Quantum Cash Machine Review – Is It A Scam?

Before we start this Quantum Cash Machine review, we have a disclaimer- you might notice a striking resemblance with one of our other reviews. Because Quick Cash Machine and Profits 4 Patriots are not just simply connected, they are one and the same thing. A scam done by the same person, in the same office, and as you might have guessed, different names. Sometimes we think the popularity and interest in binary options is what makes these scammers so confident that they believe they can do their fraud, even in a shoddy manner and get away with it. But we are here to protect you; it is why we debunk all their lies and claims as well as throw light on their fake software.

Official Website: http://www.quantumcashmachine.com/

Quantum Cash Machine Review

 Quantum Cash Machine Review

If making $12,000 a week is something that interests you, then you are the person Chris Barnes, the CEO of Quantum Cash Machine, is looking for. Chris claims that that is the amount you will make each and every week for the rest of your life using his groundbreaking software, the first of its kind to use the Alpha Algorithm. Connected to all stock markets in the world, the Quantum Cash Machine tracks and analyses live data and information that may have an impact on over 200 tradable assets.

It scrutinizes over 900,000 financial reports and alerts, filters through thousands of possible trade setups, and only executes 30 of the best high probability trades on your trading account. Yes, using its artificial intelligence algorithm, Quantum Cash Machine will pick a maximum of only 30 of the best trades in any given trading day. This will protect your capital and make you tons of money, right? Wrong! Chris can blather on all his imaginations and inventions, but the bottom line is that Quantum Cash Machine is a Scam! This scam was designed to only swindle traders, and make absolutely no money for them.

Chris Barnes the CEO of Quantum Cash  

Chris Barnes is the CEO of Quantum Cash Machine, but if you like, you can also call him Douglas Ward. That is the name he goes by in the other scam software that he participated in. He is even careless enough to do the two videos in the same office, prattling on different fancy stories. He may be just a paid up actor or the scam perpetrator, but what this proves is that Quantum Cash Machine should not be given any iota of trust. Chris Barnes is not a real person, but just a fictional personality. He is no successful trader, and what he presents in the introductory video are just pure fabrications.

User Reviews?

Aside from Chris constantly reminding you that soon you will be churning out consistent profits of $12,000 a week, there are 2 fake actors that he tags along. The two claim to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they have only been utilizing the system for only a few weeks. As expected, before meeting Chris, they knew nothing at all about trading binary options, but their lives have now been transformed using the Quantum Cash Mdachine. Like Chris, these are just paid up actors, and not the new millionaires that they claim.


Even worse are the written testimonials on the landing page of the Quantum Cash Machine website. The scammers took random photos of smiling people from shutter stock modeling pages, and scribed fake testimonials beside them. The poor owners of the photos do not even know that they have been used to endorse a cybercrime. These scammers can really go to great lengths to swindle you.

How Quantum Cash Machine Works?

Forget about all the drivel on how Quantum Cash Machine uses artificial intelligence algorithms and quantum technology to help beat the markets with perfect accuracy; because all that is fantasy. Quantum Cash Machine is simply a scam perpetrated by unethical brokers and cheered on by dishonorable affiliate marketers. If you show interest in using their software, they will dupe you into depositing money into their recommended broker, with the promise of receiving ‘money minting’ Quantum Cash Machine software for free. When you deposit money into ‘your’ trading account (is it even your trading account?), you will have successfully parted ways with your hard earned capital.

Is Quantum Cash Machine a Scam?

Yes, the QCM  is a scam.

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In all ways and angles, the Quantum Cash Machine software an out-and-out scam. The face that promotes the software is also involved in another scam that we have exposed in this review, which means we are dealing with a well-organized and harmonized scam network. Quantum Cash Machine will not make you money, and if you risk associating with them, you will be joining a long list of victims that have been ripped off their hard-earned money.     

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