Rapidminers.com Review – Fake Hyip Scam Exposed In Details!

Yet another mining site has opened up, and before you join, you need to read our critical Rapidminers.com Review. In our report below, we have exposed this nasty fake mining site for the scam that it is. If you are want to avoid being scammed, do NOT join this site. There are better options!

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Official Website: https://rapidminers.com/

Rapidminers.com Review

Rapidminers.com Review

Rapindminers.com is a Bitcoin mining site that allows you to purchase Ghs and then earn a percentage of money based on what you have purchased. The profits range from 3%-7% daily and once they expire, you would need to re-purchase more Ghs in order to keep earnings.

This all sounds pretty good, but is it legitimate? We believe that RapidMiners is a scam and nothing more than a devious Ponzi scheme designed to trick you into buying fake Ghs. How do we know? Let’s examine the evidence!

The Facts

Before you invest in a Bitcoin mining site, you need to examine the facts to make sure they are based in reality. As you know, anyone with wifi access can design a simple website and claim to be mining BTC or Ethreum. There are thousands of scam sites online today and nobody is monitoring them! You just CANNOT believe everything you see online.

WARNING! It has been brought to our attention that another fake mining site has also been linked to RapidMiners. We believe the owners are one and the same. Please see our Vixice.com Review for further details.

Let’s go over what the website tells us and match it up to our investigation.

Firstly, this site does not offer any protection against hacking or viruses. The site is completely unprotected, which means your financial and personal information that you give them is also not safe. For that reason alone, we would NEVER recommend using this site. But there’s a lot more…

1. Who owns and operates RapidMiners scam?

The owner has chosen not to reveal his name. This means that he has deliberately kept his name off this business. There’s really no reason for him to do this other than because he’s worried he will get caught in his scam. Never trust a site that doesn’t reveal their owner!

2. Is Rapidminers.com scam regulated?

No! Rabipdminers.com HYIP is not regulated. This means that there is NO financial oversite happening nor anywhere to report fraud. They don’t have to follow any rules and nobody is checking on them to make sure they are legitimate and fair. It also means that nobody has ever PROVEN that they mine Cryptocurrency.

3. Is Rapidminers HYIP scam paying?

After hearing from several of our readers, we can officially declare that Rapidminers.com is NOT paying. Almost everyone reported that their account was closed shortly after depositing. When they contact customer support they were blocked from the chat and not responded to. If you have already lost your money with this site and hope to get it back, it doesn’t appear that will be a possibility.

Is RapidMiners a Ponzi scheme?

The site claims to be a crypto-currency mining business that allows you to purchase Ghs. But is this real? Unfortunately, we have NO evidence to prove that this site is involved in a real crypto mining business.

– A real crypto mining site will provide the physical address that the mining takes place at. This is a simple thing to provide and doesn’t take any effort. Yet, examine RapidMiners.com scam and you will clearly see they have NOT given any locations of their mining projects.

This presents a large problem for verifying their credibility. Without the location of any real mining projects, we can safely assume they don’t actually own any. So why would they lie about mining?

Thousands of scam HYIP websites open each year. They all claim to be investing in something or mining something. In reality, they are just “fishing sites”. They are fishing for customers (money) with a fake lure. They lure people into their site with false promises and fraudulent stories.

After they get a large customer base, they collect all of the money they can and keep it. They shut their site down and take the money and keep it for themselves. This happens over and over again, each and every day. As soon as one site shuts down, they create a new one and start fishing again. It’s wrong and evil.

However, sometimes these sites actually pay a few withdrawals. They do this by recycling money from one deposit into another person’s withdrawal. This is called the Ponzi method. It is highly illegal when hidden in lies. These small websites that operate outside of the US and UK are rarely investigated and never prosecuted, which makes it a playground for scammers.

Don’t become one of their next victims! Educate yourself and do your own research!

Let’s Make Money!

If you are one of the millions of people trying to earn money online, you are clearly not alone! Earning living online offers a life of freedom and opportunity! Don’t fall for the idea that you can become an instant millionaire in a few weeks by signing up to some software or high yield investment Ponzi scheme site. These types of earning programs will always scam you!

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Is RapidMiners.com a Scam?

RapidMiners scam is NOT a real mining project. They are merely a Ponzi scheme hiding behind lies. The owner has hidden his identiy so his name remains clear. If you think this sounds like a good investment site, think again! Don’t do it!

Rapidminers.com is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. If you have any questions regarding good investments or need help researching a website, please send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help out!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!



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