Review: Is PatMLM a Scam? Review

Hi! Welcome to our review. This hot new MLM opportunity has gone absolutely viral.

If you are new to MLM, please keep reading! Before you start working with any MLM such as, you need to know what you are embarking on.

Included in this review are the tools you will need to help you make the most of your MLM experience, as well as show you a better alternative to Pat MLM.

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Let’s take a closer look at


What is

Official Website:

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing.

There are many different types of MLM’s that offer a wide array of options for making money.

For the most part, MLM’s are referral based. You absolutely NEED to convince other people to sign up with your MLM in order to earn.

With you need to build a long line of referrals, called the “downline”. While trying to earn with you need to constantly expand your downline in order to continue earning money.

Earnings come from clicking ads and other virtual products. Each time your referral buys a product or clicks an add, you make a portion of that sale.

How Much Can I Earn with

The amount of money you earn while working with is completely up to how time you are willing to spend on it.

Earning by clicking PTC (paid to click) ads is like making pennies. It’s the lowest earning you can imagine.

There is really only one way to earn money with and that is by marketing it to as many people as you can.


The more people you convince to sign up, the more money you will make.

If you aren’t interested in building a large downline (chain of referrals) you might as well skip this all together.

MLM’s were made for people who like to sell products and who are good at convincing others to sign up.

Is Legit?

The owner of is anonymous so we aren’t able to do a check up on him.

It is our belief that an anonymous owner is NOT a good sign for any business.

Think about it. Would you invest money with an anonymous friend online? NO!

The only reason people trust anonymous businesses is because they think there is some sort of regulating governing authority that prevents such businesses from running off with your money.

This is a false assumption. While there are some very loose laws that govern the internet, there really isn’t an authoritative internet police that will go after internet scammers, unless they reach national attention (which most of them never do).

Ever day thousands of people are scammed online by professional scammers. Some of them work in teams and some of them own fake businesses. 99% of them will never be brought to justice.

Please take into account that even businesses such as PayPal can be hacked and your financial information stolen.

When you enter your personal and financial information into you are trusting them with a great deal. Proceed at your own risk with this anonymous business.

There are some people claiming to be making money with but remember, your success depends 100% on your ability to create that downline we spoke about above!

Is a Scam?

This new MLM has only been online for a few months now and during that time we have received some mixed feedback concerning

It seems they had an initial set back a few weeks after their start. PayPal initially refused to work with them which caused some problems.

They are claiming now that PayPal is working with them again, but we haven’t found direct confirmation of this.

One thing we do like about is that they have an active user forum where they don’t seem to be censoring comments.

We do not believe that PatMLM is a scam but that doesn’t mean we will be recommending it.

1. The owners of are anonymous. Why should we trust a company that does not want to reveal who they are?

2. Success of earning depends on creating a large and profitable downline. This business IS NOT for people who can’t get referrals!

3. is a brand new company. There isn’t much history to go by when deciding whether we can trust this website or not. is NOT a scam. If this changes in the future we will update this.

Alternatives to MLM?

We believe that MLM’s can be incredibly profitable if you are ready and willing to put in the work that is required!

However, there are some great alternatives to MLM which we think are a better and more natural fit for most people.

If you are looking to make a steady side income online, you should check out My Paying Ads! This company is awesome and we’ve been working with them for over a year now!

Another option to earn online is by trading with a regulated forex broker, like Tradeo, which allows you copy the trades of professional traders for free!

If you are looking for other ways to earn, please message us for more details as well as with any questions you have!