Seven Ugly Truth About Plentitude Formula Scam!

We are pretty much used to this by now. A scam software guaranteeing millions of dollars, created by a former Wall Street ‘guru’ and ‘advising’ us to act fast if we want to change our lives. This is the template that Plenitude Formula attempts to follow, going a notch higher to even discredit fellow scammers, but we expose their blatant scam-riddled with lies, fake testimonials, and bogus claims. Before you proceed to read our review, if you have a specific software you are unsure if its scam or not, you can always search for it in our scam list

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Plentitude Formula Scam

About Plenitude Formula

Plenitude Formula has been created by George Ackerman, who claims to be the CEO and Founder of Plenitude Formula Group, a collection of hedge funds that cumulatively manage $154 million of investor capital. Ackerman claims that his software has been consistently tweaked and is now trading the markets with an amazing 98% accuracy. And as some obsessed with perfection, Ackerman is inviting you to join his stage 7 beta testing round and help in making Plenitude formula achieve 100% trading accuracy. By just agreeing to his invitation, you will be ‘guaranteed’ daily trading profits of between $10000 and $70000. If this does not ring a bell yet, we will provide yet more proof of fraudulent activities by this fake company in this Plenitude Formula scam review. Make sure to read our review of Zen Trader as well.

Who is George Ackerman?

He might have introduced himself by the name George Ackerman, but he is no stranger to us at all. Ackerman, or whatever his real name is, claims to have been a former Wall Street trader who was so great that he earned the nickname ‘Golden Eagle’ and even landed a billionaire friend. In reality, Ackerman is a paid up actor who has starred in various online commercial and other scam binary options software videos, and you guessed it, under different names. He is no CEO and is probably part of a wider network of sophisticated scammers that have plagued the binary options industry.

What is the Plentitude Formula Group?

Ackerman claims to be the CEO Plenitude Formula Group, a company he founded in his bedroom that has since grown to serve the big US mutual funds and financial institutions. Ackerman goes further to claim that the group of hedge funds under Plenitude Formula Group are collectively managing over $154 million in investor capital and there is significant interest from big investors to join up. This is utter bollocks and there is no company, in the US, or anywhere else, by the name Plenitude Formula Group. This is merely a fantasy creation of the scammers behind Ackerman because there is absolutely no information anywhere on the internet as well as other major financial publications around the world. A ‘big and successful company’ that Ackerman claims the Plenitude Formula Group is, surely, cannot be that ‘silent’. There can only be one reason- it does not exist!  

Fake Testimonials

More often than not, scams in binary options are so high-level that inexperienced traders or newbies are left at the mercies of the scammers. But this was extremely poor, particularly at the live testimonials. The testimonials were delivered in poorly lit rooms and obviously poor cameras. This was extremely embarrassing from people claiming to be millionaires and making thousands of dollars a day. This obviously raised our suspicions and we dug further. We found out that Ackerman had hired cheap video freelance actors who were obviously reading from written scripts, and knew nothing about trading or even trading software. They are also, most definitely, not making anywhere near the amounts they claim in their ‘fake’ testimonials.

 Fake Claims and Lies

We have already exposed the lies and fake claims of George Ackerman and his group of testimony givers. But there is even more. Ackerman repeatedly claims in the video that the software has made over $14 million in just under a year for his beta testers. He also claims that the website will go down after it hits 250 views and that he only needs 15 beta testers. For a website that went live on November 2, it has certainly surpassed 250 views, and we were able to verify that using our analytics, but it is still up and running. Probably, they have not hit their scam target. The claims of extraordinary profits are not new to us, and anyone with experience in the industry knows that the trading statements can be easily generated. It is even easier for these scammers because they are usually connected with unethical brokers.

What Plenitude Formula Really Is

Simply put, Plenitude Formula is a pure scam! Like other scam software, Plenitude Formula is designed to lure traders into depositing money into a bogus binary options brokerage firm in exchange for the free software. You may catch the drift by now; after depositing money, Plenitude Formula will start trading your account while you do nothing and wait for your ‘millions’. This will never come to pass because the software will generate losing trades and if you try contacting their customer support, there will be attempts to seduce you into making another ‘risk-free’ deposit. The process will repeat itself if you fall into their trap again, but if you are not ‘obliging’, support will of course, be very busy to attend to you. And you will have been separated from your hard earned money, just like that.

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Plenitude Formula Scam Review- Final Thoughts

This Scam Review has revealed how the Plenitude Formula is a clever scam designed to rip off unsuspecting traders and investors. George Ackerman, the supposed CEO, is just an actor, as are the guys giving testimonies of making millions. There is no system in binary options or in the wider financial markets that can guarantee thousands of daily profits, just for literally doing nothing, and much worse, just for free. Plenitude Formula is a total scam and we advise all of you to stay away from it.

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