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DESCRIPTION: Newly released a few days ago is a dangerous and crafty new scam. It didn’t take us more than 3 hours to determine that this new trading method was full of holes…

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Quick Cash Method Scam Review. Newly released a few days ago is a dangerous and crafty new scam. It didn’t take us more than 3 hours to determine that this new trading method was full of holes. Stay far away from the Quick Cash Method scam before you become one of the many victims they have already roped in. If you have already been scammed by this nasty system, please email us and we can advise you as to how to get your money back!
Official Website: http://www.quickcashmethod.net/

Michael Thompson; A Scam Artist!

Michael Thompson is a self proclaimed “elite binary options trader” for the last 9 years! It’s interesting then that nobody in the binary options trading world has heard of him, especially given that he’s claiming 8 years of elite history! Most “elite binary options traders” have websites, trading seminars, FB groups, and fan clubs. This guy has none of those. He doesn’t have any educational videos or workshops and he certainly doesn’t have a Facebook group. Apart from the Quick Cash Method, he’s never been heard of before.

Quick Cash Method Scam

Quick Cash Method Scam

This man is an actor, and this is nothing but a run of the mill actor scam. He was hired by a production company to portray the creator of Quick Cash Method. Why? Because these people can’t put their real name or face behind Quick Cash Method scam out of fear of being caught. To protect yourself whilst trading, please READ THIS!

“I never lose!”

As we mentioned above, the Quick Cash Method is not an auto trader. However, it is a “copy trader” which is almost the same thing. The major difference is that instead of a software placing trades for you, a real person is placing trades which your account than copies. In this case, Michael Thompson claims that he will be the one executing all the trades, and you’ll simply be copying them. This sounds a lot like the concept behind the best trading platform on the market, SEE HERE!

This sounds like a great idea for someone with an actual verified trading profile. But Michael Thompson is not a real person and has no trading information to back up his claim. In fact, he goes so far as to say, “I never lose!” This is impossible. Even the best traders of all time will lose. This guy is lying through his teeth. You can view this lie for yourself at time stamp, 8:54.

Automated Binary Options Trading Exposed!

One thing we did like about the Quick Cash Method was that they stand in opposition to automated trading softwares, as do we. For the most part, they don’t work. Most auto trading softwares are scams, READ HERE!

Instead of an auto trader, the Quick Cash Method forces you to sit in front of the computer and take trades one by one on your own, copying the signals of Michael Thompson. This is incredibly time consuming and if you don’t have all day to sit around, you’ll miss most of the trades.

Demo Account Scam; A Crafty Trick

“Michael Thompson” goes to great lengths to show us that his trades are all winners but giving us a short demonstration. Two things stand out here. Firstly, how is Michael Thompson choosing signals that he claims to be making himself? It is clear that he is actually choosing the signals to copy, but as he is the trader himself, when did he place the trade for the software to give as an option? ¬†Shouldn’t he be reading the charts and making the signals instead of copying a trade that he himself should have made?

This all is a huge manipulation tactic. Any new trader might find this to be legitimate, but to a savvy trader is actually laughable. Secondly, it doesn’t take long to realize this entire demonstration is itself a fake! On the disclaimer page for Quick Cash Method, it is revealed that the demonstration is fake and intended for marketing purposes only. Do people actually read the disclaimer? Most do not. This is almost identical to another recent scam, READ HERE!

Guaranteed $5,000 a day!

Firstly, no signal system can give you a guarantee. Let’s keep in mind that the system Quick Cash Method is using is that of a fake “elite trader” who nobody has ever heard of before. This does not lend much confidence to the “no losses guarantee” or the “5k a day” claim. Neither of these can be verified or proven and we can assure you that they are both lies. This reminds us of a scam we recently reviewed, SEE HERE!

I want to make money trading!

If you are like most of our readers, you are just looking for a legitimate system to make money with. The best system to trade with online is Social Trading with Tradeo. Read that review HERE.

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