Power Profit Platform Scam Review

Power Profit Platform Scam Review. This is our in depth honest review on Power Profit Platform. Keep reading this review to see if Power Profit Platform is a scam or a legit, as we will show you evidence that Power Profit is a scam! So beware!

Is Power Profit Platform a Scam or Legit?

Power Profit Platform is a binary options auto trader that was released a few days ago, which makes their claim that they will only have their offer up for one day pretty humorous. Let’s take a look at their offer and if it sounds legit! Power Profit Platform is introduced to us by a voice that claims to be George Serriton. He tells us that after trading for 6 years with nothing but losses his broker account manager called him up and tried to work out a deal that would help him become profitable. George Serriton convinced this broker to “forgive” 8 losing trades a day. This means that the broker simply refunded his account for the losing trades and the CEO of the brokerage company was okay with this.

Anyone that knows anything about trading can tell you that this is not only unheard of but pretty much impossible unless you are dealing with a very dishonest broker who isn’t interested in actually making any money. Brokers make their money off of losing trades. If everyone wins, they make nothing, and can actually stand to lose quite a bit of money. For this reason, there is no broker who would make a deal with multiple traders to forgive their losing trades. It’s just not possible. Don’t fall for this!

We took a look at George Serriton and found that not only is his name fake but his picture is fake as well. The picture being used in the promotional video as George Serriton is a picture they stole off of pinterest.

Power Profit Platform Scam Review

Power Profit Platform Scam Review, Is Power Profit Platform a Scam or legit

This is the picture on pinterest, which Power Profit Platform claims is a picture of George Serriton. Nice try guys!

Power Profit Platform Scam Review

Power Profit Platform Scam Review, Is Power Profit Platform a Scam or legit

Is Power Profit Platform a Scam?

The scammers that make up these softwares, like Power Profit Platform, are nothing but liars and thieves that hide behind fake pictures and cheesy voice overs. For every customer they convince to sign up, they get a $500 payment from their broker. Don’t let your hard earned money fall right into the pocket of one of these scammers! Power Profit Platform is nothing short of an evil scam!

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Conclusion: Power Profit Platform is a SCAM!

Official website: http://powerprofitplatform.com/

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  • D.K. Fynn

    Scam after scam after scam. Man, this industry’s full of them.

    But you know what: It may be through these scams that people may come to this site, hear the truth, and find out about the truthful products and services you recommend.

    That’s what happened to me: I heard about something that sounded too good to be true. So, I searched for a review of it and landed on your site. And thankfully, I found out about the services you recommend.

    Thanks for another review.