we had a guy from Nigeria asking us to help him. He was scammed for ₦2.15Million Naira. I think it’s between 7,000 to $8,000 USD.

      This is how HYIP companies work. They lure in people, they keep paying them 5-6 times to make people trust them. Once the user deposits a big amount, he will never receive a withdrawal.

  • zulhilmi

    what about this guy admin?..is it scammers?

    • Hi Zulhilmi – I’m not sure if the guy in the video is lying or what exactly, but Razelton is NOT paying. We have gotten so many emails from people who lost their money or requested a withdrawal and never got it. I don’t recommend trusting anyone who is saying these things because they are most likely looking for a commission payment only. I removed the link in your comment for safety reasons!

  • ark

    Hello, is merchant shares genuine?

    • You can see our merchant shares review here binaryscamwatchmonitor.com/merchant-shares-review-is-it-scam/

  • Hi! Thanks for asking. 428 limited is a scam!

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  • Anze

    Hi there. I’d like to ask, is Recyclix a scam? and another question. I’m also asking about Richmond Berks, is it legit or scam?

    • Recyclix is not a scam. As for Richmond, they are not an online investment, so we don’t have information about them.

  • It’s fishy. I would not put my money in it.

  • Please send us the link to Richmond investment website to our email [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Please send me an email with the url of this site so I can see what I have on it!

    [email protected]

  • Monica Hernandez

    Hi I would like to know if TwoBitcoin is scam or not?

  • Yes, this company is NOT paying. We are releasing a full review on them later this week, but do NOT join!

    Try My Paying Ads instead!


  • Erin Kelly Booth

    Thank you so much for the review, Admin! I thought they looked too good to be true, and apparently are (Razzleton).

    I will go with Tradeo within the next couple of weeks, and will definitely contact you once I do, for that trader you recommend on review about Tradeo (another gem of a review, thank you!).

    I cannot believe the scams going on out there! I have only “fell” for two, but thank goodness I only lost less than $40 total. Ugh. Any kind of loss is terrible, especially when you have financial goals.

    By the way, do you know anything about http://www.ethtrade.org? I didn’t see any reviews on your site, but thought I would ask you .

    Thanks so much, Admin! You are awesome!

    – Erin.

    • Hi Erin – ethtrade.org is a scam!

      I hope you do try Tradeo! You won’t be disapointed! Please contact us before you sign up so we can give you the steps to follow in order to get our traders and settings!

  • viper11376

    Hi, i’d like to try tradeo as well, can you pls guide me through to have the most out of it and have the optimal settings? thanks!

  • 김정식

    anybody get return of plan 1000%?

  • Kochulem Evans

    i dont invest in HYIPS i prefer to trade in forex market on my own.

  • Yes, they are scammers.

  • Ibrohim Azuddin

    yes . Razzelton deleted my account.. im dead seriously.. i almost make a deposite about 5 month.. lastly after you make a large deposite then they will delete your account.. they just told open with new browser.. fucking scammers.

    Thanks for warning people BSWM.

  • sabit

    Is there any legal any companies to invest. Where We are secure?

  • Jose Arvizu

    Thanks for the warning, I almost invest in this thing

  • Deyaa Badr

    So here I am; a victim of Razzleton trap .. Is there any way to get my funds back ??

  • Erin Kelly Booth

    Another disappointing HYIP that is NOT paying!

    Thank you so much for your review on CM Trading! It’s the best system I have worked with!

  • phamhai

    hello! Is RichmondBerks scam or not?

  • Akanbi Omotosho

    Is Coinpocket not a BIG SCAM?
    I will be confirming this statement soon.
    I made an Investment of 0.20 BTC with this special par-to-pair
    platform. The Investment was to grow 100% in 15 days.
    After 15days of my Investment I did not have anything.
    Reply to my ticket to support was that I should recommit by paying
    an equivalent of 1st Investment to double.
    We are still communicating..
    I will reach back here next week

    • Hi! Sounds like you have been the victim of a scam! We will be releasing our review of this HYIP soon!

  • ade

    Razzleton is not even a big but BIGGEST scam,The word big is an understatement.

  • Vimal Yadav

    How can i back my Money????

  • Nara Victor

    Admin what about Viriona.com?

    • They do not have any social media presence or any proof that they are paying. So I would not join if I were you.

  • Nara Victor

    Which investments sites or companies do you recommend as NOT SCAM and trustworthy as ADMIN. Thanks

  • barkatco

    I have invested in USI-Tech who claim to return back 40% in the form of bit coin and I have bought their 4 pack after reinvesting. In last week of October I have requested with drawl which I did not receive yet. I have sent them many supporting tickets, but I did not get any solution. Now USI TECH is not giving me permission to log in my account. can any person help me?