Review – Indian HYIP Scam or Top Paying HYIP?

Many you have been patiently waiting for our Review. We wanted to wait a few more weeks before releasing our official opinion because we’d like to hear from more of you first, but due to the great interest in this HYIP we decided to go ahead and release the results of our investigation.

Remember, before you join any HYIP you can always check with us before joining. We will always present a neutral opinion and we NEVER post a referral link. Our opinion comes straight from our heart and we don’t take referrals for HYIPs. Feel free to ask us for investment advice as well.

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 4.5% Daily for 34 days or 112% after 12 days. There are two plans that you can choose from to invest your money.

Fixed Plan – Offers 112% after 12 days
Daily Plan – Offers 4.5% daily for 34 days

Before you invest your money with any HYIP (there are hundreds of active HYIPs to chose from) you need to research your options and know the risk you are undertaking. All online investment programs carry a high level of risk but especially HYIPs, which are not regulated and are not being monitored by any financial service.

Be aware that the chances of actually making money with a HYIP are extremely low. We recommend against joining a HYIP for their lack of regulations. However, if you are a risk taker, at least join the HYIPs that have the best potential. After a HYIP is 4-6 months old, it is already too old to join as most HYIPs don’t last a full year.

How does Profitablemorrows Scam Invest Your Money?

The website claims that they are involved in four different fields of investment.

1. Travel and Tourism.
2. Startups.
3. Forex Trading.
4. Cryptocurrency Trading.

These four fields of investment are the same fields that ALL of the scam HYIPs in the last year have also claimed to be involved with. It’s easy to make a claim but more difficult to fake the evidence and try to prove it. We were able to determine quite easily that Profitablemorrows scam is NOT involved in any sort of trading, neither forex nor cryptocurrency trading.

A legitimate trading group will allow you to view their trading results and see exactly what the precise gains and losses are. scam did NOT offer any such trading proof. Additionally, we contacted all of the regulated trading brokers and were told that Profitable Morrows PTY LTD was NOT a client with any of them.

Our opinion is that is a Pyramid scheme that uses the money from new investors to pay withdrawal requests for older investors. We see NOT evidence that convinces us that they are a legitimate investment service.

Who is Aaron Cooper and is he really the CEO of Profitablemorrows? Scam

The man pictured and named as Aaron Cooper is surely a fake name with a randomly generated fake picture. We searched for this man on investment sites and Linkedin with no luck. He doesn’t exist except for on We do NOT believe that this man is the real CEO for several reasons.

1. There is no mention of this man’s name on the official business registration.
2. This man’s name is NOT associated with the address of the location given by Profitablemorrows scam.
3. There is no public information about Aaron Cooper listed on any financial site or investment site including social media or professional sites.

Is Profitablemorrows Scam located in Australia?

As mentioned on the site, the creator of this scam claims that Profitablemorrows HYIP is located in Austrailia. The address given is:

2 Phillip Law St, Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

This address is the home of several offices, including Northbourne Valuers (a law office) and Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Profitablemorrows HYIP is NOT located at this address by any name or association. When we called the office of the Law group we asked if any investment groups were located in their location and they told us NO.

This is hard proof that the creator of scam is NOT Australian based. So why would they lie? In the past year, hundreds of HYIP scams have been released that used fake details and fake locations. Most of these were created by Russians and Indians. We believe that this particular scam is Indian based for one reason.

The admin of the HYIP facebook group are all from India. What are the chances this is random? Let us be clear, we are NOT pointing the finger at any country or person. The website registration is anonymous and the admin of the Facebook group may not be working directly for them.

Is Profitablemorrows Paying?

When this site was first launched they were paying successfully. We have received several recent complaints about the lack of customer support and payments that have been pending for several days. In light of this information, we do NOT support joining Profitablemorrows scam at this time. More information is needed. If you are working with this HYIP, please send us a message and let us know if they are paying or not.

On the site, you can view personal testimonies from random people that have pictures and names to make their reviews sound truthful. However, please note that none of these pictures or names are real users. The website was created with these reviews already included. That means that before the program had even started the pretended to have user reviews. How is it possible to have users making reviews before the program has even opened for business.

This is a clear scam.

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Is a Scam?

Our early opinion is that there are too many fake details on the site to consider this HYIP to be a safe opportunity. However, we might change our mind depending on what you tell us! Send us a message and let us know what you think. In the meantime, we believe that is a scam that should be avoided if at all possible.

The choice is yours but we recommend joining a regulated earning program rather than one that is not legally monitored. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!!

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