Review: Fake CEO Scam Exposed


You are reading our review, which clearly exposes this HYIP as a malicious scam that does NOT pay out. Worse yet, as our evidence shows…

The CEO of is an ACTOR! Keep reading to see how we discovered this.

You are probably reading this after getting an email telling you not to miss this amazing opportunity. We strongly urge you NOT to invest with this company before reading our review. Despite what you have been led to believe, doesn’t even own a palm oil company… nor do they invest in it. They are nothing but a bunch of disgusting scammers who make money off your trust.

How do we know all this? Let’s take a look below as we crack open the proof and show you the true face of this money pit! Make sure to stay clear of the stablepower scam as well!

Official Website: Review Review: Investing with Palm Oil? Investment (Big Palm Oil) touts themselves as an investment company that invests in palm oil. The majority of their website is dedicated to explaining how palm oil is made, how the plant is grown, and how the oil is extracted. Alongside the explanation of the oil processing, the health benefits and economic benefits of investment with palm oil are touted as being the best.

According to the scam, you’d almost believe that palm oil was as valuable as gold or bitcoin. To be honest, we are not experts when it comes to palm oil extraction and trading – however, we do know the value of investments online and investment programs in general. It comes as a huge surprise to us that someone a palm oil HYIP. Most HYIP scams these days are centered around bitcoin or clean energy investments.

What is a HYIP scam?

HYIP stands for “high-yield investment program”. Programs that offer an extremely high rate of interest for a very little investment amount are typically categorized as scams because they offer far more than they can every realistically deliver.

But how does that definition mean that is a scam?

Good question! The issue with isn’t just that it offers an ROI (return on investment) that is MUCH too high to guarantee…

The real problem with this HYIP is that it is operating under false pretenses! 

But first… let’s take a look at investment offer wants you to embark on!

Investing with

Most HYIP scams offer 4-10 different plans. simplifies the investment process by only offering 1 plan. As you can see from the screenshot below, they offer a daily return of 3.5% for a term of 60 days. This equals to a 210% total value after those 60 days! Scam

Let’s break this down! If you invested the minimum amount of $10, after 60 days you would receive back a total of $21. This doesn’t seem like that much, but if you deposited $100 you would supposedly get back $210.

For may people this is the difference between having enough money to buy food or medical care for their family. For others, it’s simply some extra fun money. Either way, this offer is extremely appealing to a great many people.

But is it real?

No! The most shocking thing to understand about this scam is one simple fact: There is NO explanation of how this money is earned!

Apparently, the notion is that if you give them your money, they will use it to process more palm oil, which they will then turn around and sell for a massive profit. They will then share that profit with you.

It all sounds rather reasonable, but hasn’t actually reported themselves as earning anything at all! They don’t have any information regarding sales of their product or even any proof that they actually have a product (oil).

Remember… just because an investment firm claims to have something to invest in, that doesn’t mean they actually do. In reality… doesn’t even own a palm oil plant. This is all a fabrication and a fraud!

But they have a legally registered business…. right??

Yes, they are a legally registered business with a name. When you register a business in the UK, all you need to do is provide your business name and the nature of what you intend upon doing. You don’t need to prove this at all. For example…

I could register the “Star Collecting Ltd” with the UK business bureau and then create a website about how I collect real stars to harness their power. All of this would be a lie, but I’d have a piece of paper to prove that I had a legal business, simply because I had named and registered my business.

Lesson: A legally registered business DOES NOT mean your business is successful or even if it truly operates.

Which brings us to the CEO of…. Robert Peacock.

Owner Exposed as an Actor?

The CEO and creator of is a man claiming to be Robert Peacock. He is a charismatic individual who seems to have a lot of passion for palm oil.


We BUSTED him as an actor! That’s right…

He’s not even a real CEO! Robert Peacock is actually Stan Hustad from You can check out his acting profile HERE. He gives false reviews and fake testimonials for money.

The real scam artist behind this garbage HYIP oil scam is most likely the same creator as a few other HYIPs we busted recently, like the stablepower biz scam!

Another actor also appears on the scam page… the only other positive review is given by another actor, you can see HERE. There is nothing legitimate about

User Reviews

Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far about

1. There is NO evidence that they actually own anything related to palm oil or that they make money by investing with it. All you have to trust them is their claim which stands alone without any evidence.

– Owning a legal business registration with the UK is NOT a proof that their company works, only that they named a business and registered it.

2. The CEO – Robert Peacock – is a FAKE. He is an actor who works for Fiverr and does fake reviews for money!

3. The ONLY positive review on the entire site is from a man claiming to have made money with – this man is also an actor.

But what do the real users say?? made it onto our blacklist simply due to the sheer volume of customer complaints we received. They literally DO NOT pay any withdrawals. 

Nobody … NOBODY has been able to withdraw their profits. When they attempt to complain or discuss the problem with customer support their account is closed and they can’t access their user profile anymore.

This happens time and time again until thousands of people have lost their money.

Earning Online Without Being Scammed?

We have been reviewing scams such as this one for a few years now. The more scams we bust – the more that pop up. All of them are almost identical to one another and they will continue to open new investment scams until the internet becomes better regulated. One of the reasons these types of financial traps are able to flourish is because there are so very little regulations on the internet.

Protecting yourself against losing your money is your primary concern. That is why we have attempted to bust as many scams as possible. If you want to earn online with a regulated and trusted forex broker, please see our detailed review of Social Trading with Tradeo.

Perhaps our favorite option for most people is My Paying Ads. We’ve been using them now for almost 2 years. They have never missed a withdrawal! If you need help making a decision about these earning programs, please send us a message so we can help you!

Is a Scam?

A fake CEO actor who lies about palm oil… this is the true face of Investing with this HYIP will only make you lose your money! It is plain to see that is a SCAM!!

If you are reading this after having lost money, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your lost money and report this scam to your bank! When enough people report them… something will be done! Thank you for reading our Review. In the meantime… stay safe out there and happy earning!

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