5 Secret FACTS About The Orion Code Scam That Have Never Been Revealed!

Orion Code Scam

Five days ago we published our Orion Code review not foreseeing what could possibly happen! After releasing that review, our email box was flooded with complaints and emails from new day traders that had been scammed by this nasty conglomerate of thieves! In an effort to target and destroy this scam network, we are releasing an updated warning to anyone who has been caught up in this binary options scam!
In the following review, we will expose the top FIVE reasons why Orion Code scam has been convincing so many traders to sign up! After reading this review, you will have no doubt in your mind that Orion Code scam needs to be avoided at all costs and those responsible for it should be in jail. The reality is that these professional fraudsters will stop at nothing to scam you and your loved ones. It will only be a matter of time before they move on to a new auto trader scam with a different name. Let’s stop them before they can!

Orion Code – Edward Robinson Scam

Have you seen this man? Edward Robinson aka Craig Phillips!
 Orion Code Scam
If not, please take notice that he is an actor who has worked for multiple binary options scams, each worse than the one before. He is currently going by the name of Edward Robinson and claims to be the creator of the Orion Code. In our previous review, we revealed that he is not a real person, simply an actor that is staging an entire fake back story for Orion Code.
Several months ago, this same man was working for The Amissio Formula scam as Craig Phillips, founder of Amissio Holdings. This corporation was exposed as fake by our team of researchers. After losing his credibility with The Amissio Formula scam, he was hired by the Orion Code to scam yet again.

Orion Code – Binary Options Scams

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of ridiculous reasons behind binary options “secret winning strategies” but rarely have we seen any as stupid and shallow as this. Orion Code credits their speedy software and super fast hardware and internet connection to their success. They state that their top notch speed in sending and receiving data simply can’t be beaten. Would that be perhaps the exact same thing Quantum Code also claims? Yes.
Speed has NOTHING to do with winning trades, not in the way they would have you believe. Of course, you need to be fast when taking a signal, but this is not what Orion Code is saying. They are claiming that their technology is so much faster than any other, that they can predict the direction of an asset before it even turns on the market. This is nonsensical. Market information comes to everyone at the same time. Even if you did have a few seconds head start, it wouldn’t really matter. Signals are mostly taken on time frames that have expiration times 10 or 20 minutes in the future. Having a 3 second head start won’t save your trade, that’s not how binary options operates. This entire claim is nothing but a lie based off of the ignorance of new traders.
Orion Code Fake Results
Fake trading results! Orion Code doesn’t offer much in the way of proof that their system does what it claims to do. However, they do feature a few paid actors that claim to be making huge profits by trading on auto pilot. This man below is nothing but an actor that has been caught working for multiple other binary options scams. He seems to be employed by the same agency that works with unregulated brokers to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. This has got to stop! We need to put an end to this NOW. Not yesterday and not tomorrow. It needs to end today. They won’t stop until they are forced to, and that can only happen by making this review go viral.
Orion Code And Fake News
Time after time after time, binary options scams claim to be featured in the news. Forbes, Times, CNN, CNBC, are all highly respected news organizations that report on financial matters. It is the dream of every binary options auto trading software to be featured in on of these. So far, to date, none actually have. Orion Code claims several times that you can find their owner and their software reviewed and reported on in Forbes. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Forbes has nothing to do with the scummy likes of a scam like the Orion Code. We are currently trying to get Forbes to do a story on binary options scams to put an end to these lies. In the future, we hope to partner with them to bring binary options scams to an end. No reputable news site has ever reported on Orion Code scam or Edward Robinson. It is maddening that these lying thieves think they can trick new traders into believing this. It seems to work, only because most people don’t research any of their claims.
Orion Code Connection With Global Scams
Since last week, this scam has already stolen from 11 of our readers! We were shocked as the emails poured in. What was more concerning was that many of these traders had already been scammed by both the Quantum Code AND The Amissio Code! This is not a coincidence. This is proof of a targeted strategy produced and supported by the scam artists behind these three scams. Once they have your email and contact information, they will cease at nothing to continuously trick you into signing up with yet another bogus software system.
This union of scammers has never produced a successful software. To date they have stolen from thousands of traders and have plans to continue doing so. This is where you come in. You need to share this post and warn your family and friends on social media who are day traders. These people WILL NOT stop until they have to. They need to be forced out of this industry in shame.

Orion Code Review Conclusion

We have conclusively shown that Orion Code is a Scam. Countless amounts of time and money have been spent already in this trap. Don’t allow your gifts to be drained in this scam factory! IF you have already lost your money, please contact us and we can help you get your money back. Please email us with any questions or concerns. Check out our Recommended Signals page for legitimate trading options!


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