Review: Perfect deposit HYIP Scam Busted!

Welcome to our official review! Included in this in-depth report is an explanation of how it works and a look into whether or not you can trust it. Our conclusion will show that is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. They are NOT paying and will steal your money as fast as you deposit it. It is nothing but a crooked fraud created to malign you and take whatever they can get!

If you are reading this and have already lost money with this HYIP scam, please contact us immediately for information on how to get your money back! We will be more than glad to help you in any way in which we can. Earlier this week we also busted a nasty HYIP scam,

Our readers asked for this review and here it is! Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review: The HYIP Scam!

When we opened our investigation into it was clear that we were dealing with a HYIP. What is a HYIP you might ask? A HYIP is a high yield investment plan. Plans such as this offer an incredibly high ROI (return on investment) for a very small initial investment. Some even offer incredibly short investment time periods as well. What we need to say next is VERY important!

Every HYIP is a SCAM!

This might not be the nice thing to say, but it’s the truth. You read our blog to discover the truth, so we won’t be silent about it. In all our years investigating high yield investment plans, we have never found one that pays large withdrawals. Never. We get several emails a day asking us if some sort of new HYIP is finally the one that pays and works. Each time we investigate we discover that it’s the same as the rest, a scam.

So why are all HYIP’s a scam? It’s pretty simple actually. There are a few reasons why!

1. The HYIP is a “get rich quick” investment plan that offers massive profits on very little investment. This is only done to attract new investors. The payout is much too large to be practical and no investor actually makes such a high earning!

2. Most HYIP’s have ZERO information about the owner and/or the team of traders that is supposedly investing your money.

3. There is NO regulating legal authority that governs online investment programs. The United States and a few other countries do have certain groups that are supposed to be checking on Amerian financial groups, but most of these are not American investment groups. Most HYIPs are run by people who open their business in a country that has zero regulations. Because they do this, you will have NO legal recourse when they lose your money.

What Investment Plans Does Offer?

Despite the fact that we have already explained that every HYIP is a scam, let’s take a deeper look at

Below you can see three investment plans that range from 700%-70000% ROI and 1-3 days each. This sounds pretty good, right! (Too good to be true!)

perfectdeposit biz scam

For example, they claim that if you deposit $50 into the Basic Plan, you will earn $350 after just ONE day. This is frankly INSANE. This is just laughable. If this were really true, we’d all be millionaires by now and you can kiss world hunger and poverty goodbye. This is probably one of the most inflated HYIP claims we’ve ever seen.

Take a look at the Unlimited Plan. If you invest $50 into that one, you will earn $35,000 after THREE days. Need we really say anymore? This is such a joke that it would be funny if not for the fact that people are falling for it. Such large ROI is not practical and has certainly never been achieved. These scam artists just picked random numbers to convince you to invest.

How Does Make Money?

The claim is that they have a “team of professional traders and investors” that work around the clock to ensure your earnings. As we mentioned above, this earning plan is the most inflated plan we have ever seen. The projected earnings are SO high that anyone who can trade and make this much money deserves to win a Nobel Peace Prize or something! Yet, the people who claim to be doing this are hiding their identity? In fact, not only are they all anonymous, they don’t even detail what financial market they are investing in.

There are numerous places to invest, and no information is given as to which one of these they invest with. If they are professionals then they should be known or listed somewhere! But once again, no information is given.  Furthermore, the owner of is also not revealed. There are so many reasons why this is just ridiculous.

**Never trust an investment plan that does not introduce you to the owner!**

Think about it like this. Would you risk your money by handing it over to a complete stranger on the internet? No! So don’t fall for the same scam just because they have a website.

User Reviews: Are They Paying?

The website includes this testimonial section which claims to show “real users”. Please take a look below. The names don’t match the faces, the first review is identical to the third review, and they all have the same bad English. Nothing about this is legitimate. All three of these pictures were stolen off the internet.

perfect deposit Review has NO actual user reviews. We had several of our readers message us with stories of stolen money and closed accounts. When you invest your first deposit into this website, they will advise you to not take any withdrawals. They attempt to convince you to just reinvest your earnings instead of taking them out. Given the high-interest rates listed above, it’s easy to see that after a few weeks you could easily have a million dollars in earnings.

Please understand, these earnings DO NOT EXIST! They are lying to you and any earnings you see in your account are just numbers, not based in reality. You will never be able to take any of this money. In fact, the only people who make money in this website are the owners. They collect your money and then close your account when you try to complain.

Earning Money Online Without Being Scammed!

Despite this joke of an investment company, there are real ways to earn online without getting scammed. We have investigated hundreds of options and have discovered the best way to trade online with a regulated broker is by opening an account with Social Trading with Tradeo.

If you do not like to trade, we recommend you read our review on My Paying Ads which has full transparency and an honest owner!

Is a Scam?

It should be clear from our review above that is a scam. However, let’s go over the details again!

1. This program is a HYIP that offers massive earnings in super short time periods. This is not feasible or practical.

2. No information is given about the owner or traders who are working for the site to invest your money. Would you trust a stranger on the internet with your money just because they have a website??

3. User results that have been collected are all bad. Nobody has made any withdrawals.

Remember. The only people that make money with a HYIP scam are the owners of the scam. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us. We’ll be more than happy to investigate any program for you before you join it! Thank you for reading our Review
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  • carlos eduardo mejia garcia

    Please! How can I get my money back? I’m a victim of this site!

    Thank you

  • I am sorry you lost your money. The only way to get your money back is by opening a dispute to your payment processor.

    If you used bitcoins, then I am afraid you will not be able to get that money back.

  • Mohammed Akram Sowcar

    I have invested 130 $ worth of BTC with this company and after 30 hours they said it will be 140$ worth of BTC , Yes it did show my amount 140.39$ but when i requested for withdrawal it is showing pending for last 2 days, so Can anyone tell me how can i get this back to my mentioned BTC address,

    • Hi – Unfortunately this site is not paying. Because you used BTC, there isn’t much you can do. The HYIP programs love to use BTC because they do not allow disputes for scams.