Orion Code Review: Edward Robinson the Nicest Millionaire in the World or a Scam Artist?

Orion Code Review

Tis the season for scam busting and scams are afoot! The review we have for you today can potentially save you thousands of dollars just by reading!

This is our comprehensive and thorough report on Orion Code by Edward Robinson.

We received an email a few days ago from someone claiming to be Edward Robinson titled “Have You Heard What I’m About To Do?”

This was a little “out of the blue” because we have no clue who this guy is or why we should have heard what he was going to do.

Even more suspicious, the email came from the same email address as another recent scam, Polygraph Millionaire (aka Lie Detector Millionaire).

It’s safe to say that before even launching our investigation, we were already pretty sure this new auto trader was a two-bit scam operation.

In the following Orion Code review, we will disclose what we uncovered, as well as give our recommendation for a system that actually does what it claims to do!

Official Website: http://www.theorioncode.com/special.php

Who is Edward Robinson?

The Orion Code Review

If you are anything like us, then you have most likely NEVER heard of this cheesy millionaire in a suit.

The fact that we’ve never heard of him is rather strange considering the fact that he has a lot to say about himself.

Humility is not a word that comes to mind when watching Edward Robinson walk arrogantly towards his private plane. He boasts that he is a top trader on Wall St, has numerous articles written about him at Forbes, and is the world’s nicest millionaire.

Let’s take a step back here and be clear about one thing.

Edward Robinson does NOT exist. We have never heard of him. Forbes has never heard of him. And if he’s the nicest millionaire in the world, why has google never heard of him?

It’s more than a little ridiculous that in the midst of all his boasting, he seems to forget the fact that anyone with an internet connection can check out his story and determine that he’s nothing but a pompous windbag.

So here are the FACTS!

We opened an investigation into the identity of Edward Robinson and found a few things.

1. There is nobody by this name working as a successful trader today or in the past.

2. Edward Robinson is not on any millionaire listing of charitable donors.

3. Forbes magazine has never printed a single word about him.

All of the above-mentioned facts are actually things that this fraudulent liar has claimed about himself.

The man who “likes to help people more than anybody else” is an empty talking suit with nothing but lies to sell.

Verdict: Edward Robinson is a LIAR and a FAKE.

Orion Code Scam Revealed?

If you are like us, you felt like you were watching a movie rather than a real business opportunity. Most people can see the difference between an action movie and a real company.

The entire sales video for Orion Code scam feels a low budget movie. Camera crews filming the take-off of a rented plane, a smiling airline attendant hugging him as he walks up…

All of this is nothing but a fancy film set somewhere in California. 

We have already determined that Edward Robinson is a fraud. He is an actor hired to portray a millionaire who believes the finer things in life are having a flight attendant who is seemingly content listening to her boss talk about how rich you can be trading with his software, rather than trying it herself.

Ask yourself this question:

If Orion Code really worked, why would anyone around this opportunity not take it? Why would his flight crew be satisfied to be his slaves when they can become millionaires? It doesn’t add up.

What is Orion Code Technology?

The scammers behind this worthless piece of garbage give us a half-hearted explanation of the magic behind their scam. Beware of The Trader App!

They claim that it is the fastest trading technology that has ever been invented.

Further along that train of though, they say that Orion Code is 100% guaranteed for life to earn you up to 10k a day!

By now, you should know that there are no guarantees in binary options trading. Never trust anyone that tries to convince you otherwise, even if he’s driving around in a rented car or flying in a rented aircraft.

Edward Robinson (fake name) tells us that “sometimes things that sound too good to be true, actually are!”

This is NOT one of those times.

This hack is a liar and has nothing to gain but the money he will earn for memorizing this script for his boss.

Is There Proof that Orion Code Works?


There is no verified proof that this auto trading software actually works.

We should expect to see some sort of highly provable facts that demonstrate the reliability of Orion Code auto trader.

Instead of facts, we get photoshopped bank accounts and a large selection of stolen photographs.

None of the people pictured in the video are real traders. We did a search on them and determined that they are all stock images of models that were taken from the internet.

One of the sure signs of a binary options scam is a system that fails to show valid proof.

It is quite easy to fake results these days but a man as rich as Edward Robinson claims to be, should be able to give us some real proof. He does not.

Orion Code Scam Connection?

There have been several binary options scams released over the last few weeks that have ties to one another.

The biggest sign that a scam is connected to another scam is that they spam your email with similar email addresses and language.

We noticed this early on, as we explained in the beginning of this review. Please be aware of some very critical facts.

1. Binary options scams come from unregulated and deceptive brokers. They work in teams and release multiple scams with different actors and names.

2. Orion Code uses fake actors and false promises. They offer grossly exaggerated profits that are not possible from a $250 deposit or any deposit.

3. Edward Robinson does not exist. We have officially determined that there is no philanthropist millionaire by this name.

4. NO verifiable proof of earnings or winning trades. We have no reason to believe this ridiculous scam other than the word of an actor and fraud. They have not shown any valid proof.

Working with a Legitimate Trading Service?

There are only a select few services that meet our strict trading guidelines. You can read about SnapCash Binary Review for more information on a legitimate binary options software.

We also offer advice concerning how to maximize your profits with Social Trading with Tradeo by giving out the best traders and settings for new traders!

If you have been scammed by The Orion Code, please message us so we can help you retrieve your money.

Make sure to share our Orion Code Review with your friends and family to protect them from this viral scam!

As always, stay smart and stay safe.

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