Option Robot, Auto Trading Binary Scam Review

Option Robot Scam Review. Auto Trading Binary Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just finished up two separate review on two unique automated trading bots. We have combined them into one review because our conclusions are brief and streamlined. We felt the level of content was not enough to warrant their own separate posts. Hopefully those of you that are searching for one review, can benefit from reading the other review as well.

Official Website: http://www.optionrobot.com/

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DESCRIPTION: Option Robot is an auto trader that takes trades automatically based on six indicators. If the system finds a signal that matches up with both indicators, your trade will be executed…

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Option Robot is an auto trader that takes trades automatically based on six indicators. The Option Robot uses Trend, RSI, Williams, MACD, STOCH, and CCI. As a trader you have the freedom to choose any two of the above indicators to base your auto trades on. If the system finds a signal that matches up with both indicators, your trade will be executed (placed). If your chosen indicators disagree on a signal, no trade will be placed.

  • Does Option Robot Work?

We opened an account and selected the option to trade on a demo account linked to a regulated broker. The demo account does not allow you to select any of the above indicators. This means that the demo account is not a true representative of what a real trading account will actually do.

In fact, there really is no point to trading on demo at all considering it doesn’t behave as a real account would. However, we noticed a few troublesome issues with the demo account.

The first issue we discovered is that the trades were all 60 seconds long. 60 second trades are notorious for being losing trades as they are very hard to predict.

Secondly, we noticed that the demo account placed 4 trades in a row. Each time the second trade lost and the other three won. This happened each time which signaled a pattern for us that was eerily similar. This is too strange to be a coincidence.

The Option Robot seems to be falling into the same problem that many other automated trading bots take. They present fake, but realistic appearing results on demo accounts to trick new traders into depositing real money.

This brings us to our main problem with Option Robot. Over the last 3 months we have received a total of 28 emails from our readers, all claiming to have lost money with Option Robot. In our attempt to get to the bottom of why they were losing money, we realized that Option Robot never shows any proof of ITM percentage.

In fact, they don’t even offer a predicted IMT percentage. They don’t give any testimonials to show real traders being successful and they have failed to show any real trading results. Combining this troubling fact with our reader feedback, we are declaring Option Robot to be a scam!

  • Did We Actually Test Option Robot ourselves on a Live Trading Account?    

 Yes, we have opened a live trading account with StockPair and unfortunately we lost all the balance in the account

  • Is it free to join ?

    Yes, it is free to join, however you’ll need to fund a broker account with a minimum of $250 in order to use the software. You should also know that when you do that, the broker gives the Binary Option Robot developers a commission for your deposit.

  • Users Feedback on Option Robot .com

As you can see in the screenshot below, we got a message from a trader complaining about the horrible and bad performance he had with the Binary Option Robot. For better alternatives, see This.

Users Feedback on OptionRobot

Our Final conclusion on OptionRobot.com

The software definitely looks impressive and fancy looking but the  performance is a quite different from how the website and the promises make it seem.  The difference between them is night and day. Therefore we would advise everyone searching for OptionRobot . com to stay away.

  • Why Auto Trading Binary is a SCAM?

Official Website: http://www.autotradingbinary.com/

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Auto Trading Binary is an automated trading bot that has been in operation since 2013. Back in 2013 it seems the automated trading bot was indeed doing pretty well. However, in recent years, the Auto Trading Binary bot has decreased in both usage and trading results.

The website was previously updated with regular monthly trading results. In 2015 those results suddenly stopped and have yet to updated since 2016. Frankly, looking at the website is like looking at a ghost town. It’s quiet and empty and nothing has been updated in over a year now.

  • How Much Can You Expect to make with Auto Trading Binary ?

Well, this question is pretty easy to answer. None! We opened a live trading account with $1000 and our expectations were right. We don’t just throw out words, within 45 minutes exactly, the auto trader had completely wiped off the account leaving it with just $32 left. We then received a call from the shady broker (that the fake trading robot is synced with) telling us to deposit more and they will regain our losses.  Well, no thanks!

  • Proof of Scam

We did find a few obvious lies on the Auto Trading Binary site. The first and most important one is that they claim they are not affiliated with any broker. This is simply false. On their “Preferred Broker” page, they have several brokers listed. All of these links are “affiliation links”. This means that they are directly affiliated with these brokers and do receive a commission from each one.

They thought it was OKAY to lie about this. From our point of view, Auto Trading Binary is dying system that has resorted to commission sales instead of making money trading. This is bad news for you, the trader.

This brings us to the real proof that Auto Trading Binary is not as legitimate as they claim to be. Here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor we have a long list of automated trading bots that people have inquired about. As time goes by we investigate each of them. During that time we are also collecting any positive or negative feedback for each automated trading bot in question.

In the last 7 months we received over 20 complaints concerning Auto Trading Binary. This fact, combined with our research has led us to declare that Auto Trading Binary is not a legitimate system. Perhaps it was at one time, but lately it has gone downhill. Stay away from this system.

  • Users Reports 

We took a screenshot below from one of the victims of auto trading binary fraud, we also didn’t hide his email to increase the level of our transparent review.

Option Robot Scam

Option Robot Scam

  •  Our Recommended Trading

Trading online is a very risky investment opportunity because a good day can easily turn into a bad day depending on the news and other factors. When you start your own trading journey you should be wary of this fact and go in with your eyes wide open as to the risks.

We work with Tradeo, a regulated broker on Forex. Tradeo offers the best system of any automated trading system we have tried. Please read our review of Tradeo HERE, and message us through our website for any questions or concerns you might have. We are here to help!


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Conclusion Of Our Critical Review on autotradingbinary . com

Auto Trading Binary was previously a workable automated trading bot, but in recent months it has turned into a scam. Countless people have lost their money with this trading bot, including us. Stay far away from this as possible Email us with your own personal story and as always please check with us before signing up with any trading software!

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  • Colin Poplett

    Regarding optionrobot, i used the demo and won around 85% of the time, iI did this for just over a week and then funded the account with Binarytilt my recommended broker this was on the 10th June 2016
    I traded the account on Tuesday 14th June starting at 12.00 noon ( GMT) my setting were 2 trades 120sec $5 and 2 x $10 I ceased trading after 13 trades 8 of which lost.

    I am now trying to get my balance back from binarytilt and its not proving to to be easy.
    They have tried broker after broker ( my new senior broker??) to get me to re-invest, I refuse to answer their phone calls and only use e-mails as I agreed with them in the beginning.
    They appear to have ‘Mislaid’ my verification documents, and need them again. So obviously not an very well organised company. The date is Saturday 18th June and we are no further foward with a refund.
    Bad broker, bad binary system, stay away from both Optionrobot and Binarytilt..

    • Hello Colin.

      we appreciate your feedback! Yes Option Robot is a big fancy scam. I don’t think there are any negative reviews on optionrobot.com , google is full of positive reviews, we are hardly getting ranked on google because its full of affiliates competing to get commissions from signsup. Make sure to subscribe and check with us or mail us before u decide to invest any where.