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Quantum Code Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just finished a comprehensive scam review and investigation into the newest viral scam offer to be released from the binary options industry. Quantum Code is undertaking a heavy email campaign which is spamming thousands of traders with their scam offer, including inboxes of vulnerable people, like the poor and elderly who are most at risk for being scammed. Help us stop these devious scammers right in their tracks by not letting them continue to profit off their lies. Please read this review and share it with anyone you know that is interested in investing their hard earned money with Quantum Code.

Official Website: http://thequantumcode.net/

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DESCRIPTION: Quantum Code is no different than a regular fraudulent Binary Options auto trader. All you have to do is just signup and deposit the minimum amount into their recommended shady brokers and you will be able to activate the software and lose your entire balance…

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How Quantum Code Works ?

Quantum Code is no different than a regular fraudulent Binary Options auto trader. All you have to do is just signup and deposit the minimum amount into their recommended shady brokers and you will be able to activate the software and lose your entire balance.

Is It Free Of Cost ?

Well, its considered to be free of cost, however in order for you to get it, you will have to open up an account with their unregulated brokers and deposit $250 – $300 this amount is yours to keep and trade with it using their software.

Is Quantum Code a Scam?

Michael Crawford is the self-proclaimed CEO and creator of the Quantum Code club. That is where the lie starts and where it also ends. Quantum Code doesn’t have a CEO, because Quantum Code is not a real and regulated business. Furthermore, Michael Crawford is not a real person, he’s simply an actor hired to sell the Quantum Code scam. The airplane is a rental, the house, the cars and the office are all movie sets. Everything out of Michael Crawford’s mouth is a complete lie.

We researched both the legal status of Quantum Code as well as the CEO, Michael Crawford. What we found was very troubling. There is virtually no information available to verify. The Quantum Code website was just put online a few days ago, which means it is brand spanking new. No financial or trading institution has any information on them. Despite their extremely lofty claims of success and making hundreds of millionaires, Quantum Code seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

The main claim to fame of Quantum Code is that it’s fast. Yes, that’s the extent of their claim. Michael Crawford tells us that his automated trading software is better than all the other software’s on the market because they use “quantum speed”. Because of this “quantum speed” they can now predict winning trades 10 times faster than any other software on the market. This speed is able to produce 100% perfect results with a 100% guarantee.

You may have heard about me in Forbes magazine.

We’ll give you two guesses as to who has never heard of Michael Crawford. If you guessed “Forbes magazine” you win! Forbes magazine and Forbes.com have both never heard of Michael Crawford. Neither has anyone else. Don’t be tricked into believing this joker is for real just because he has the ability to read off the lines to a prewritten script. Please go to 1:25 to hear this lie for yourself.

Let’s break this down. “Michael Crawford” is not a real person as we explicitly revealed above. Because Michael Crawford is not a real person, and just an actor, it also follows that all of the claims he makes about himself are false. Some of these claims are incredibly easy to disprove. If you go to the Forbes website and type in “Michael Crawford” you will be met with nothing. He doesn’t exist there. According to him, he is very famous in the financial markets, but he’s simply not. It’s all a lie.

The disgusting thing is that “Michael Crawford” continues to lie about his infamy in Forbes several times through out the video. Once was clearly not enough for him, he has to keep repeating the lie over and over. Each time it he says it, it grates a bit more on our nerves.

Changing your life with this system doesn’t you to invest a single penny. Big Lie!

In order to use the Quantum Code system, you will be required to invest $250 or more into the broker of their choice. That broker will then offer you a shady and dishonest bonus for signing up. This bonus will make you feel as if you didn’t really invest anything, but you did. Not only do you absolutely have to invest money into the software in order to get it to trade, you will absolutely lose that money within a few days. Every single person that has emailed us about this system has lost their entire investment as well as their deposit bonus.

Quantum Code is 100% guaranteed for life. Not true!

Firstly, there are no guarantees in binary options. None. No matter how believable the presentation is or isn’t, the face still remains that no binary options system can give you a guarantee. We like to say that the only guarantee is the fact that there aren’t any guarantees. Not only does Quantum Code claim to have 100% success, they also claim that this will last for life. This makes the entire lie even more outrageous. What if the market crashes again? Are they ignoring the very real possibility of a world event or major news event that will drastically effect the market? Of course not. They are just opening their mouth and letting words fall out. Words that have no meaning and no place in the real world.

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Quantum Code Conclusion and Recommendations

Quantum Code is a scam. The evidence is clear, yet sadly so many traders will fall into their trap and get scammed. This is happening on a global level and it’s maddening. These scammers aren’t being held to any government laws because they all include very detailed disclaimers on their websites that admit that everything they are saying is false. This is the way they can easily avoid lawsuits. It is up to you as the trader to investigate each binary options system before turning over your money.

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  • sonif65

    I watched about half of the video out of curiosity after getting an email stating I had been chosen for a ‘job’. It was my day off and I was just checking my inbox.
    My SCAM radar went off when the testimonial live calls went to an English bloke and an Aussie guy who both had questionable accents and ways that they pronounced the scripted words – actors? Very cheap ones!
    I then decided to google Michael Crawford and the Quantum Code and found this review.
    Great work. I hope more people get to read this before parting with their hard earned cash.

  • Ailsa Haydari

    People who even think that they can become rich within minutes are poor delusional people, life is a bitch hard and ugly when comes to money. I never win anything in my life nor expect to win ever, I work hard everyday also at home but that’s life we have to be realistic, I straight look for reviews about this guy as I knew that it’s a huge scam. Please read the reviews before you do anything and always be suspicious and stay alert!

  • John Saggese

    Thanks to all of you for your info on this, I also like yourselves had a feeling that it was a possible scam, but curious to understand what it is.
    I also have worked hard my whole life, but sometimes life hits us with some unfortunate twists and turns.
    I am 57 now and having to start again. So open to all ideas, but again like yourselves and a Brit having lived in Aus, found the accents ridiculous and the tone of the rehearsed pitches a little lame. I did a few searches on the internet starting off with the Forbes site and then looking for scams for this Quantum Code, also came across this article and forum.

    Thank you for having put this out there.
    One good thing did come from this and it was a quote from Sir Richard Branson, “Always look for the best in people as it will draw out good and positive things in you”

    Thanks and have a good day

    John Saggese