Platinum Profits App Scam Review

Platinum Profits App Scam Review. Please read our review of Platinum Profits App to find out if it is legit or a scam! In this review we will show evidence that Platinum Profits App is a scam so hold on to your money!

Is Platinum Profits App a Scam or Legit?

Platinum Profits App is a software system that only trades platinum. The creator, Paul Olmstead, claims that he gathered the trading data of platinum over the last 7 years, analyzed it, and then built a trading software based on the results. He tells us that he chose the broker that had a 86% ITM rate and now only trades with that broker. Platinum Profits App claims that we will make over 2 thousand dollars a day. So let’s cut through the hype and take a look at the claims!

The first thing we noticed about Platinum Profits App is that their CEO, Paul Olmstead, is not a real person. We couldn’t locate any credible information about him and the picture he uses as himself, is a stock photo from flickr. This is proof that Paul Olmstead is a liar at the very least, and not even a real person at the worst! We’re assuming he’s not a real person. He claims to be a very famous trader, yet there is no information about him anywhere in the trading world. You can click on this link to see his Flickr photo.

Platinum Profits App Scam Review

Platinum Profits App Scam Review

Platinum Profits App has a running tally of all the profits their members are making. The problem is that this running tally never stops running, even in the middle of the night and on Saturday and Sundays when the market is closed. The running tally isn’t based on real gains, it’s simply a widget that you can install on any website.

Is Platinum Profits a Scam?

At the bottom of the page we can see that they make some sort of mention about Forbes, CBS, and BBC among others, as if to say that their software has been on the news. Of course this is false. This picture is something anyone can add to their website to make it look more credible but in fact, it’s a lie.

We took a look at their disclaimer to see if they admit that their testimonials are fake. Sure enough, they do. In the following statement from the Platinum Profits App website, you can clearly see that they admit all of their videos are faked, their screenshots are photoshopped, and the entire thing is a lie.

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Conclusion: Platinum Profits App is a SCAM!

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