Razzleton Review – IS razzleton.com Trustworthy Or Scam HYIP

Razzleton Review 

Hi! Below you will find a comprehensive article exposing the truth behind this “medical investment firm.”

It is important for you to read our findings before investing with this malicious hoax.

What appears to be a legitimate pharmaceutical company is actually a huge sham.

While reading the following review, please keep in mind that most scams we bust are all made to appear very authentic to the common eye.

It’s only when digging deep and taking a closer look, do we find the truth of what lies under the facade.

Official Website: https://razzleton.com


What is Razzleton?

The website listed above, claims that they are a pharmaceutical investment company who produces and sells medical grade pharmaceutical drugs.

We have not found a shred of evidence to support this assertion.

A real pharm company as large as Razzleton should be easily found on sites like Wikipedia and other medical journal websites.

Razzleton is completely unheard of in medical circles.

Without any real proof that Razzleton is a true medical pharmaceutical company, we have no reason to believe they are.

Numerous websites online are also calling their story out as being fake.

Investing with Razzleton: Is razzleton.com a HYIP?

Razzleton.com offers 9 different high yield investment plans.


The ROI (Return On Investment) of these plans has a range of 2.1% to 5,000%.

Returns of such a large amounts are the very definition of a HYIP.  They are NOT sustainable long term.

Razzleton is essentially offering to take your money and invest it on an unnamed pharm drug and then give you back some of the profit.

It is very dubious that never at any point does Razzleton reveal any of the names of the drugs they claim to be investing in or producing.

Scrolling through the website, you will find a severe shortage of useful information regarding much of anything.

The entire website has a very generic feel, almost as if the person who created it was inventing a fake company. (which in fact they were)

Is Razzleton Paying?

After speaking to numerous users of this investment platform, and reading other reviews online, we have come to the conclusion that Razzleton is paying on small withdrawals.

To appear legitimate and to trick as many new investors as possible, they always pay on smaller amounts for new customers.

This way, a new client will believe the platform is truly working and then deposit a great sum of money.

Every single person we spoke to told us that Razzleton paid their first small withdrawal and refused the rest.

The typical response when you request a larger withdrawal is to please reinvest your earnings to get an even bigger payout.

Several people we talked to were tricked into reinvesting their earnings without ever actually withdrawing it.

These people were the lucky ones. Others were tricked into investing new money from their own pocket, which was never seen again.

We could not find a single person that has ever received a larger payout from this company, only small amounts under $10 were ever given.

Worse yet, the investors we spoke with claimed that Razzleton scam closed their account and blocked their access from their account after several attempts to get their withdrawal processed and sent to them.

This is extremely troubling! If this has happened to you, please contact us for our advice on how to get your money back.

Is razzleton.com a Scam?

It is our belief and the belief of many others that the Razzleton scam investment firm is 100% fake.

They are collecting money from new investors and conniving them into depositing even more with promises of future withdrawals that never come.

The following facts can be clearly demonstrated that make Razzleton a scam.

1. Razzleton has no connection to any real pharmaceutical company. The Razzleton Health Care Limited is NOT real!

2. Razzleton scam is a HYIP that offer an ROI that is much too high to sustain long term.

3. There is so verified proof that Razzleton has ever paid out anything higher than $10 withdrawals. They have repeatedly denied higher payouts and closed accounts of those that don’t stop asking.

If you chose to invest with Razzleton, please kiss your money goodbye. You will not see it again.

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