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Our Traffic Pays Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just completed a preliminary review of Our Traffic Pays, just a few days before their official launch. Included in this review you will find a comprehensive explanation of what Our Traffic Pays is, as well as an explanation of what ad revenue sharing is. We have high hopes for this brand new rev share, and we will be monitoring it closely in the coming weeks and updating our review as we receive any new updates. Before you sign up with OTP, continue reading to discover our full thoughts on the matter as well as some warnings and recommendations.

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DESCRIPTION: OTP is an ad revenue sharing site, very similar in nature to My Paying Ads. It pays but is not as easy as it looks…

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What is Our Traffic Pays?

***For the continuation of this review and for the sake of brevity, we will refer to Our Traffic Pays as OTP.***

OTP is an ad revenue sharing site, very similar in nature to My Paying Ads. If you are not familiar with ad revenue sharing sites, please be sure to take a look at our other reviews, linked above! In short, ad revenue sharing is the process of earning money by purchasing ad space on a particular website. In this case, you would be purchasing ad space on the OTP website, which then allows you to earn a share of the revenue garnered from the purchases of other members.

The money that you will earn is only given to you IF other members come in after you and also buy into the ad plans. In all ad revenue sharing sites, there is never a guarantee of earning a single penny. However, it has been our experience that most ad revenue sharing sites do indeed pay out earnings to their members. We have personally earned thousands of dollars from the two ad revenue sharing sites that we bought ad space on.

The most important thing to take into account is that **you are not guaranteed any earnings** neither can you claim any refunds. All purchases of ad space is final and the money you spent on it will be immediately divvied up between the other members. This means that you will not be given a refund if you fail to earn any money and it is possible you actually won’t earn any money. We can’t stress this enough. We have seen so many bitter and angry people that didn’t understand what ad revenue sharing was before signing up and they try and claim refunds or call the entire system a scam if they don’t earn any money.

Is Ad Revenue Sharing a Scam? Is Our Traffic Pays a Scam?

Ad revenue sharing is not a scam by its nature. However, there have been companies that have set out to scam people, by taking advantage of the trust placed in ad revenue sharing companies. This is why it is important to understand what you are signing up for, and never to spend more money than you can afford to lose. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If it works, it’s at best a way to earn some extra spending money. Depending on what country you reside in and what the currency value in your country is, you may be able to earn a sizable amount of money to actually live on. Just don’t count on it and don’t cry foul if you don’t earn at all. The golden rule of all online money making is:

***Never Spend More Money Than You Can’t Afford To Lose***

If Our Traffic Pays and Investment Opportunity?

No. OTP is not an investment opportunity. As a paid member of OTP, you will be purchasing ad space on their website to advertise for your online business. If you do not have anything to advertise, you will not advertise, but you will still own ad space on OTP. This means that you have purchased an online service. Whether you use it or not is up to you. When there is money generated from other members buying ad space, that money will be distributed to all of the paid members as a benefit. This money is yours to keep and withdraw!

How Can I Earn Money with OTP?

Firstly, you must fund your account with one of the two payment processors. OTP accepts Solid Trust Pay and Payza. Secondly, you must purchase ad packs. The ad packs start at $1 and go all the way up to $50. As the OTP program has not officially been launched yet, we will update you on the details of the ad plans after the launch, as well as what percentage earnings you will get.

Once you have purchased your ads, you will need to click 10 other ads a day in order to earn. This is super easy and only requires about 5 minutes of your time. If you fail to click your ads, you will not earn for that day. Your earnings will commence as soon as you began clicking your ads again. The OTP website is extremely self explanatory and all you need to do is click on the “Surf Ads” button.

The daily maximum of earnings you are allowed to withdraw is $500 daily. The minimum amount is $10 daily.

Conclusion: Our Traffic Pays is NOT a Scam; but proceed at your own risk! 

The better alternative to Our Traffic Pays is MPA! Check out MPA HERE, and please message us with any questions!

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