Review Alert! ProfitCabinet IS A Clickbait Scam!

You are reading our in-depth investigative review. This new rev share opened its doors in October of 2016 and we have been monitoring it over the last few months to accurately bring you the best information. Don’t join until you have read this review as we have some important points to discuss and explain. We are officially blacklisting this as a ponzi scheme and one that should be avoided at all costs! is pretending to be a rev share but in reality, it is nothing but a dangerous pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme. It has many glaring similarities to the Turbo Ad Cash scam that finally collapsed a few months ago leaving many people without their money! Don’t make the same mistake!

If you are reading this after having invested in this sham, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money. We need your input in order to bust as many scams as possible. Please alert us to any online earning programs that have scammed you!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review: Rev Share or HYIP (Ponzi)? claims to be a rev share. We have written about several popular rev shares in the past. Rev shares are actually quite profitable and can be a great way to make an extra income. The best rev share online today is My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads. Both of these are solid and trusted sources of income with transparent ownership and active a Facebook group.

However, in the case of we can say that this is NOT a rev share. True rev shares sell advertising services, such as banner space, and bring in traffic for your own website. In the process of doing this, they also share profits with you based on how many ad packs you have.

A few things must be present in order to qualify as a rev share. First of all, the program must sell ad packs. does sell ad packs. The second thing is that they must bring clicks directed to your own banner website ad. does NOT do this. They require no clicking in order to earn. This is not an effective rev share! These facts turn a “so called” rev share into nothing more than a Ponzi or HYIP scam.

How Much is an AdPack?

Each ad pack is priced the same, at $2. This makes it the perfect price for those of us that don’t have a lot of money to start with. But don’t be fooled by this low cost, you don’t have much hope of actually pulling any money out. This “rev share” will NOT last long! Scam

Each $2 ad pack earns 150% and expires in only 3 days! This is a huge red flag. While most of you will think this is awesome, it’s NOT. There is nothing that screams “SCAM” louder than a short expiration time with a high amount of earning. It’s just not practical and not long term sustainable. In comparison, the highly successful My Paying Ads offers $5 ad packs that earn 110% and expire after about 30 days. This is the gold standard and the reason why My Paying Ads has been around for 18 months and still going strong!

Is Paying Withdrawals?

We have seen no evidence that they are paying withdrawals, no proof of earnings, no nothing! They are a very new rev share, but by this time we are used to seeing a lot more positive buzz about a rev share, and we just have not with this one.

We attempted to find the owner of with no success. However, what we did find was very alarming and not a good sign.

The Fake Facebook Group, Scam Alert! has a Facebook group that only has about 25 members. The owner of the group is a fake Facebook profile that uses a stolen photo of a model and a fake name “Sarah Anderson”, pictured below. HYIP

This is NOT the real owner of and should not be trusted. This is simply a man using a fake profile to lure in new users. This is a FB scam that has happened time and time again. Do NOT trust this fake profile!

The truly disturbing fact here is that is such a slimy scam rev share that the owner won’t even reveal his face and instead hides behind a clickbait photo in order to manipulate men into giving their private information and joining. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

How to Earn with a Trusted Rev Share?

Earning money with a trusted rev share is actually simple, fun, and can be incredibly rewarding! We have participated in several rev shares over the past few years and have landed on the best one on the market. Make sure to read our review of My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads. They are everything that this piece of trash is not.

Before joining a rev share make sure you can confirm the following pieces of information:

1. Confirm the identity of the owner.

2. Make sure the Facebook group is active and transparent.

3. Talk to other members and listen to their experience.

4. Check reviews with our blog!

Is a Scam?

Yes! is a scam! They have no proof of withdrawals, a terrible business plan, a Facebook Scam group, and no good reviews. We advise you to stay far away from it! If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you for reading our review

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