Polygraph Millionaire Scam – An Unmatched, Distinctive & Researched Review

Polygraph Millionaire Scam: Filthy Product in a New Wrapper:

The Polygraph Millionaire scam is another notorious scam which is making debut in the market at an exponential rate. Hold on, before you fall for this scam, take a pause and read our previous Polygraph Millionaire Review. The scam artist is using almost every tactic to allure the novice traders. Even more so, he is making pretty lucrative deals with the viewers as well. This scam is a sequel of another scam that we exposed before. We have covered this scam from almost every aspect and results were quite expected. In addition, he claims that a trader can earn a total of about $12,000 a day and with just one single click. Definitely a plain lie! Let’s see what else this malignant scam artist has to offer.


Daniel Wilkins: An Impersonator:

We wonder how much effort does these scam artists put in for such scams. Coming towards Daniel Wilkins, he is definitely the most notorious scam artist you have ever heard of. This guy keeps on changing his identities just for a couple of bucks. Why does he do that? It’s his profession to take money from the scam developers and do the talking in front of a camera.

Confident as he already is, he covers the rest using his sweet words. Today we are going to unveil that he has been appearing in other scam apps videos as well. In this promo video, he claims to be a low-tech guy while in the previous scam he came forward as a mathematician. In addition, he also introduces another scam alias holder who he calls “Trader X”. The Trader X allegedly specializes in extrapolative algorithms. Irrespective of every fancy terminology he uses, trust me, every word he utters is a plain lie.

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review: Investigative Analysis:

Let’s figure out what else the scam artist has to offer in Polygraph Millionaire scam.

  • Malign Trading Methods:

In the promo video, you can see that the scam artist allegedly takes a polygraph test in order to make it look legit. In addition, the conclusions drawn by the other scam artist were in favor of Daniel Wilkins. Except for just one single terminology i.e. Extrapolative Algorithm, we don’t find any other information on how the app works. For sure it doesn’t operate on one click. Consequently, every piece of information this scam artist is telling is totally rubbish. This is a deceiving scam and you must not fall for the numbers.

  • Bogus Numerical Explanation:

No software, even no any financial expert can earn money as much as $12,000 on a trade of $250. It is another plain lie for the novice traders. Furthermore, the binary options domain doesn’t work that way. It works on the direction a certain trade bends towards. You just have to predict the direction and that’s where you win or lose. Even more so, the best financial experts have to face loses. How can a scammed app guarantee 100% returns? It’s totally impossible and unfeasible. Let’s say you want to earn a total of $12000. For this target to achieve you will have to deal with 700 trades per hour and win every time. This is impossible!

  • Resemblance to Other Scams:

The Polygraph Millionaire scam resembles to not one, but two of the scams we exposed previously. First of all, the coloring scheme and the background resemble the Lie Detector Millionaire scam. If you see the video, the scam artist also takes the name of the software. Secondly, the scam artist who appears to be Daniel Wilkins in this video also appeared in another scam video bearing the name of Johan Strand. In this video he claims that he is a low-tech guy while in the Blazing Trader Scam review, he calls himself a top-notch mathematician. In addition, like he introduces Trader X in this scam, he also introduces his brother as his apprentice in Blazing Trader Scam.


  • Fabricated Security Badges:

In addition, you can also see some security badges at the bottom of the landing page. These security badges are totally a matter of fabrication. These are forged using photoshop and then posted on the site to make the scam seem legit. However, if you click on them, you will find nothing behind these stickers. There is no disclaimer and even if there is, it totally contradicts what is being offered in the video.

 Polygraph Millionaire Scam 2


If you want your money to stay safe in the coffers, we strongly urge not to fall for Polygraph Millionaire Scam. It is also known somewhere as Polygraph App scam. We have dug out enough information which terms it as a filthy scam. In addition, it is full of copycat material which makes it even more doubtful. Finally, our conclusion is, not to go for this scam and invest your money in a trustworthy financial trading method.