OptionFair Review: A Complete Credibility Analysis

If you are a binary options trader looking for a legitimate broker, our OptionFair review is a must read! Included in this OptionFair scam review, we will show you how this broker works as well as give our personal opinion of whether OptionFair is trusted or not. It’s about time that we have heard about a regulated binary options trading platform in the market. Many claims of being legitimate have been proven wrong by our team of expert investigators. This time, the echoes of another legitimate binary options trading platform are infiltrating our ear drums. Of course we are talking about the OptionFair broker.

OptionFair Review

OptionFair Review: Binary Options and FX Trading Platform:

The OptionFair is basically operated by B.O TradeFinancials. It is an organization which is located in Cyprus. Even being located in the epicenter of the binary options market, doesn’t guarantee any company’s legitimacy. Many companies were proven scams and were operating under the nose buds of Cyprus authorities without them knowing anything about the secret operations. However, let’s see as whether the OptionFair is regulated or not.


Many of you would be happy to hear that OptionFair is a CySec regulated binary options trading platform. It has been licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The license number under which it has been regulated is: 216/13. Our team of expert investigators dug in deep and found that it is true.


Unique Trading Policy:

There are many other binary options companies out there in the market, each have a certain method of trade. But the OptionFair tops every other company when it comes to the methods of trade. The bonus point for all the investors while trading with OptionFair is, they are allowed to have a watch over trends, the ups and downs the wins and losses as well. Once the investors observe a notable pattern in the overall winnings and losses, they are then allowed to play in the real market with their money actually on stake.

The underlying basis which laid the foundation of OptionFair are as follows:

    1. Maximum Overall Payout Generation.
    2. Guaranteed Transparency and Fairness.
    3. Freedom to Choose Open and Closure of a Deal.
    4. Comfortable Trading.
    5. Accounts Monitored by EU Regulated Banks.
    6. 100% Successful Withdrawal Guarantee.

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OptionFair’s Trade Mechanism:

The question marks of whether the OptionFair is regulated or not, whether it is a scam or not and many more are getting wiped out as we are moving closer to the conclusion. The OptionFair binary options trading platform is run by the experts of its sister company known as the TechFinancials. The TechFinancials have been trading in the FX market for over a decade and its experts are well-aware about designing and developing profit generating algorithms. It is not the software which OptionFair boasts of. It is the skill and experience of the traders and experts at the company which makes it the best amongst all.

Reduced Deposit and Trade Amount:

Since our readers are well-aware of all the previous binary options trading brokers who charged huge sums of money just for signing up, luckily the OptionFair doesn’t practice such heinous acts. The OptionFair has made trading easy for everyone. Even a student can manage such a meager amount and can start trading. The minimum deposit amount is $100 or local equivalent. The minimum trade amount has been reduced to as low as $10 or local equivalent thus making it one of the cheapest platform to invest in.

Optimum Trading in Binary Options:

The binady options, as we all know, depend upon binary propositions. It can either be a Yes or a No. OptionFair provides the traders with a variety of assets, indices and commodities to choose from. The instruments which have been employed by the OptionFair for binary options are based on pairwise alignment.

  1. The High/Low Instrument:

It determines as whether the price of the asset will go up or down.

  1. One Touch Instrument:

It determines as whether the price of the asset will reach up to a certain target mark or not.

  1. Boundary:

It determines as whether the price of the asset will reside in a certain predefined range or not.

  1. Short Term:

You can open the trading for a pre-defined time limit. It can either remain open for 2 minutes, 5 minutes or even for just 60 seconds.

Mobile Trading:


Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the desktop or the laptop to monitor the trades go up and down. The gratitude is to be offered to the perks of technology which have brought the trades monitoring in our hands. The OptionFair is a new generation trading platform. It has provided the traders with the android and iphone app which can be downloaded by a trader. Just sign-in and enjoy trading-on-the-go.

Binary Scam Watch Monitor’s Final Verdict:

After a complete analysis of the OptionFair Binary Options trading platform in our latest OptionFair review, our final word goes in favor of the OptionFair. The team at OptionFair has done a tremendous job in outstanding the company from all its rivals. They not only just trade with you, they educate you and then trade with you so that everything remains fair and square.   

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