Profit Replicator App Review: Become an Instant Millionaire! SCAM Or..?

You are reading our Profit Replicator App review. It is our goal with this review that you will avoid falling into this trap that has been carefully laid out for you. Nothing you see in the video or on the main website is true. It is all a web of lies.

Most of all we want to show you that no matter what you may believe or hear, becoming an instant millionaire by trading online is impossible. Nothing included in this offer has been shown to actually work. Everything from the fake testimonials to the lies of the actors prove that this is just a money making scheme that only makes money for the creators, NOT YOU! The profit replicator app is similiar to ” Prove My Profits scam ” They both use same fraud tactics.

Please keep reading as we expose this malicious scam!

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Profit Replicator App Review

Michael Griffin: Creator of Profit Replicator App?

Before we get into the details of how the Profit Replicator App will turn you into a millionaire, let’s examine the alleged owner and CEO of this scam app. The voice actor who speaks on the video tells us that he is a man named Michael Griffin. This actor tells goes on to talk to us about how he invented this millionaire-making app with some secret developers and trading specialists. He claims to have kept this project a secret from his wife and friends for years, while he raked in profits.

Let’s be honest here. Michael Griffin is not a real person. The entire story included in this video was crafted by a person with no soul or conscience of what the was saying. There is zero credibility here and nothing has been shown to prove any of this. We have been contacted by several people in the trading industry that have verified that Michael Griffin is not the man speaking in the video, nor does he even exist. Everything that comes out of the mouth of the voice actor in the video is false, especially the claim that he became an instant millionaire overnight.

How Does Profit Replicator App Work

In a nutshell, the Profit Replicator App claims to be able to correctly predict which way a certain asset price value with go, either up or down. Then the app searches out the winning trades of other traders that have also correctly predicted this direction and then replicates their trades into your account. As we will show, this is complete bogus nonsense.

First off, the big claim to fame is that the Profit Replicator App can replicate these signals AND predict the price action of assets with 100% perfect accuracy. This is nothing but a 100% proven LIE! No matter what your experience in binary options may be, it should be glaringly obvious to intelligent readers that nothing in the financial market is 100% guaranteed to win. The only thing being replicated here is this LIE! We have seen the same “100% guaranteed win” lie being told over and over again, and it never holds up.

Secondly, the example given in the video is that the Profit Replicator App will take a winning trade in the last 45 seconds of that trade in order to ensure victory. This is not possible. Binary options trades are taken at a maximum of 60 seconds. 45-second trades are not allowed by any broker, even the unregulated shady scam brokers do now allow 45-second trades! More importantly, this these claims, is the assertion that the Profit Replicator App turned the creator and YOU as well into a millionaire almost instantly!

Does Profit Replicator App Make Millions Instantly?

The fake Michael Griffin shows us several photoshopped bank statements to show that he has made a million dollars. He wants YOU to believe that you to can become a millionaire instantly or even in a few short months. The problem with this is that he doesn’t offer any verified or regulated proof that this is possible. For anyone that has ever traded binary options or forex, it’s pretty much common knowledge! It’s impossible to become a millionaire instantly. We have never even met anyone that made a million dollars trading binary options! People who make loads of money trading are typically doing that through the stock market, not binary options. We have seen this same failed strategy with Prove My Profits!

Profit Replicator App Scam

Profit Replicator App Scam attempts to show us that their app really is super successful by showing Facebook and Twitter comments. As you can see from the photo below, it appears that these ‘real people’ are giving 5 star reviews to this auto trading software. We checked into these profiles and found that all of them are fake. This is simply the work of photoshop and a few hours worth of time. The photos are stolen from around the web, given fake names, and made to look like they are real FB and Twitter accounts. However, when you try to find any of them or even the hashtag on Twitter, you will see that they are not real.

Making Real Money with Regulated Brokers?

As wonderful as it seems, it is not plausible to make hundreds of thousands or millions overnight. We have been working in this industry for a long time now and have learned a few valuable lessons.

If it seems to good to be true, it most likely IS. If you can’t find any real users making money, don’t trust it! Please seen our review of My Paying Ads and Social Trading with Tradeo for a few examples of things that actually do work. When in doubt, please send us a message and we’ll give you are unbiased and educated opinion about whatever you are thinking of joining. If you have been scammed in the past, we might be able to help you reclaim your money, send us an email!

Is Profit Replicator App a Scam?

While examining the evidence of this malicious software, we spoke to a few traders that had personally used it. From start to finish, they experienced nothing but false promises and headaches. They are now in the process of attempting to get their money back. It was traded away in this horrible fraud. They wanted us to warn our readers against joining. Keep in mind the following facts that prove Profit Replicator App is a Scam!

1. Michael Griffin is a FAKE and a fraud. He does not exist and his entire story is without proof.

2. There is no verified proof that anything in the video is real, including the photoshopped statements.

3. It is impossible to take such short-term trades with any broker. This alone proves that the entire strategy behind Profit Replicator App is made up.

4. Our users told us that they personally lost money, proving once again that this is a scam!

If you are still in doubt, please send us a message and we can help you find something valuable to trade with!

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