Profits Infinity Scam Review

Profits Infinity Scam Review. Our team at binaryscamwatchmonitor has just completed an investigation of the newest viral software in binary options. We have concluded that Profits Infinity is a scam software and the creator, Mark Bromovich is a liar and a fraud. None of the claims on the Profits Infinity website have any validity to them and worse still, we believe the Profits Infinity software is specifically designed to ensure you lose your money as quickly as possible in order to get a larger payout from their unregulated brokers. Please continue reading this review in order to avoid becoming yet another one of Profits Infinity software scam victims.

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DESCRIPTION: We have concluded that Profits Infinity is a scam software and the creator, Mark Bromovich is a liar and a fraud…

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How does Profits Infinity claim to work?

As far as binary options auto traders go, Profits Infinity is pretty run of the mill normal. There is nothing fancy here to draw attention to it. However, we’d like to point out that not once is the strategy or system explained at all. We are left in the dark about who or how this winning binary options strategy was discovered. The majority of the promotional video is spent hashing out the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous. This way of life is compared to what Robert Bromovich calls the “boring looser” life, which is apparently you and me. This is disappointing. If the creators behind Profits Infinity want our business, shouldn’t they invest a bit more time into actually explaining their software and how it works? This seemingly obvious fact was lost on them, or rather, they simply don’t have a strategy, so there is nothing here to explain. We are leaning towards the latter.

Profits Infinity attempts to distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other binary options auto traders by making a very bizarre claim about their ITM %. Multiple times throughout the promotional video and written on their website page, they claim that they have never lost a trade. On the surface this seems incredibly impossible, which it is, but the truly impossible nature of this claim is unveiled when Robert Bromovich attempts to explain how they accomplish a 100% ITM. He claims that if a trade is losing, even at the last second, a counter trade will be placed by members of their own team which wins. That money from the win is then credited back to the traders account, so that the trader doesn’t actually lose any money.

This is full of logical fallacies and inconsistencies. Firstly, a trade that is losing at the last second can’t be saved by a counter trade, because trades have a minimum of 60 second expirations. It is quite possible to lose a trade in the very last second of a trade, which means it would be impossible to save this trade with a counter trade, because there are no 1 second expiration trades! Secondly, when a trade loses, 100% of the investment is lost. When a trade wins, only a certain percentage is won, not the entire amount. If a counter trade was placed to save a losing trade, there would still be a substantial loss of money for the trader, which adds up over time to make a dent in the account. For these two reasons, this 100% ITM claim is false and quite impossible.

Who is Robert Bromovich?

Robert Bromovich is the supposed CEO of Profits Infinity. We discovered that the so called Robert Bromovich is a fake name with no legitimate identity. Furthermore, the company, Profits Infinity, was established a few weeks ago. However, on their website they claim that they have had this impossible 100% ITM since 2014. This is false, as there company wasn’t even around in 2014. Hopefully by now, you are starting to recognize the pattern of lies and deceit here.

Profits Infinity Scam

Profits Infinity Destroyed

Profits Infinity has only been around for a little over 2 months yet they claim they have been in business for over 2 years. This is false. They also claim to have a 100% ITM, which we have shown to be impossible. The CEO of Infinity Profits is a fraud and does not exist. This is some pretty damaging bullet proof evidence that Profits Infinity is not what it claims to be. One more thing that is important to mention is that all of the testimonials included on the website are actors. Not a single person here is a real trader.

Conclusion: Profits Infinity is a SCAM!!

There are legitimate ways to trade online that will bring you profits, but they are few and far between. That’s why when we find one, we get pretty darn exuberant. Check out our two favorite systems, Social Trading with Tradeo and NEO2 Software. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us!

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