Pay My Vacations Review: Trustworthy or Scam

Pay My Vacations Software Review

Binary options world is full of scam software and auto-trading bots. And our job is to let our readers know about whether it’s legit or a scam. Pay My Vacations, is another addition to the already blacklisted category of scams. This time, the scammer who introduces the scam holds a fake alias of Jack James. He claims that the traders can make a staggering amount of $17,000 a day without getting involved in any jeopardy. The website is designed in a manner to attract the wannabe rich youth who are enroute making their future. You can see pictures and slideshows of lavish and spacious mansions, sports cars and hot models over the website. All you have to do is to sign-up for the Pay My Vacations scam and then enjoy the rest 365 days partying around.


In addition, the website portrays a really cool image of the software while it is another malicious scam. After investigating the scam from various angles, we are going to prove its scammed and impure nature.

Pay My Vacations Scam: Point to Point Analysis:

Here in this section, we will unveil the truth about Pay My Vacations scam. We will uncover the hidden and most deceptive tactics which Jack James is employing to attract the traders.

  1. Background Voice with No Picture:

First of all, the scammer, Jack James doesn’t appear in the video himself. It is strange, because every scam we covered so far, at least the scammer was visible in the promo video. The question arises as why does he wish to hide his face? Most probably, he might have appeared in any other scam before and it’s his new product. And he hides his face due to the fear of getting caught once again. Jack James introduces himself as a previous financial expert from an unknown firm. He should have done the courtesy of mentioning the firm, which he didn’t. Another act of pure deception creating more doubt!  

  1. Doubtful Claims of Making Money:

In the promo video, Jack James way of describing how he managed to earn a fortune is quite vague. He claims to have earned the money by using some “secret tactics” he learned from his mentor. And how thankless of him to even mention the name of his mentor! Secondly, all he says is that he made money by partying around with most notable financial experts. Furthermore, he tells that he travels to the beaches across the globe and does business.


So far as we know, nothing more can be done on beaches except selling alcohol and drugs. Even then, you cannot earn this much money because at first, you pay for the goods you sell. But he keeps on saying that he earns money by just partying around. Isn’t it enough for the readers to figure out that Pay My Vacations scam is quite malicious and uncanny?

  1. Working Mechanism Unexplained:

In addition, there is no any explanation about what the software really is. What does it do and how it operates? In the previous scams we exposed, at least there were some moments in which the scammer at least mentioned the algorithm. In the promotional video of Pay My Vacations Scam, the scammer named Jack James describes nothing at all. No algorithm, no working mechanism, even not the trading terms have been mentioned by the scammer. It makes it even more mysterious and way beyond someone to understand.

Rather, we get a clear idea that if you want to earn money, you will have to party with Jack James on a beach. And he will make you rich enough to make you quit your job and you will earn while sitting idly sipping margaritas. Well everybody knows that earning $17,989 is not a child’s play. It’s a matter of hard work and continuous struggle. In addition, we don’t what is the cause behind showing the alluring bodies of hot bikini babes? Is this another filthy technique of affiliate marketing? These absurd claims and tactics are just to trick the inexperienced young traders.

Pay My Vacations Review 1


  1. Similarity to Gemini2 Scam:

Pay My Vacations Scam has uncanny resemblance to another scam, Gemini2. We exposed this scam in our recent review and it is as much heinous as Pay My Vacations scam. It aims to attract the young traders with no background knowledge in a way which makes it seem legit. It also promises huge returns of $13,000 approximately on a deposit of $250. Gemini2 is also a software scam and similar is the case with Pay My Vacations scam. It is totally hands-free as hear the scammer uttering this claim.

  1. Fake Claims about Software:

In addition, one this which really intrigued us, is the claim of having built a flawless software. Well thanks to Jack James when Google itself hasn’t been able to develop a flawless software by now. Even binary options traders know exactly that nothing as a software can make you trade in binary options because it lacks human instincts and intellect as well. No such thing as flawless exists and nothing like it can guarantee you money by just one click. It’s nothing but a deceptive scam having no any credibility and legitimacy.

  1. Obscene Material on the Website:

Furthermore, if you bother to look at the website, you will see pictures of hot-bikini babes partying around and sipping margaritas. You will see beaches all around and the background shows that this software is nothing but a piece of crap. The fraudster, Jack James wants to allure the young traders to see all this partial nudity and to get attracted towards it. You can see girls in swim suits having baths and flaunting their bodies all around. Do you believe any legitimate software website would have done this?? Absolutely not!

Pay My Vacations Scam 5


At first, the scamming sites were quite boring. There was nothing enchanting on them. That’s why the fraudster Jack James thought of using such lame tactics of posting partial nude pics and videos of bikini models. 

  1. Fake Reviews:

Finally, let’s talk about the reviews part. Every “vacationer” in the video claims to have their own house by the beach and they claim that they have bought the house from this scammed software. If you look closely, the background of these reviewers is same!! Well lucky for you that we spotted this minute detail as well. Even a “vacationer” claims that every morning he opens his eyes to the mesmerizing view of the beach. Well what house? While standing on the beach, the so-called “vacationer” should have done the courtesy to rotate the camera so that we can have a view of his house. But none of them did. Another fake claim thus exposed. They are all standing at one place switching their turns as it is evident from the video.

Pay My Vacations Review 2


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Binary Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

Consequently, Pay My Vacations software or the Jack’s Vacations Software is another deceptive and most tricky scam. It has nothing to do with money making for the investing trader. Rather it amasses money for the back-end scammers. Pay My Vacations scam is another blacklist scam and nobody should trust it. Stop before you take a leap of faith. Beware of such scams and keep reading our scam reviews to remain safe.

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