Carl Razinski’s Passive Income Bot Review – Is It Scam?

Hi! Welcome to our comprehensive and in-depth look into Passive Income Bot. We spent the last two weeks gathering user data and investigating this new auto trading software. Our findings pleasantly surprised us. We bust binary options scams on a daily basis. It is easy to get pretty depressed about the binary options industry. Carl Razinski and Mark Foster have dramatically changed the face of this industry by designing an auto trader that actually works.

If you are already working with Passive Income Bot, we want to hear from you! Below you will find what other day traders, like yourself, have experienced while trading. If you are new to this industry, please make sure to educate yourself before opening any trading accounts. We have busted hundreds of scams, like Profits Eternity and Gemini 2 Scam

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Passive Income Bot Review

Passive Income Bot Review

 What strategy is used to place trades?

Carl Razinski and Mark Foster are the brains behind the trading algorithm that is primarily used by Passive Income Bot. These two friends joined forces and designed a completely hands-free auto-trading software system that needs NOTHING from you except your internet access. The algorithm is based on algebraic equations that are pretty far above our pay grade, but ones we have seen work first hand.

My math teachers throughout the years would be pretty impressed to see me attempting to explain math in a blog post. They are probably shaking their head happily at me. Carl Razinski explains on his website that his algorithm is using non-linear algebra. Their algorithm acts as a base with takes eliminates much of the risk that occurs as a natural result of huge news events (such as the US elections, Brexit politics, etc.)

I don’t pretend to understand higher math but I do believe in user results, and the results from Passive Income Bot are coming in consistently and successfully. We’ll go into more of that below. The bottom line here though is that I’m not a mathematician and I can’t logically explain higher levels of math to you, but I do trust the results I have seen.


Our readers feedback and results?

This new trading software has been operating for a few weeks behind the scenes. Several of our trusted readers had the chance to participate in some early trials. Other readers actually signed up during the prelaunch and have been trading for a few weeks now. The combined user feedback is right at 96%! This is astoundingly amazing. We typically see much lower results due to technical difficulties etc.. This is the smoothest launch of any trading software we’ve ever seen.

The most important part of the feedback we received can be explained in a few different categories. We broke these down for you to make it easier to get the full picture!

Does the auto trader actually work on auto pilot?

Our readers said YES! We didn’t get any negative feedback concerning the technology behind their software. This system is 100% hands-free. All it requires is that you have a solid internet connection. We recommend making sure your anti-virus is up to date as trading involves financial information being transmitted across the web. The software itself is completely safe and protected. Just make sure your computer is also secure!

Does Passive Income Bot cost money?

No! Passive Income Bot is free, however, you will need $250 to open a new trading account. (More on this below.) The software download is free. Many of our users probably wonder why Carl Rasinski and Mark Foster would give their software away for free. The reason for this is pretty straightforward. Because they are making SO much money trading with their algorithm, they are able to take tax credits for each software they give away. If they sold that same software they would just end up paying even more in taxes. Giving it away actually makes more sense.

How much can you earn?

Some of our users started their accounts with $250 and others got in at $500-$1000. Because they were using different trading amounts, they had some varying degree of results. All of our users reported earning between $500-1000 in their first week. These amounts varied depending on how many days they used the software and how big the size of their trades are. Nobody lost money – which to us is a pretty big deal!

Were they happy with the brokers they were assigned?

Finding a legitimate broker is never easy and also a little nerve wracking. The most important thing to consider when syncing your software account with a broker is whether or not they will be able to incorporate the algorithm properly with the software. Passive Income Bot has a network of brokers that are able to do this. Many things factor in when deciding which broker to direct you to use. Our users reported to us that they were satisfied with their brokers and experienced no issues whatsoever!

Is Passive Income Bot a Scam?

We examined each and every claim made by Carl Rasinski and the Passive Income Bot website. We determined the following facts to be real and verifiable.

1. 97% POSITIVE user feedback.  All of the users we spoke with were happy with their results and encountered no problems.

2. 89-92% ITM (in the money) trading results! This is high enough to make a steady profit and reasonable enough to realize that not ever trade will win.

3. We verified the identity of Carl Rasinski! This is huge considering many binary options scams have anonymous CEO’s.

4. Website free of malware or security threats!

5. Fully functioning auto trader that leaves you free to go about your life!

Conclusion and Recommendation!

Passive Income Bot is a legitimate service that can be used without fear of scam. We will be monitoring the results and we need more user feedback. Please send us your experience trading with this software! If we learn new information about Passive Income Bot software, we’ll be sure to update this post as we have done in the past. In the meantime, we believe strongly this is a legitimate trading software!

We advise you as always of the golden rule of trading online! Never invest more than you can afford to lose! Don’t let your emotion cloud your thinking and choose wisely your investments. We also highly recommend Social Trading with Tradeo, so be sure to take a look at that as well! If you need any other advice, we are always here to help you on your trading journey!
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