Opus Formula Scam Review

Binary Scam Watch Monitor set out on a mission to determine whether this new binary options auto trader was legitimate or fake. In our quest to make this decision we uncovered some disturbing information surrounding this new trading robot. Our purpose in writing this review is to expose the truth of the Opus Formula scam, but also to aid you in making a wise investment decision. Not all investments are created equal. In today’s financial market it is growing ever more important to not only protect your money but also to research every investment opportunity before diving in. The financial market is so flooded with binary options scams at the moment that reviews like ours are extremely relevant. Please avoid the Millionaire Reborn scam as well!

Official Website: http://www.opusformula.co/

Opus Formula Scam

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 Our Opus Formula Review

Reviewing this new offer required several important steps. Firstly we reviewed the promotional video, which you can see below. Secondly, we listed all the claims made by the actor in the video as well as the statements made on the website itself. Thirdly, we collected user feedback and examined other reviews online. Our last and final step was researching the background information of the Opus Formula review and deciphering which parts were true and false. Most binary options scams follow a standard checklist. They all use actors, cheap promises, fake screenshots, and ridiculous lies. The Opus Formula scam was no exception to this rule. Below you will read our findings. Check out our post on trading tips READ HERE.

Who is Mr Lex Simmons Junior and what is his connection to Opus Formula?

We are first introduced to Mr Lex Simmons Junior when he makes the following statement in the promotional video:

“After 100 views, this video will be removed and destroyed forever.” – Impossible!

With an opening line like this, you can be sure that anything that follows is utter nonsense. This video has already been viewed over 2000 times and yet the website and full video are still completely accessible. How can this be when Mr Lex Simmons Junior told us it would be destroyed after 100 views? This is the very first lie that is told in this deceptive scam, and there are many that quickly follow.


Opus Formula Review

Mr Lex Simmons Junior is a fictional character. The cheap low-quality actor that portrays him is certainly not him either. The identity of this man can’t be located anywhere online. He is simply the front man for this scam and a way to hide the true identity of the scam artists who created this pile of garbage. The actor claims to be making millions of dollars a year on this fraud. We disproved this instantly after failing to locate any public records proving this auto trader was paying the appropriate taxes to support an income of millions of dollars. In fact, there is no public information regarding this company whatsoever. It literally does not exist anywhere except for their website, which was surprisingly just created a few days ago. These types of auto traders come and go as quickly as their customers lose money. When they have successfully scammed enough people, they will remove their site and set up camp on a different website with a new story and actors. It is vital that you stay far away from the scam we investigated READ HERE.

Is Opus Formula a Scam Software?

In the course of the video, we counted a minimum of 15 fake account balance screenshots. All of these are photoshopped. No legitimate trader would ever show their account photo online where identity thieves and scammers might try to exploit them using this information. Nobody this rich would ever show their personal bank statements online. Even though they have obscured their personal information, it is still highly unwise to do this. However, we checked out the disclaimer on the website and quickly found the truth behind the lies. The Opus Formula scam disclaimer states that hypothetical trading results are simulated and can’t be expected to represent real results. That’s right. Every account balance and trading result shown by the fictional Mr. Lex Simmons Junior has been faked for the purpose of the video. Nothing, literally nothing on the video is real. Block this nasty scam READ HERE!

Why is this so important? Opus Formula is covering their own backside in the case that someone sues them for false advertising. They can show any judge this disclaimer and be let off the hook. BUT, nobody reads this disclaimer. Studies have shown that 99% of people never read the terms of service or disclaimers before they sign up with online services. This scam uses this to their advantage by saying anything they want, and then immediately declaring it all to be fake in the tiny print that will not be read. When you click “I agree” upon sign up, you are agreeing that these results are fake, and that you will likely lose your money. The joke is now on you. Read our scam review of Fast Cash Club.

Can I really make millions of dollars trading online?

Not likely. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the truth of the matter is that very few people actually become millionaires trading on the stock market. The people that do make it rich, started with a very substantial investment, of several million dollars. Opening a small investment account of $250 might help you make extra cash, but not the kind of cash that will have you living in a mansion by the end of the year. Anyone who makes these claims is lying to you. We have been trading in binary options for several years now and we have never met or heard of a single person that started with a few hundred bucks and made a million dollars. We declared the Maximus Profits a scam as well.

Is it possible to make a few thousand dollars a month trading?

Yes. This is more realistic. The most important thing to remember about online trading or online investing is to choose wisely and to have realistic expectations. There are many pitfalls new traders fall into. However, no matter what your strategy is or how much experience you may have, nothing accounts for achieving success more than choosing a legitimate and respected trading program to invest with. We support a few small handful of trading systems. You can see our Recommended Signals list to browse the best auto traders. Our number one trading system is Tradeo. Tradeo combines two essential features into one amazing system. Tradeo is a regulated forex broker. You as the trader will choose professional traders to follow. Your account will then copy the trades of these traders. This is an autopilot feature. Please read about that HERE. 

If you have been scammed by any auto trader in the past, we have a few tips that will help you in reclaiming your lost money. Send us an email today and we’ll explain how! For other concerns, questions, or just to vent, send us an email. Happy Trading!

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