Profit 4 Patriots Review – Insider Scam Story

Profit 4 Patriots Scam: Uncovering the Hidden:

The Profit 4 Patriots, also written and known somewhere as P4P trading system, is another fraudulent auto-trader in the market. New traders from the financial markets have lost a bunch load of money by relying on this scam. The reason is, there has been no any credible blog which could’ve tested it and let others know. But we are quite different from others. We have taken a lead in this matter and we have composed quite an investigative report on Profit 4 Patriots scam. Read about our analytical, purely researched/tested and an honest opinion in our Profit 4 Patriots scam review.

Douglas Ward: The Scam Artist:

The scam artist we have, this time, is a fake alias holder who calls himself “Douglas Ward”. He introduces himself as a child who was brought up by his father because of the divorce between his parents. In addition, he makes lucrative and alluring claims throughout the entire video. His outrageous claims and professionalism in manipulating new traders are quite similar to that of an expert scammer. Even more so, he convinces the viewers, to sign-up for his auto-pilot binary options scam and then sees $1500 pouring into the account for the rest of life.

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Even more so, he also allegedly claims of being a millionaire with a fleet of vintage cars. Furthermore, he also claims to be property tycoon in Los Angeles. We tried to find whether any millionaire with the name of Douglas Ward even exists. And the answer is a plain no. Consequently, the creator of this outrageous scam is a scam artist and have no any actual existence.

Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review: Analytical Insight:

Let’s have a look at the loopholes of this malignant scam. In this review, we will provide our solid opinion on what the Profit 4 Patriots scam really is about.

  • Outrageous Profit Claims:

There is no financial tactic which makes you earn a huge sum of $1500 per day. As it is being claimed by the scam artist that it is a new app, seriously it is not. The scam artist whose name is Douglas Ward is so well-versed in faking his gestures that sometimes a person has to doubt his own instincts.

Allegedly, a multi-millionaire himself, what made him portray as an artist? Is it the same lame tactic every scam artist applies? Well, his claims actually impact those who are earning below $1500. Which is the average income of the people in the following 5 countries: Australia, USA, UAE, UK and South Africa. In addition, most literacy rate also comes from these countries. And most underprivileged also belong to the same region.                                                                                                                   

  • Tempting the Minds using Political History:

In the promotional video, the scam artist initiates a sensation of revenge in a normal viewer or a new trader. And how exactly does he do that? He accomplishes this feat by giving a tempting speech between the political rivalry between Russia and U.S.A. Furthermore, he knows quite well that doing so will naturally cause a feeling of discomfort and chaos. It will also initiate racism and nationalism in the people. As of today’s cyber world, wars are not won by using force, but by technology. Consequently, he plans to sell his scammed software by invoking a “ruthless nationalist” in the viewer.  

He keeps on bringing up the point on American-Russian tussle which has absolutely nothing to do with a malignant software.

  • Promotional Video Format:

The scam artist is quite a master of his craft. He not only knows the strategy of scammers but also the instincts of inexperienced traders. And that is the reason he has changed the format of the promotional video. In addition, he adds in statistics to entice and involve more and more people. He uses an interviewing strategy to make it look legit. Furthermore, he makes the interviewer as some specific questions whose answers he already knows. That’s why he keeps such an up-front visage.

  • Personal Email as Customer Support:

No matter how clever a scam artist may be, cannot evade from our prying eyes. He makes every attempt to make it sound legit. But if you hover your mouse at the customer support bar, it shows that the alleged owner himself if the “contact support team”. Hilarious and awful at the same time. How on earth can a person claim to be the “owner” and “customer support team” simultaneously?

Profit 4 Patriots Scam Review 2


  • Fake Reviews:

The Profit 4 Patriots scam is same as any other scam. It uses the “fake reviews” strategy to monetize the system. If you hover your mouse to the reviewer’s display pictures, you can’t view their profile. The profiles can’t be even clicked on.

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                After digging deep into the Profit 4 Patriots binary options trading software, we have reached a conclusion. It is quite imperative to mention that Profit 4 Patriots scam is as much heinous as others scams. The entire statistics game is just to cast an impact. This is not only a promotional video for a scam but also a testimonial of a scam artist who is using secret ways to tempt people to buy a scam software for trading.

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