Polygraph Millionaire Review: A Black-listed Heinous Scam

Polygraph Millionaire Scam: Heinous and Deceptive:

In order to target young and new traders, scam artists keep introducing alluring scams. The Polygraph Millionaire scam is a latest scam. It aims to snatch your money and then get-off without leaving a trace behind. It is actually a money stealing software and is the next sequel of a previous scam. We are about to unveil some of the points which will compel you to disregard this new scam.


Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review:

  • The promo video totally depicts the nature of this malicious scam. The scam artist who appears in the video is a fake alias holder. He calls himself “Daniel Wilkins”. It’s what all the scam artists do. In the promotional video of Polygraph Millionaire Scam, he scam artist claims your financial problems to be solved totally. We leave the judgment call to you guys. You have read our various scam stories. Did any of them deliver what the promise? Even more so, here the profit you can earn on just a meager deposit of $250 is a staggering $12,000. So, it is totally unimaginable and unfeasible.


  • Another lame technique the scam artist uses to sell his Polygraph Millionaire scam is the way he lies up-front. He knows nothing about binary options. Neither this software is based on binary options trading concept. Let us remind that binary options work on the direction of the asset. You have to decide the direction of the incoming trade and then if it goes that way, you win. And if otherwise, you lose. Now let’s see a regular trading scenario in binary options. If you deposit a total of $250, the average trade will be $25. In addition, consider you win every time and even then your pay-out will be $17.50.If you need to generate $12,000 in just one day, the trading app will have to trade a total of 690 trades per hour and 11 trades every minute. Well this is quite hilarious and stupid and full of shit. Even an inexperienced trader can easily tell that it is nothing but a stupid scam with no any authenticity.


  • In addition, there is another party in this scam too. Introduced by the scam artist in the promotional video as “Mr.X”, who wants to remain anonymous. Furthermore, the Polygraph Millionaire scam is totally misleading and a bag of lies. Does it make sense that you are going to trade with someone whose identity is not even disclosed to you? How does it sound? It sounds totally deceptive, malignant and tricky. Mr. Bogus Wilkins wants the traders to trust on another bogus alias and trade with your real money. How stupid and suspicious?


  • The Polygraph Millionaire scam is synonymous to another scam we exposed earlier by the name of Lie Detector Millionaire scam. If you look clearly on both of the sites, you will find strange resemblance in the coloring scheme and the background. Furthermore, these scam companies are trying to re-package their filthy products and Polygraph Millionaire scam is one of them.


  • Furthermore, you will see some badges of credible security providing forums at the bottom of the landing page. These stickers acts like pits for inexperienced traders. They fall for these fabrications easily. Don’t fall for these scams as you are lucky to have found our review. If you click on them, you see nothing at the front, no regulatory number nothing at all. Another way of deceiving inexperienced traders which the scam artists are using all over the world.


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As per the saying goes, Fool me once and shame on me but if you fool me twice, indeed shame on you this time. The scam developers of Polygraph Millionaire Scam are using lame tactics for the marketing of this scam and mostly the email marketing strategy is being used. If you want your money to remain safe, we strongly prohibit falling for these scams. Even more so, they are nothing but black-holes where your money goes and never comes back. Keep reading our reviews and stay safe.