Pay My Vacation Scam: Latest Black-hole

Pay My Vacation Scam: A Gateway to Deception:

Pay My Vacation Scam is in the market with partially nudist techniques to attract the young traders. We have already covered this scam before in our Pay My Vacation. This review is actually the next episode which is going to unveil even more about this dubious scam. In addition, we will show you why you should not go for this scam both pictorially and analytically. Jack James, a fake alias holder is behind this scam. This time, he doesn’t even appear in the promo video for the fear of being identified easily. Therefore he uses the voice protocol to introduce this scam. In the next section, we will prove our point in a manner, which will reveal the impure nature of the scam.

Pay My Vacation Scam: Deep Analysis:

Let’s find out what this fraudster is offering this time and how his claims contradict with the reality.

  1. Fake Profit Claims:

First of all, we will talk about the promo video.  In the beginning, we see pictures flashing right in front of us with fake users’ bank statements. The traders, after seeing such lucrative and misleading pictures, are carried away. They think these pictures to be true, rather they are totally fake. Jack James promises to make you earn a total of $17,989.79 in a day. In order to allure the viewers, he posts an image of an actor cum another fake alias holder who has earned $179,893.85 in just 10 days.


For the information of our readers, there is no any software, neither any financial tactic to earn this much money. This is totally bluff and a malicious way to trick the traders. For sure you are not going to be a part of it.


  1. Earn via Auto-Pilot? Really??

Another bullshit claim we hear in the promo video, is that you can earn staggering amounts via auto-pilot. Let us get it straight. How is it even possible that a shitty piece of software happens to know everything about a human’s nature? Indeed it is another deceptive lie. There is nothing like a software which can run without human intervention. Does this even make any logic that Apple, a tech firm, introduces a latest iphone but it makes calls, send messages, chat with friends all by itself? Even a software can’t just perform a single type command unless a user initiates it.


Despite all these facts, the users of Pay My Vacation App are making millions by just turning it on auto-pilot. Either the financial markets have become predictable or Mr. Jack James have found a key to all the coffers. Whatever might be the case, it is a heinous scam and is totally not worth it.


  1. Earn Hands-Free and Sip Margaritas? Really?

Thanks to the fraudster Jack James, he has made earning quite easy. Well does it make any sense that you are sipping margaritas and money keeps pouring in? Definitely not. In addition, earning money is not an easy task as it requires dedication, struggle and devotion. Only way you can make money while partying and sipping whiskey is when you are a top-notch drug dealer. There is no other way of making money at this staggering rate. Or even if there is, it’s totally the case where the source introducing you towards the option is wrong.



  1. Poor Website:

Furthermore, just have a look at the website of Pay My Vacation Scam. Well it is also known as Jack’s Vacation Software. The website is so bluntly designed that even a newbie can figure out that it is totally a scam. The never ending random slideshows, no video control, no any visible pause/play button and etc. in addition, in order to make the site and scam more appealing, you will see images of sun-tanned bikini models. Wearing semi-nude attires, you will see them flaunting their bodies in one or the other way. It is another factor which tells the viewers that it is nothing more than a heinous scam.

Pay My Vacation Review 1

  1. Earning Mechanism Unexplained:

If you are going to sell a legit product, instead of talking pointlessly, you explain its anatomy.

In the promo video, you will never hear a single word about how the software works. The impersonator cum fraudster, Jack James will keep showing the same slideshow time and again. All you will hear about the software is, it something evolved from a “Top Secret”. Another fake and bogus claim to seek attention! If it is legit there would have been no need of bragging about how much it gives you. Jack James the mainstream fraudster would have clearly come to the point directly.

Pay My Vacation Scam

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Our investigative analysis has led us to a conclusion. The conclusion in purely based on deep research and factual analysis. Jack James is an impersonator, a total fraudster who is using lame tactics to garner young traders. Don’t worry as we have got you covered. We won’t let our readers fall prey to these scams. In addition, keep reading our reviews and make trade with effective and genuine brokers. Rather than investing in bogus scams. Pay My Vacation scam, is a new addition in the list of scams and beware from it.

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