Pump Trades Scam Reviews

Pump Trades Scam Review. Pump Trades is going viral! Read this review to see if Pump Trades is a scam or legit. In our review we found plenty of evidence that Pump Trades is a scam so beware and read this before investing!

Pump Trades is a Scam or Legit?

Pump Trades Scam Reviews

Pump Trades Scam Reviews, Is Pump Trades a Scam or legit

Pump Trades is a hyped up viral offer being sent to thousands of emails as we speak. We took a look at it to see what they are claiming and if their offer sounds legit. Pump Trades doesn’t offer too much of a back story about their software. They have a voice over actor reading a pre written script telling a very vague story about his trading success. Alex Stewart is the name of the CEO of Pump Trades. We’re not sure if that name is supposed to ring any bells, because Alex Stewart is unheard of and has no credibility online. His name is clearly fake, as fake as the voice actor pretending to be him.

Pump Trades doesn’t bother explaining how their auto trader works or how it was developed. Instead they spend 3 painful minutes showing photoshopped account balances. These photoshopped account balances must really convince people, because the scams just keep on using them. Alex Stewart never tells us how he developed the software or who or what is placing the trades.

Is Pump Trades a Scam?

If you scroll down on the Pump Trades website you’ll notice a section of news releases. We checked these out by googling all of the headlines and we came up with a big fat ZERO. Every single one of these news stories is a forgery. It’s pretty easy to photoshop fake news stories, and doing so is another useful strategy that these scam artists seem to like. People trust what they see on the news. While all of these articles are fake, the fake screen shots are very good at convincing people that the Pump Trades software is respected in the news. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t believe us, try googling one of the headlines in the screenshots. You won’t find anything on any of these news outlets!

Pump Trades Scam Reviews

Pump Trades Scam Reviews, Is Pump Trades a Scam or legit

This is what we found when we googled one of them.

Pump Trades Scam Reviews

Pump Trades Scam Reviews, Is Pump Trades a Scam or legit

Pump Trade also has a time countdown of 12 hours to show that in 12 hours their software will cost $2999. This is completely fake. No matter which day you choose to click on the Pump Trade link, this offer will never change. This is nothing but a manipulation strategy designed to make you think you are getting a good deal. Don’t fall prey to this scam!

Pump Trade is a fail, but if you want to check out something that actually works, we would recommend that you see our review of Social Trading with Tradeo. We are very picky who we agree to work with and both of these are great!

Conclusion: Pump Trade is a SCAM!

Official website: http://pumptrades.com/

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  • Faizel

    Thank you for another great review. Thank God I found you guys in time. So simple, honest and frank. Unlike other bloggers. Hats off to the team!!!

  • Ketan Harish Pethe

    Very boring scam, but you CLEARLY exposed it. Thanks!